Wood-Fired Hot Tub,Dutchtub


Sell Wood-Fired Hot Tub.It let you have a good natural bath in outdoor enviroment,no need electricity power,enjoy free bathing!

The product is exported to Netherland,Germany,Most of European zone,Australia,USA,Canada,and other countries.Top quality and thus is authorized to produce for famous brand.It is an innovative design that permit you to have a warm outdoor bath anywhere! You can enjoy heating bathing outdoor in any place any weather condition,even when the temperature was below freezing outside,you still can relax youself in it. The Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub is made in China.Requires no electricity, all you need is water and some firewood,utilizing natural circulation. And there is enough space for up to four adults. It has a 200 gallon capacity,uses a stainless steel heating coil that is heated from burning wood to provide the hot water for the tub.

Best Feature:You can have a good bath anytime, anywhere…Luxury and Romantic…

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Wood-Fired Hot Tub,Dutchtub”


  • This Wood-Fired Hot Tub(Dutchtub) doesn’t need to be plugged in or connected to any drain
  • Input hot tub with cold water from your garden hose and light a fire in the pit. The fire hot tub holds 200 gallons of water
  • The water is pushed through the metal coils which surround a wire basket where the firewood is housed
  • A stainless steel windscreen panel attaches to the chrome pipes to keep you safe from the fires flames while soaking in the tub
  • Includes a clear top cover with two chrome handles. Please do not leave tub unattended while fire is lit. Extremely hot surface
  • The tub itself was made from polyfiber which is similar to sailboat. The coil is made of stainless steel grade 304,safe and healthy. These features makes the hot tub very durable and long service life without weighing an incredible amount.


Item WeightGross weight: 140kgs;  Net weight:110kgs
Product Dimensions1770X1600X820MM/70”X63”X32”
Package Size:1880x1700x900MM/74”X67”X35”
DescriptionWood-Fired Hot Tub,Dutchtub
SizeHold 60 Or More Gallons
ColorOrange,Yellow,Red,Black,MATT BLACK (OPTIONAL)
StyleStandard & Modern
MaterialFiberglass and resin
Installation MethodFree Standing
Item Package Quantity individual package
UsageOutdoor use only
Batteries Required?No
Warranty Description1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Container loading20GP QTY 6 PCS
Min. order1PC

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Buying guide to “Wood-Fired Hot Tub,Dutchtub”

  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;We can ship to anywhere in world.
  • The item is very good quality.We are the manufacturer for a top-brand for hot tub,export to worldwide. And therefore,the hot tub you find in the market is actually made by us.
  • As the package for complete set of hot tub take large size,we suggest to delivery by sea.The place of origin is in China,please consider the sea freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Want to DIY your own wooden fired hot tub? You can also buy our wooden burning hot tub coil kit here;
  • Please contact us to email:

General Knowledge on “Wood-Fired Hot Tub,Dutchtub ”

principle Wood-Fired-Hot-Tub-workingThe wood fired Hot Tub was previously created in Arctic areas like Alaska where they developed at that time with limited resources a wood fired bath to warm themselves to bath.

Without electricity or gas, you can enjoy bathing in aWood-Fired Hot Tub.

This simplicity still appeals to many people. But also the rituals around it, like gathering the wood, burning the wood, regulating the stove and the heat, mixing the water up front. And then enjoy the rising steam and noises from the heater…….

In that respect a Wood fired Hot Tub is a total different product compared with the Jacuzzi from today which is working on electricity.

What is a Wood fired Hot Tub? A Hot Tub generally consists of the following components:

A heater / stove (made of stainless steel) being a sort of metal container below the water in which you can burn the wood. This heater has 2 openings that are above the water, 1 for air and landing with a wooden lid with wooden handle, and 1 for smoke exhaust. All our stoves are made of 2-3 mm stainless steel.

A chimney connected to the air pipe of the stove. This is a long metal pipe with a cap that serves as a spark arrestor.

A protective panel around the stove protecting you from burning on a hot stove.

Benches all around, so you can sit and relax. On request benches are removable for cleaning purposes.

Drink holders depending on the model attached to the cap of the stove, sometimes attached to the exterior. You can keep your drink or snack at a place holder.

A ladder, to be able to take place in the wooden bathtub.

