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For water, hydraulic oil as a medium, for all kinds of pressure vessels, piping, valves, etc. manometry. Normal water pressure is 0.3MPa, high-rise residential to 0.4MPa, plumbing pressure test is generally pressurized to 0.8MPa-1.0MPa. (0.1MPa water pressure for 1KG)

Specific steps are as follows :

The hot and cold water pipes connected together to form a circle with a hose, into a tube, the test pump connected to any outlet can be, when the pressure indicator is 0 pressure. When all the water pipes soldered before you can access all the pressure test before manometry want to block all of the plug, close the water inlet manifold valve.

When manometry, shaking Jack’s bar until the pressure gauge pointer around 0.9-1.0, which means that now the pressure is three times the normal water pressure

Certain period of time to maintain this pressure. Different load time is not the same as water pipes, PPR, aluminum PPR, PPR and other steel welded pipe is 30 minutes (only exceeded no less). Is the kind of copper aluminum pipe joints, it’s time was 4 hours (half a day). Galvanized pipe is 4 hours is half a working day.
Pipe pressure test results to determine:
In the test pressure of time to check each fitting, wire connectors, plugs can not have water seepage, and some people say plug seepage okay, that is a lie, plug leakage test pump directly affect the hands, hands constantly the decline who knows whether that place to check carefully.
Test pump hands within the stipulated period of time without the slightest drop or decrease of less than 0.1 to illustrate pipe line is good, but also shows test pump is working properly.
Each plug and hydrants at the interface can not have water leakage.


Water Pressure Testing Device by electric

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  • An Denoyer

    Hello,what device I need to test inline pressure for water pipe system?

  • Carissa

    Hola ,can this device to test leahage of water pipe?

  • ساخت کارت دعوت ترحیم

    Can this device to test water pipe pressure? I want to confirm if the pipe leaking or not.


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