Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding

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we can provide the following customing service:

  • Mild steel tube fabrication
  • Stainless steel tube fabrication
  • Aluminium tube fabrication
  • Copper tube fabrication,Brass tube fabrication
  • Metal tube bending & Metal tube deforming(to be Simple or Complicate Structure)
  • Metal Welding(tube to tube;tube to plate;plate to plate).
  • Metal Tube Powder Painting,anodic oxidation or electricplating
  • Including technology of metallic tube stamping,perforating holes,tube flaring, tube end beading,tube end forming, tube expanding, swaging and reducing,parts assembly,ect
  • Metal solid bar or wire is available to be fabricated

Place of origin: China , Service to worldwide.

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Smartclima,associated MetalHelper factory, fabricates to custom metal tubing cutting, bending, coiling and deforming,not only bends tubing, but also do other operations including tube flaring, tube end beading, expanding, swaging and reducing, machining, welding, brazing, pressure testing and assembly.Can manufacture materials of steel, aluminum,copper, brass, and so on.Our typical size tube is between 1/2 inch O.D. to 3 inches O.D. We handle round, square & retangular tube. The wall thickness can range between 24 gauge to 10 gauge.

Metal Tube Bending,Coil bending and Deforming
Also name pipe bending,Tubular pipe bending.In Smartclima,it is no problem to bend or deform square or round metal tube to a desired degree or radius. To bend a smooth and good tube requires much experience of hand-made and auto-made,it requires the worker have extensive and expertise. In Smartclima,we can provide you best bending service with abundant experience and full bend dies and automatic bending tools that would be served to your customed application.

Metal Tube Tapering and Swaging
If you want to custom a metal to fit in the other matal part,maybe,we can be your best partner. Smartclima take advantage of a complete range of spectrum tooling and dies to manufacture and fabricate as many as tube tapering and swaging.As you know,Swaging metal tube means to expand metal tube`s outside diameter,and tapering a tube means to reduce the tube`s outside diameter. The skilled workers and experienced Quality Checking Engineers in Smartclima are capable to provide optimum fit and function to ensure your pieces meet your requirements.

Metal tube Piercing,perforating,flaring and Notching
If you want your metal tube to remove pieces,if you want to flare the edge of tube,then we can help you to fabricate it. Smartclima has different tons mechincal punch pressing machines to pierce,perforate,flare,notch, or any other types to remove metal pieces on tubes.

Metal tube end forming
Fabrication on the end of tube or pipe,including expansion,chamfer,tube stop beading,double bead,round roll over,end reduction with transition,end expansion with transition,threaded expansion,flanged tubing,radius groove,beading,machined barbs,spherical closed end,conical flare,threaded reduction,swage reduction,expansion with internal threaded,reduction with shoulder,F1807 PEX

Stamping Metal Tube
Myabe some tubes need to be stamped to fabricate it from a simple design to a complicated forms,like notching,sealing…Smartclima have a range of stamping facilities and machines to get a desired processing forms.

Metal Tube Powder Painting,anodic oxidation or electricplating
Most of mild steel tubes and some aluminiium tubes need to be painted with plastic powder in order to protect it from corrosionm,and some tubes will require anodic oxidation or electricplating.All these surface process can be done in Smartclima.We have a fully automatic powder painting line to fabricate powder painting ob metal products.

Assemble Metal Parts and Metal tubes
Beside just providing the service of tube fabrication, we also can help you do assembly service,to reduce your labor costs and expense by our precision-assembly services.Assembly and integration parts can be metal,plastic or rubber.

The following photos show you a SMALL PART of Metal Tube Fabrication samples which we did ago.

Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 2 Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 3 Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 4

complex-bending tube-fabrication-1 tube-fabrication-2

Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 5 Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 6 Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 7 Metal Tube Fabrication,Metal Tube Bending,Tube Stamping,Tube Deforming,expanding 8

We also manufacture computer monitor stand riser and screen desk shelfs as above.

We can fabricate the following types:

●  Mild Steel tube/pipe,including round and rectangle tube;

●  Stainless Steel tube/pipe,including round and rectangle tube;

●  Copper tube/pipe;

●  Brass tube/pipe;

●  Aluminium tube/pipe;

●  Metal solid bars or wires;

Metal Tube FabricationSmartclima is a China manufacturer and supplier to process and export Metal Tube Fabrication, we have our own factory to custom producing your metal parts.Range of materials to fabricate  are from carbon steels, stainless steels, brass, copper, aluminum, etc.Finish surface treating can be power painting,electroplating of chrome/zinc/nickel/tinning plated,anodize, black / colour anodizing,heat treating, polishing, Blackening processing,passivation etc.