A lockable wooden lid, Wood-Fired Hot Tub at the end when you can not use it. This prevents such leaves may fall, or insects get in the water.

A stop so you can dirty water drains and evt. aanluitmogelijkheid one can achieve in the stormwater or sewer for dirty water.

Stainless steel around the Wood-Fired Hot Tub. This stainless steel straps are the rings around the Tobbe Tobbe which you can sue. Suppose that Tobbe has shrunk slightly in dry weather, you can tighten the straps slightly. On the stove side you can usually tighten the straps.


Segment of using experience on “Wood-Fired Hot Tub,Dutchtub ”

Weekend is always a good time.How will you spend your weekend? Some ones will climb hills,some ones will take a tourist,and other many ways.But the excited maybe is to invite friends oR family to explore the great nature,go outdoors,at the same to to enjoy a“outdoor bathing”.It sounds charming and interesting.


And thus,this wood fired hot tub maybe help you something.It is very simple,easy to take but very helpful.It is made from top-quality Fiberglass and resin(polyester),the weight is about 110kgs,is portable when you insert wheels.

hot tub can fin two adults

The tub can fit four child or 2 adults easily.The tub is strong enough and you are never to worry about break.Between the tub and coil has a windscreen,it can prevent the smoke from the fire.It is transparent and you can observe the wood burning situation.


The hot tub is equipped with a stainless steel coil as heat exchanger which absorb heat from the fire and then transfer to the flowing water inside. Inside the coil placed a temperature-regulating fire basket. The turbo valve for hose connector,and if you like,you even can put a wok on the top of coil and do some cooking. When keep the stainess steel coil to heat the water inside,the wok help you to cook a delicious stir-fry meal or pan-fried a good pie when you are enjoying a leisurely bath.


The hot tub is designed based on a very simple but effective nature principle: “The burning fire heats the water in the coil tube. Because of natural circulation,the cold water at the bottom of the hot tub flows into the coil and then flows with spiral movement, finally to heat up and then flow out from the top of coil into the tub.”

I like the hot tub very much.The color is available in “Dawn White” and “Night Blue”.Imagine when it is a star night,at outdoor,burning a fire in the coil,and sit in the tub,enjoying a hot soak bath and having stir-fry meal or red-wine….Or a sunny day,outdoor is covered by coled white snow,you sit in a hot tub burning warm fire…Is a nice scene.No? 🙂


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  • Helen de Bie


    Could you please inform me how much the dutch tub is, including shipping to the Netherlands?

  • Michael


    I would like to buy also a hot tub.

    I live in Germany!

    Could you please confirm a price, and approximate shipping costs please?

    Thank you!

  • Cait

    Hello how much is a Dutch tub?

  • Shayne

    Could you please confirm a price on the hot tub complete with wood burner
    I live in Sydney Australia

  • Luze


    We would like to buy a hot tub.

    I live in Austria

    Could you please confirm a price, and approximate shipping costs please?

    Thank you!

  • Mary Ann

    It was delivered to my house the week it arrived. My customs agent handled it with your agents here in Sydney. So all good! Have set it up and it is working well.
    There seems to be a slow leak out the bottom flange outlet ,I know it was caused by our green installation as first time,a little problem,so we try to find that and fix with silicon. But otherwise all OK.Great product!
    I have friends asking me where I got it from so you might get more orders. ?
    Thankyou for your assistance.
    I commend you for your great customer service. Please let your managers know.
    Check my project:

  • Lawrence Keenan

    Would like total cost to purchase & ship one tub to Alexandria Minnesota 56308 or at least to Mpls/St Paul MN area? What size, dimensions is your tub that will fit 4 adults?

  • Jack Stevens

    What is the total cost to ship to Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA Postal Code 70809.

  • Craig Baker

    Hi can you please email me a price list and shipping cost to NZ for 6-10 tubs. Also do you sell heater on it own if so how much just for heater ?

  • Karima


    I would like to buy one please, maybe black.
    Do you do MAT colour? not shiny black.

    Can you please send me the price of the smallest one and also I want to know who is representing you in Germany because I am in France. Thank you very much!!

  • Mike

    Can you send me the price for the hot tub shipped to Switzerland.?

    • Smartclima


      Can you send me the price for the hot tub shipped to Switzerland?

  • Neil

    Hi, can you please provide a price list and shipping to Sydney Australia



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