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Wind Turbine System

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Wind Turbine System 50W







Wind Turbine System 100W







Wind Turbine System 100W











Wind Turbine System 300W






Wind Turbine System 400W




Wind Turbine System 400W












Wind Turbine System 600W












Wind Turbine System 800W











Wind Turbine System 1000W















Wind Turbine Tower



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One Inquiry to Wind Turbine System

  1. Dear sir,I would like to request you to please provide me following detail for Model 300, Dynavent Turbine Ventilator Wind Driven made from stainless steel. Our Require quantity for the fan is 20 nos.This fan i need to required to install on Tile profile Aluminium-zinc Sheet. Please tell your suggestion whether we can install it on that or not. The sample of sheet is attached with

    1. Cost for the particular unit
    2. Cost of Shipment and dispatch of materials, Cost for the installation at Gokak, Belgaum, India
    3. exhausting capacity for the particular Fan
    4. Required time for supplying and installation
    5. Term of payment
    6. Specification of fan descriptive minimum width and height of the fan after installation
    7. Is it required for optional electrification.
    Your earliest response for above subject will be highly appreciable.
    Thanking you

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