Our service is based on the following technology and procedures,Metal Tube fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes:

  • Tube Cutting or shearing.Cutting metal materials with technology shearing or sawing.At present,MetalHelper is equiped with CNC laser cutter,which can provide you products with more accurance.
  • Punching(or we names it stamping).Punch hole on the metal material.It is a metal forming process with punch machine.MetalHelper has more than 20sets punch machine with different strength.At present,MetalHepler has been equiped with CNC punch machine.
  • Bending.Bending is to process Sheet Metal Stamping to be bent.It can processed by punch,by Hydraulic machines,or by CNC bending maching.Metalhelper are equiped by all above machines
  • Drawing.It is a metalworking process which uses tensile forces to stretch Sheet Metal Stamping. MetalHelper has different machine to do sheet metal drawing or do drawing or wire, bar, and tube.
  • Lathing.Lathes are used in metal spinning, it can be used to shape pottery.At pressent,MetalHelper are equiped with CNC lathe to provide better service for high accurance.
  • Hydraulics Deforming.Hydraulics is more better to deforming a metal product,because it put strength on the metal sheet with slow but big strength.MetalHelper has more than 10sets hydraulic machinese,can help you to process different metal products.
  • Welding.Welding is widly used in the field of Sheet Metal Stamping fabrication.MetalHelper has different welding machine,they are Co2 protected welding,Pot Welding,Line Welding.Especially,from 2009,MetalHelper was equiped with automatic welding robot.Its welding quality is more better,more quick.
  • Assembling.Usually,we help our customer to assmble many different components to be a complete product.Now,we owned two assembling line to help you process assemble task.

Metal Tube Cutting,Pipe Cutting,Solid Bar Cutting,Automatically Cutting,No One Guarding,High precision

Automatically Tube Cutting

Metal Tube Stamping,Punching Holes,Tube Reducing,Tube Flaring,Tube Centered Stamped

Tube Stamping

Metal Tube Simple Bending,Tube U bending,Different metal tube/pipe bending


Metal Tube Complicated Deforming,Can be deformed to be many complicated shapes and Structures

tube deforming machines

Metal Welding,Can do tube to tube welding,tube to plate welding;plate to plate welding;


Metal Tube Powder Coating,can be painted with different colors


General Knowledge on “[xyz-ips snippet=”Title”]”

The metal tube which can be fabricate include Carbnon steel tube,Stainless steel tube,Aluminium tube,Copper Tube,and other metallic tube. In this charter,mainly introduce general knowledge on carbon steel tube.

Generally, the cabon steel tube to be fabricated in the field of industry can be devided welded tube and seamless tube.

Welded tube/pipe refers to a steel strip or plate bending round, square and other shapes and then welded together,the surface has a jointed seal. Welded tube is made from steel sheet or belt steel. Bydifferent welding processes,it can be divided into the arc welding tube/pipe, high-frequency or low frequency electric resistance welded tube, gas tube, stove tube, Bundy tube ,and so on.According to the shape of welding,can be divided to
Longitudinal tube and spiral welded tube .Generally,they are made with ordinary carbon steel Q235, Q235F, Q195 and ordinary low-alloy structural steel 16Mn welded, used for a low pressure fluid delivery.

Seamless tube/pipe is a pipe that with hollow section, no seam on the around surface.
It is usually made with carbon steel 10,20,30,35,45, such as high-quality carbon steel 16Mn, 5MnV low-alloy structural steel or 40Cr, 30CrMnSi, 45Mn2,40MnB and other structural steel hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel. 10,20 and other low-carbon steel seamless pipe is mainly used for fluid pipes. Seamless 45,40Cr etc. made of carbon steel used to manufacture mechanical parts, such as cars, tractors and the force components. General seamless pipe to ensure the strength and flattening test. Hot-rolled steel hot-rolled state or heat treatment delivery; cold to hot to heat treatment delivery. Low-pressure boiler seamless pipe: for the manufacture of a variety of low and medium pressure boiler superheated steam pipes, boiling water pipes, water wall tubes and superheated steam locomotive boiler tubes, opium pipe, small pipe and brick arch tubes.
(Dial) with high-quality carbon structural steel seamless hot-rolled or cold-rolled. Steel 10,20 is mainly used, in addition to chemical composition and mechanical properties of outside pressure to do testing, crimping, flaring, flattening and other tests. State of delivery hot rolled, cold-rolled (allocated) to heat treatment delivery.

According to the different production methods,the seamless tube can be divided into hot-rolled tubes, cold-rolled, cold drawn tubes, squeeze tubes:
1.1, hot-rolled seamless tube generally automatic pipe mill production. Solid tube defects after inspection and clear surface, cut into desired length, end to end in the perforated tube centering surface, and then sent to the furnace heating, perforation on the puncher. While continuing to rotate and move forward in the perforation, in the role of head of the roll and, gradually forming a cavity inside the tube, called capillary. Continue rolling and then sent to the automatic rolling machine. Finally, after all the whole entire thickness of both, the sizing mill sizing, to specifications. The use of continuous production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe mill is more advanced methods.
1.2 putting up get smaller size and better quality seamless, must be cold-rolled, cold drawn or a combination of the two. Cold rolled usually the two-roll mill, steel pipe in the hole section becomes circular hole slot and does not move the cone head composed of rolling. Drawing is usually performed on the 0.5 ~ 100T single chain or double chain drawing machine.
1.3, the upcoming heating extrusion good squeeze tube placed in a sealed cylinder, piercing rod and rod movement squeeze together to make the extrusion die extrusion from the smaller hole. This method can produce smaller diameter steel pipe.

