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Other Materials for Building water supply system & drainage system.

Building water supply system can be divided into domestic water supply system, production water supply system, fire water supply system and combined water supply system according to the object and requirements of water supply. The building water supply system is mainly composed of five parts: the inlet pipe, the water meter node, the water supply pipe network, the water distribution or use equipment and the water supply accessories (valves, etc.). The water supply mode of the building water supply system, that is, the water supply scheme inside the building, is determined by the nature, height of the building, the layout of the water distribution point, the indoor water pressure, the outdoor pipe network water pressure and water volume and other factors. The common ways of water supply are as follows: direct water supply; water supply with water tank or water pump; water supply with only water pump (or water tank); air pressure water supply; district water supply. In addition, there is another way of water supply with different quality, that is, according to different water quality required for different purposes, independent water supply systems are set up respectively.

Building drainage system

Building drainage system is to remove sewage from residential buildings, public buildings and production buildings. The drainage system inside the building is generally composed of water receiver, drainage pipeline, clearing facilities, ventilation pipeline, sewage lifting equipment and local treatment structures of sanitary appliances or production equipment. The drainage system in the building is divided into single riser drainage system, double riser drainage system and three riser drainage system according to the setting of drainage riser and vent pipe. The sewage discharged by the building drainage system shall meet the sewage discharge conditions specified in relevant national codes and standards.

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