Water Pressure Control


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Pressure Gauge–To test water pressure


Used as Suction Pressure Gauge and Discharge Pressure Gauge.

Pressure Gauge buffer tube—To reduce water prerssure

Pressure Gauge buffer tube

Pressure Gauge buffer tube,DN15.Used to lower the pressure of media to pressure gauge.Amd also can lower a little temperature of media,to provent pressure gauge from high temperature.

Water Pressure Increasing Pump DC12V DC24V—To increase water pressure

Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump

For cooling system, water system, solar water looping, Water pipe looping in water heaters (to achieve hot water once open faucet), Pressurized for hot water and cold water, water dispenser, hot water transportation,Solar heating, mattresses, ground warm, fountains, etc.

Water Circulation Pump AC220V– To increase water pressure


Water flow adjustable valve—To adjust water flow rate,and thus adjust water pressure


Tank pressure relief valve—-To release pressure in water tank,to keep a safe pressure



Pressure Tank for Water Pump— automatically control the pump to stop or work according to water pressure

Pressure Tank for Water Pump


 HVAC Parts >> Water Project Materials  >> Water Pressure Control

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