According to the different materials,the metal tube for fabrication Carbon steel tube,stainless steel tube,copper or brass tube,aluminium tube,they are including hollow tubes/pipes and solid bars.

What is the difference between tube & pipe material? Tube fabrication material is straight forward. Tube is usually used for store fixtures or structures where you want the measurement to be on the outside. Tube is defined and measured by the OD or outside diameter. The strength of the tube or pipe is defined by the wall thickness. Tube bending and forming is most consistent than pipe because the OD tolerance is more consistent and that is how a bending is set-up, to the outside dimensions of the tube or pipe. Pipe manufacturers make sure that the ID is the most consistent feature of pipe because fliuds or other objects are normally inside.

business procedures for metal tube fabrication

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  • John

    we need you to do this tube heat exchanger,could you do it?

  • Tibor Szabo


    I am curious if you guys work with cold drawn seamless steel tube, 1020 Mild steel minimum 450 MPA tensile strength in 1-1/2″ outside diameter X .120 wall thickness. Can you bend it and cut it to size ??

  • Luft Tanaka


    We are from Souda in Brooklyn NY. We are a manufacture of furniture and lighting. I came across your website online, and thought this project might be appropriate.

    I have a simple CRS tubing part I’d like to get quotes for a production run. We are also looking to get a few of these prototyped as a sample run in a couple weeks.

    Can you please take a look at the submitted drawings and let me know what you think in terms of:
    1. Cost per unit for a production run of 50 units of each length.
    2. Cost per unit for a production run of 100 units of each length.
    3. Lead time and cost for production samples of 5 units of each length. We are ideally hoping to get these around 4/15 or sooner.

    Both parts are completely the same except for the length of the tubing. Tubing wall thickness is around 0.07″. Something close to that is fine, and that should dictate the final outer width of the threaded insert. 1/8-27IPS threading is a standard lighting parts threading, and I can provide samples of this threading to check the threading. I am not sure what the best method for attaching the threaded insert to the tube is so I am open to various options—welding, pressure fitting, etc— whatever works should be fine.

    If machining is not something you do in-house, I am getting some parts machined by another vendor so I might be able to add on the threaded inserts to his job and have it shipped to your facility.
    Thank you.

  • Raymond

    We are an Australian company looking for supply of metal frames with bent metal tubes. Would you like to contact us for further details? Thanks

  • Davor Grunwald

    Dear Madame/Sir,We developed a family of pipe chair. R & D (research & development) phase is almost completed and we are looking for manufacturer for tubular parts-bent Stainless Steel tubing. Attached drawing will give you all information’s.Please send us your quote. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email.Best regards.

  • Diana Weiss

    How are you?This is Diana from Germany. We are a specialist in textile production. We manufacture a wide range of technical textiles for our customers.

    Since we are looking for a new supplier for metal parts and metal tube bending fabrication, I would like to receive your detailed company information.

    We have already a request regarding some metal parts. Some I could already submitted online. The total consumption per year would be around 56000pc to 493300pc depending on the item. If you need more information, pls contact me.
    Pls advise, if you can do such metal parts and tubes, and pls send us a quotation.We need it very urgently!If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

    • Smartclima


      Hello,we can do metal tubular fabrication and supply a Full Service One-Stop solution for Metal Tube Fabricated ,including Bending,Stamping,Deforming,Expanding,Flaring,and so on.We also can do powder painting,or anodic oxidation on the tubes.Our saleman has contacted you by email,and hope to be your best metalhelper!

  • Joao Almeida

    Good afternoon

    I am contacting you as I would like to request a quote for the production of 3 pieces made out of aluminium tubes.

    Can you let me know what is your preferred file extension for production? I have 3D file made in AutoCAD but can export to other extensions if needed, or provide a PDF with drawings to a specific scale.

    Also, do you offer international shipping? The parts I’d like to order are small, so I guess it will be easy to pack to send.

    Looking forward your reply

    Best regards

    Joao Almeida

    • Smartclima


      Hi,Smartclima can fabricate tubes of Mild steel, stainless steel,copper&brass and aluminum,we use to produce these tubular components by cutting, deburring, hand bending, CNC bending…We have contacted you by email.

  • Naluda

    We are a daily life products shop in Chile.We need a supplier or factory to help us fabricate metal tube products.We sell many metal pipe brackets to support water cylinder,a steel tube bent to be U type and placed on the ground.Some are made from aluminium pipe.All brackets are paint to be black.Do you have experience on that similiar support? We need huge quantity.Pls contact me by email.Thank you.

  • martyn

    plese provide your email so I can send you a drawing of metal tube to fabricate for your quote

  • Sasidhar Vasudev

    hello,we need aluminium tube bending service,is O.D=25mm,inner is 23mm,please let me know your contact mail.Thank you.


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