Wire on tube condenser


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Wire on tube condenser

Features of Wire on tube condenser:

1.Bundy tube diameter 4.76-8mm, thickness 0.6-0.71mm
2.Low Carbon wire diameter 1.2mm–1.6mm
3.Two layers or more layers
4.Fan assembling place can be added
5.Surface with electrophoretic coating, thickness 10-25micrometer,black
6.The tube ends sealed with rubber cap
7.Dry nitrogen in the tube
8.Inner cleanness
9.Bundy and wires can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements, drawings and samples


Main material:
1.Rolling welded steel tube;
2. Low carbon steel wire; 3. bracket: steel plate;

1. flat type of wire on tube condenser used al the back;

2. Bended or spiral type of wire on tube condenser used all the bottom;

3. wrapped type of tube embed on plate.

Main process: tube bending, welding, fix the bracket, weld the suction tube, leakage test, coating, folding or bending shaping, inspection, package.

1. surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion.

2. Inner cleanness can meet the requirement of CFC&R134a Cooling system.

3. Satisfy the cooling capability requirements.

Technical ability: We can produce the products according to drawing or samples supplied by customers, also can design and develop the different condensers as cusomers’ request.

Detail:1.Freon-free,high efficiency and energy saving
2.OEM:operate with Aucma,Little Swan,Midea,LG,TCL and other well-know domestic and forieign enterprises.
3.Production capacity:Relying on the advanced imported equiptment and the unremitting effort of all the staff of the company ,the production capacity has reached 3.5 million sets or pieces a year.
4.Quality:Our company has established a complete set of quality management system .It won the certificate of quality management system certification ISO9001 from China Certification Center For Quality in 2000.

Package:Carton box or wooden box

Wire on tube condenserWire on tube condenser

Wire on tube condenser 11 Wire on tube condenser

Wire on tube condenser 9 Wire on tube condenser 8

Wire on tube condenser 7 Wire on tube condenser 6


Wire on tube condenser Wire on tube condenser 4


Smartclima can  can supply the following products:

1 .  Evaporators.
They include wire on tube evaporator, roll bond evaporator, fin evaporator, bounding evaporator, tube on plate evaporator, serpentine evaporator, laminated evaporator and other evaporator
2 .  Condensers.
They include louvered condenser, wire on tube condenser, fin condenser, parallel flow condenser, serpentine condenser and other condenser.
3 .  Other HVAC&R products
They include refrigerating compressor, fan, fan motor, thermostat, copper parts, stainless steel parts, etc. We source HVAC&R products as per our customers’ need.

Our evaporators and condensers are mainly used in followed fields:
1 .    Refrigerator, freezer and water dispenser.
2 .    Industrial and home dehumidifier
3 .    Commercial and home ice maker.
4 .    Air conditioner including household a/c, central a/c, commercial a/c, military a/c and portable a/c.
5 .    Automobile air conditioner.
6 .   Train Air conditioner in railway and metro.
7 .   Refrigerating showcase

We accept various dimension on your request.

Home>>Refrigerating Parts & Heating Elements>>Heat Exchangers>> Wire on tube condenser

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    we need size 800x500mm wire tube condenser for our refrigerator,we are from Thailand…


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