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Water heating pellet stoves with boiler

Item: Water heating pellet stoves with boiler

Short Description: Wood pellet stove is a fireplace that by burning highly compressed wood or biomass pellets to produce heating air and blow out into room or space. This stove with function to heat water and recycle hot water to heat room.The water tank is built in the stove,when blow out hot air,heating the water,then reduce the temperature of drain air,improve heat effience.

Main function: For heating indoor room 60-120㎡,with function heating water

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Technology of “Water heating pellet stoves with boiler”

With winter fast approaching, we are all faced with the prospect of heating our homes. Gas or electric? Wood stove or radiant heat? Which method is best for our home? Which is most economical? There are many different options for home heating available.Now,Wood pellet stove is becoming more and more popular because of its easy operation and variety of styles available. If you want to choose a good stove from so many stoves, wood Pellet stove is a best alternative way of heating a home, using compressed wood or biomass pellets. A pellet stove can be a very good option for home heating.

  • The wood pellet stove that only requires refuelling a couple times each week and yet works continuously if you wish.
  • A pellet stove you can operate via your cell phone.
  • Wood pellet stoves that are so efficient they only require a small three-inch pipe as its chimney.

Pellet Stove technology

Wood Pellet Stoves operate on burning methods that are both sophisticated and clean burning. They are a great choice for homes that cannot have traditional types of open fire stoves. When compared to other types of open fire stoves, biomass stoves are much more efficient.

These are just a few reasons the Wood Pellet Stove is becoming so popular as a home heating source.

These pellets are slowly and automatically fed from the storage container (hopper) to the brazier where the pellets would automatically be ignited. The pellet fireplaces would automatically regulate the room’s temperature using the multicomfort function and can be set to your desired temperature.  The pellet  feeder, and fans would automatically speed up and slow down, regulating the rooms temperature and therefore optimizing fuel consumption.  After the ignition process the electrical consumption is minimal and runs at around 0.1KWh and producing up to 12KWh for maximum electrical savings while still enjoying a completely automated central heating system.
The Thermo Pellet stove range is also available and can be installed to heat your geyser, water under floor radiators and heated towel rail radiators. Using the completely automated Thermo pellet stove units for water heating and for spatial heating would save you up to 53% of your electrical bill based on South African residential electrical consumption statistics.

Smartclima`s Wood Pellet fireplaces units also have an oven range where temperature of the oven can be set and regulated as desired. This system would optimize spatial heating savings as well as significantly reduce electrical consumption in the kitchen.

Wood Pellet Stove Technology is a future technology for heating room space because of its low cost and high effience.

Pellet Stoves Advantages – Efficient and Economic

As just mentioned, Wood Pellet Stoves can heat efficiently and conveniently but they also provide this heat economically.

They do this by converting biomass which in this case is Wood Pellet Fuel into high-efficiency heat while at the same time dispersing virtually no wood smoke. This helps to keep the air clean and the environment safe.

Affordable Installation Costs

Wood Pellet Stove Installation is very affordable, especially when compared to other types of home heating sources. Pellet Stoves are inexpensive to operate and easy to maintain. The type of wood pellet fuel these remarkable stoves burn is made from renewable sources. You may be pleased to know that biomass fuel is produced from sawdust and recycled wood waste.

Models & Details for “Water heating pellet stoves with boiler”

1.Pellet stove connecting to radiator for hot water.
2.Automatic operation with remote control.
3.Rated power: 12kw, 15kw

Main Feature:
1)With both hot wind blasting and hot water system.
2)Conneting to radiator for more room heating.
3) With remote control for operation.
4)Automatic tempreture operation.
5)Pellet stove style with more function and convenient installation.
6)Fuel for wood pellet in 6mm.


Thermal Output:N=nominal-R=minimum12.03.615.03.6KW
heat output transferred to room air3.
heat output transferred to water8.52.510.52.5KW
CO emission at 13% oxygen0.0240.060.0240.06%
max.allowable water pressure during operation22bar
safety valve33bar temperature8585°C
nominal electrical power430430W
nominal voltage230230V
nominal frequency50/6050/60Hz
fuelwood pelletwood pellet
fuel consumption per hour1.80.620.6kg/h
total capacity of flue gasesg/s
flue gas temperature1008010080°C
flue draught pressure10101010Pa
expansion tank33L
boiler capacity1616!
receptacle capacity2525kg
burn time13411341h
operating power required150150W
flue gases outletø80ø80mm
combustion air intakeø50ø50mm
Weight of the structure including packing114114kg

Water heating pellet stoves with boiler

Water heating pellet stoves panel screen

Buying Guide to “Water heating pellet stoves with boiler”
  • The product is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of  Water heating pellet stoves with boiler are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Water heating pellet stoves with boiler ”

wood pellets

Wood pellets is a continual fuel, its price per kw is similar to the gas. They are usually used in automatic boilers which take fuel from a hopper, and only require the ash removed every few days, or in some cases a few times a year. (Some systems also need to have soot cleared from tubes, which can be difficult.) Pellets provide more energy per unit weight than wood chips or logs, partly because they have been dried to reduce the water content. This is typically 8% against the 22% or so normal for untreated wood.

Wood is a fairly rare choice for heating, so it is important to arrange for supply before committing to it for fuel. If you are using wood because of its green credentials it should come from a sustainable source rather than, for example, virgin forest. It is also desirable to ensure that the wood does not have to be transported too far. Wood pellets are common in Scandinavia and the USA, but they are rarer in the UK. Logpile provides a list of British suppliers, but some of these import their supplies. There is a lot of useful information and a list of local suppliers on the Oxfordshire Community Woodfuel Programme (Oxlogs) website.

Although wood for burning is competitive in cost with other fuels such as oil and gas for the same heat output, boilers are substantially more expensive. Home Sources provide a list of stove suppliers.

A useful device to improve the performance of a wood stove is the Caframo Ecofan. It uses the heat of the top surface of the stove (which must be flat) to generate electricity which runs a fan, circulating warm air more evenly within a room and, if the door is left open, into adjoining rooms. This improves comfort and saves fuel. No batteries or mains power are needed. There are also models for stoves burning other fuels.

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