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WZA-A Thermostat Manufacturer-supplier China

WZA-A thermostat

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WZA-A thermostat

WZA-A series thermostat

Rated voltage:220V
Rated current:16A
CE,VDE approved
WZA-A thermostat is Cipillary Thermostat

Item No.Tem.range(ºC)Diff(ºC)Control Precision(ºC)Voltage and current

Rated voltage:220V
Rated current:16A
WZA-A series thermostat is Cipillary Thermostat

WZA-A series Capillary Thermostat
Temperature Controller
1). For Electric water heater, Kitchenware, Washing machine, Electric oven and Boiled Water Device, etc.
2) Temperature range: 10~60C, 30~85C, 30~110C, 30~230C ,50~320C, etc.
3) Capillary wire + Copper/SS sensor
4) Rated voltage:220V
5) Rated current:16A
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