Wind Turbine System 300W


Wind Turbine System 300W


Specifications for Wind Turbine System 300W:
1. Large power, low volume, low weight, high efficiency;
2. Carbon fiber blades, high efficiency of  anti-wind ability;
3. Blades with the ability of automatically stall protection under strong wind .

Product Specification and Price List for Dolphin System

ModelZ-300AZ-300B (low start up wind speed )
Rated power300W300w
Rated DC voltageDC 12V/24VDC12V/24V
Rated current25A/12.5A25A/12.5A
Rated speed1850r/m1850r/m
Max power380W380w
Number of blade3 pcs3pcs
Starting wind speed2.5m/s1.5m/s
Cut-in wind speed3.5m/s2.5m/s
Cut-out wind speed18m/s18m/s
Security wind speed45m/s45m/s
Rated wind speed12.5m/s12.5m/s
EngineThree-phase permanent magnel generator
Rotor diameter1250mm1250mm
Blade materialCarbon fiberCarbon fiber
Output line anti-winding device

Overall three-phase commutator

Over-speed wind protectionTip stall protection + turned protection + Electromagnetic brake
Life span15 years15 years
Equipment surface protectionAluminum oxide + plastic coatingAluminum oxide+plastic coating
Working temperature-45°C-70°C-45°C-70°C
Packing materialCarton box and foam materialCarton box and foam material
packing dimension720*390*210mm720*390*210mm

Wind Turbine System 300W

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