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Water pipes can be divided into three categories: metal pipes, plastic pipes and plastic composite metal pipes.

Metal pipe mainly includes: galvanized pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe; plastic pipe: PVC pipe, PPR pipe, PE pipe; plastic composite metal pipe mainly includes: aluminum plastic composite pipe.

Among the metal pipes, galvanized pipes have been banned by the state as drinking water pipes; the price of copper pipes is a problem, and the cost is too high; the construction of stainless steel pipes is difficult, and it is not suitable for family use. Plastic composite metal pipe is easy to be affected by heat expansion and cold shrinkage, which is easy to cause leakage, and few people are selected.

Plastic pipe: PVC pipe used to be used a lot, but now it is found that the chemical additives used in the production process of PVC are harmful to human body. Now PVC pipe is mostly used in wire pipes and sewage pipes;

PE pipe material safety is very good, suitable for drinking water pipes, the price is relatively high, generally used in municipal engineering;

PPR pipe is made of stable material, safe, non-toxic, heat and pressure resistant, long service life, which is very suitable for domestic water pipes. PPR pipe is also the most widely used pipe for domestic water on the market at present.

Smartclima can supply the following Water pipes :

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