Manual Hairpin Tube Bender,Manual pipe bender with Mandrel

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For sale! Manual Hairpin Tube Bender,Manual pipe bender with Mandrel。 (Notice: this device is only for bending copper pipe),It is developed to fabricate and process tight metal bends in thin wall tubing without the space issues and expense of a full blown automatic mandrel bender.The device machine by hand can bend up to Φ22.22 OD copper tube.With dies for bend different diameter pipes.It is a must-have device to fabricate copper tube bending.

Size/Dimension: You can choose the machine with going different dies as following: 1/4″,5/16″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″, or other customized size.

Material to process: round copper tube.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and Details for “Manual Hairpin Tube Bender,Manual pipe bender with Mandrel”

This is manual core drawing pipe bender.

Applicable pipes: copper pipes and aluminum pipes below Φ22 in the annealed state.

The bending radius should be greater than 1.6D as appropriate.

Net weight: 42Kg, 50Kg with packaging

Standard configuration:a set of SDWG-22 host for pipe bender

Randomly, it can include a mold of Φ15.88*1.0R30 [elbow wheel, clamp block, slider and mandrel], one mold (its size can also be made according to customer requirements).

The molds that can be customized have the following specifications. The molds for this pipe bender are all made on request and specially customized according to the customer’s size. The following dimension are for your reference:










Others need to be customized

Application :
This device is widely used for bending copper tube in manual,a must-have equipment for your refrigeration work.

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 How to purchase “Manual Hairpin Tube Bender,Manual pipe bender with Mandrel”

  • The machine  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The device takes heavy weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Notice: this device can do with copper tube and aluminium tube only,  for bending mild tube or stainless steel tube,please check our other devices here.
  • Before order, please provide the following parameters: Bending radius,tube outer diameter and tube wall thickness.
  • Please contact us to email:

General Knowledge on “Manual Hairpin Tube Bender,Manual pipe bender with Mandrel”

Why the Manual pipe bender with Mandrel is better than that without mandrel?

Pulling technology that with mandrel core-pulling mechanism, to let you can bend smaller radius workpieces without wrinkling, the processed workpiece has better quality with mandrel core-pulling mechanism.

What is the role of Mandrel bar in the bender?

All the pulling mandrel bender should have mandrel bar, as opposed to the traditional pipe, with the mandrel ,you would not filling sand into the pipe, it is more easy to use, fast, and better results,can prevent contention and curved lines.

How much time shoud take when change the die?

Usually,you can change the die for different radius within 10 miniutes or less.

How to maintenance?

Add oil often when process to bend pipe,which can let you get the better qulity bending tube.

What material is better to use as  mandrel bar in pulling draw mandrel bender ?

I do not know your frequency of use, but generally core pulling mandrel bender`s pumping working conditions are not harsh, generally with quenched and tempered steel surface hardening can be added. Not need expensive tool steel.

Can I buy spare parts or tools parts after I buy the bender?

Yes,of course,you can buy any part or tool pieces at any time.For die,you also can buy,but need two weeks to customize.

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  • Hamza ZIANI

    We are a refrigeration company located in Casablanca in Morocco. We need a bending machine for copper from 3 8 to 1″5 8 and 2″1 8 if possible
    I will be waiting for your answer as soon as possible.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

  • Steve Shaw

    8mm stainless steel tube, Manual Hairpin Tube Bender,Manual Pipe Bender With Mandrel

  • Tarkan Fahri

    What is eta to have 1 unit

  • Heino Uussaar

    We need easy bender for copper pipe. Pleas price one compl. to Estonia with air.

  • Pramuditha Thilakarathne

    1) Hi we need manual hairpin bender for 1/4,3/8,1/2,5/8 for cooling coils.
    Please offer your best price. Get me EXW price.

    2) any special machine to make the small bend (that connects two hairpins together.)? Or we can do it with this machine?

  • Mike Marton

    Would you please quote one manual bender with 3/8″ 1d bend tooling? The tubing is 3/8″ x 0.035″ wall thickness stainless steel. I need to do 180 degree beneds.


    We required manual hairpin bender with following dies size are; 3/8, 1/2, 5/8

    Kindly quote your best price.


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