WZA-E Series Thermostat

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WZA-E Series Thermostat

WZA-E Series Thermostat

Item No.:WZA-E Series Thermostat

Item NO. Tem.Range(ºC) Diff(ºC) Control Precision(ºC) Voltage and Current
WZA-E1 30~85 >2<9 ±5 220V/16A
WZA-E2 30~110 >2<9 ±6 220V/16A
WZA-E3 50~230 >2<9 ±6 220V/16A
WZA-E4 50~320 >2<9 ±9 220V/16A

WZA-E series thermostat is pressure type
Cipillary Thermostat
Temperature Controller

WZA-E series thermostat is pressure type .
( Capillary Thermostat , Temperature Controller )
1).For Electric water heater, Kitchenware, Washing machine, Electric oven and Boiled Water Device, etc.
2) Temperature range: 30~85C, 30~110C,50~200C,50~320C, etc.
3) Capillary wire + Copper/SS sensor
4)Rated voltage:220V
5)Rated current:16A
6)The temperature range and the Capillary , we can produce according to your requre.
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