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Marked with the direction of the water on the valve body; maximum pressure is 1.6MPA, the inner cover has a pressure regulator knob (hex), can adjust the pressure between0.1 ~ 0.8MPA according to the reduced pressure.

DN15, without pressure gauge
DN15, with pressure gauge
DN20, without pressure gauge
DN20, with pressure gauge
DN25, without pressure gauge
DN25, with pressure gauge
DN32, without pressure gauge
DN32, with pressure gauge
DN40, without pressure gauge
DN40, with pressure gauge
DN50, without pressure gauge
DN50, with pressure gauge

This product is a valve with piston structure, its advantages are:

  • piece forging, forming a safe explosion,
  • internal parts are not easy to aging, high temperature, long life, generally more than 5 years;
  • pressure gauge can be installed;

Water Pressure Relief Valve usage:

A: high pressure and water hammer phenomenon is home water heater pipes and other water purifiers occurred burst pipes, leaking most important reason. Therefore it is necessary to install a pressure-reducing valve in the water side, so that the water pressure constant. So do not worry about the water pressure is too high and the water hammer phenomenon household water damage equipment, cause other unnecessary economic losses due to leakage.

B: water pressure instability, bath water temperature changes, hot and cold will cause, you need to use the regulator valve regulator.

The pressure relief valve is a full brass material, the use of piston-type structure, the internal structure is very simple, more durable, stronger environmental applicability, fine workmanship, reliable quality, durable. Without the bypass pipe, the pipe is extremely simple and can save a lot of space and piping costs. Can be installed in any of the previous water equipment. Marked with the direction of the water valve body; maximum pressure 1.6MPA, the inner cover with a pressure regulator knob (hex), may need to adjust the pressure of 0.1 ~ 0.8MPA different according to their reduced pressure to meet a variety of requirements, especially suitable. branch pipe pressure systems.

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