WZA-CY series thermostat

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WZA-CY series thermostat

WZA-CY series thermostat

Item No.:WZA-CY Series Thermostat

Item No.Tem. Range(ºC)Diff(ºC)Control Precision(ºC)Voltage and Current

IMIT immersion thermostat for boiler or heating pipe
Temperature range:0-90C
Rating at:16A(4), 250V
Immersion sleeve: ZG 1/2″

IMIT immersion thermostat
Application: Application: Control the temperature of piping and boiler, Immersion thermostat with immersion rod and immersion seeve, temperature set by knob.
Immersion thermostat with immersion rod and immersion sleeve, temperature set by knob.
Rating at: 16A(4)/250V
Operating range: 0-90C
Switching difference: 5C
Immersion sleeve: 8mm x 100mm, ZG 1/2″

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