Zinc cold forging parts,Cold heading Zinc accessory


Zinc cold forging parts,Cold heading Zinc accessory

Service: Zinc cold forging parts-Cold heading Zinc accessory

Short Description:Using compressive force equipments to manufacture and form Zinc parts,including to forge Zinc screws,sockets, bolts, power nuts, non-standard hardware parts,Zinc machinery parts, auto parts, construction parts,ground pins,sleeve bushing, rivets,housing,etc.Adopting technology of cold forging/cold heading,not only save materials,but also increase density,and improve item`s performance.

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 Experienced products made with technology of Cold Forged

Metal Cold Forging, also named cold extrusion, cold heading, is cold working, a process of metal defroming working and material forming, is carried out at a normal temperature. The material for cold forging are mostly small, better deforming ,mainly are aluminum alloys, copper and some alloys, low carbon steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel. The product surface with cold forging manufacturing is high quality, high dimensional accuracy, can replace some of the cutting. It makes material strengthen and improve the strength of the parts.

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 Benefits of metal cold forging

Most of machined parts could be re-designed and re-manufactured  to be parts made by technology of cold forming,which help you to get significant cost savings.

  • Metal Cold Forging improve production effience and reduced Production costs:Because of using high speed manufacturing process. The speed reaches range from 10 pieces per minute for low volume large press work to to 450 pieces per minute on the cold heading process.
  • Metal Cold Forging save material cost: Compared to a traditional machining process, cold forming process  can save up to 70%.
  • Better control product tolerance: compared to more expensive machining processes,less tolerance can be achieved throughout the production process by coldforming
  • Higher and better quality surface: compared to conventional machined surfaces ,cold forming process can get result . The cold forming process can eliminate the need for costly secondary operations, such as welding, machining, etc, with careful product and process design,
  • Metal Cold Forging improve part performance and characteristics: due to the metal deformation resulting in improved grain structure, while work hardening can yield significantly improved product performance,cold forming process can improve metal part performance and its characteristics.

For many OEMs,Cold Forging represents clear opportunities for cost savings over traditional large component manufacturing methods.

Material and Process Cost Advantages:

See below charts to check how much you can save if made with cold forging technology:

cold forging save materials

The Result: Metal Cold Forging can be lower Costs of Product to the Customer

Better Quality and Consistency: Cold Forming/Forging is a purely mechanical process that forms metal into net or near net shapes, but unlike traditional alternatives, it is performed at room temperature without using additional heat, providing more precise tolerances and part to part consistency than any other method.

The products made with Cold Forging:

  • Higher Strength: Cold forming work hardens the material raising its yield stress, making it significantly stronger than can be produced through other methods. With these higher strength properties, component design thickness can often be reduced offering further savings on weight, material and clearance.
  • Higher yields for exceptional strength
  • Most precise tolerances available
  • Improved physical properties by refining grain structure
  • Exceptional surface finish no scale
  • Part-to-part uniformity/repeatability
  • Better functional reliability
  • Reduced/eliminated machining & waste
  • May eliminate subsequent heat treating
 General Knowledge on material “Zinc”

(1) galvanized zinc with excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, at room temperature, the surface is easy to generate a protective film, and therefore the biggest use of zinc for galvanizing industry. Is mainly used for surface coating of steel and steel parts (such as galvanized sheet), widely used in automotive, construction, shipbuilding, light industry and other industries. After the start of the 21st century, the Western countries try to do directly with zinc alloy plate roof covering material, the use of life up to 120-140 years, and then recycled, but for the life of galvanized iron roofing material is generally 5-10 years . After 21 centuries, hot-dip galvanized steel with significant growth. Galvanized also used, but this method is generally used for thin coatings and different surface finish. Coatings containing zinc coating is another way; for the object of continuous contact with water, such as for ships, bridges, and offshore oil and gas derrick large steel components, zinc only, and large blocks of connection, you can be protected, but zinc block should be changed regularly.
(2) zinc alloy for automotive and machinery industries. Zinc has suitable mechanical properties. Zinc itself is not high strength and hardness, but after adding alloying elements aluminum, copper, etc., its strength and hardness are greatly improved, still it is the emergence of zinc and copper alloy, and its mechanical properties have been approached or reached the aluminum, yellow copper levels of gray cast iron, and its creep resistance is also significantly improved. Therefore, zinc and copper alloy has been widely used in hardware production. Mainly for die casting, automotive, construction, part of the electrical equipment, household appliances, toys and other parts production. Many processing properties of zinc alloys are relatively good, pass processing rate of up to 60% -80%. MV superior performance, can be deep-drawing, and having a self-lubricating, extended die life, available brazing or resistance welding or electric arc welding (for an in helium) welding, surface can be plated or coated, good cutting performance. Under certain conditions, with excellent superplasticity. Zinc and copper, tin, lead composed of brass, used in machinery manufacturing. Zinc plate containing a small amount of lead and cadmium and other elements can be made negative zinc-manganese batteries, zinc printing plates, there are pink corrosion photographic system board and offset printing plates.
(3) can be used to produce zinc batteries. For example: manganese batteries and zinc-air batteries latest research.

Zinc has good resistance to electromagnetic properties. Electrical conductivity of 29% zinc standard electrical copper, in the case of RF interference, zinc plate is a very effective shielding material, and because the zinc is non-magnetic, and instrumentation suitable for housing materials and parts instruments coins, Meanwhile, zinc and other metals collision itself and does not spark, suitable for underground explosion-proof equipment. Widely used in rubber, paints, enamels, pharmaceutical, printing, fiber and other industries. Zinc with appropriate chemical properties. Zinc can occur with NH4CI, release H + positive ions. Zinc – is the use of zinc-manganese dioxide battery of this feature, made with zinc alloy battery case, both the battery electrolyte container, also participated in the anode cell reaction constitute battery. It’s this performance is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Zinc and acid or alkali can react hydrogen. Zinc fertilizer (zinc sulfate, zinc chloride) can promote plant cell respiration, carbohydrate metabolism and so on. Zinc, lithopone, zinc chrome yellow pigments can be used. Zinc oxide can also be used in medicine, rubber, paint and other industries.

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procedures for metal cold forging parts

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