Water flow switch

Sell Pressure Control Water Flow Switch,Pressure Switch,Water Flow Sensor.It always works with water pump to control water pump state(work or stop) depends on its sensor for water flow or not.After open water equipment, the water will flow in water pipe, the flowing water impulse door sensors inside along the shaft to rotate the flow direction of water flow, magnetic device inside rotate with the shaft together, to a certain position, trigger the sensing element, the switch then is turned on, (if you connect it with the water pump),then the water pump starts to work. When the water is turned off, the pump then stop working.The switchs are widely used in the field of solar thermo system,water project,and industry field.

Materials: Brass
Models: AC220V;DC5V;DC12V;DC24V;For connector,please see below chart.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Water flow switch”


1. Stable. In the design of the induction chamber, magnetron chamber, electronic components separate room to avoid iron pipe materials are adsorbed magnetic material, in order to avoid switching failure.
2, high temperature. The use of high temperature materials production, so that products can be used in hot and cold water conditions.
3, low water pressure start. Return spring with high quality stainless steel, reached a low pressure pump action open.
4. Safety: The electronic components as a control device, so that the product no spark during use, fully enclosed.

Technical Specifications

Use of media: water and physical and chemical properties similar to liquid-like.
Medium pressure: ≤0.6Mpa
Medium temperature: ≤100 ℃


Once open water faucet, water pump starts automatically; Once stop water faucet,water pump stops automatically;

Flow rate requirement:

1,inlet water pressure is more than 0.2Bar; 2, water flowing speed is more than 1.5L /min;

Application :

The switchs are widely used in the field of solar thermo system,water project,and industry field.With this water flow switch,you can let  Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump work only when the water in pipe flows. Once water flow stops,the pump will stop running,too.

Models,Dimension and Parameter:


G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″90WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″90WAC220V,50Hz/60HzSensitivity can be regulatable
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″300WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″370WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″120WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″120WAC220V,50Hz/60HzSensitivity can be regulatable
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″160WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″200WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G3/4 to G1/2G3/4″G1/2″90WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G3/4 to G1/2G3/4″G1/2″90WAC220V,50Hz/60HzSensitivity can be regulatable
G3/4 to G1/2G3/4″G1/2″120WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G3/4 to G1/2G3/4″G1/2″120WAC220V,50Hz/60HzSensitivity can be regulatable
G3/4 to G1/2G3/4″G1/2″200WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G3/4 to G1/2G3/4″G1/2″300WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″120WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″120WAC220V,50Hz/60HzSensitivity can be regulatable
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″160WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″370WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″200WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″300WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1 to G1/2G1″G1/2″120WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1 to G1/2G1″G1/2″160WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1 to G1/2G1″G1/2″200WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1 to G1/2G1″G1/2″370WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1 to G3/4G1″G3/4″160WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1 to G3/4G1″G3/4″260WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1 to G3/4G1″G3/4″370WAC220V,50Hz/60HzCan stand high temperature 80-90℃
G1 to G1G1″(DN25)G1″(DN25)800WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1.2 to G1.2G1.2″(DN32)G1.2″(DN32)900WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1.2 to G1.2G1.2″(DN32)G1.2″(DN32)1000WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1.5 to G1.5G1.5″(DN40)G1.5″(DN40)1100WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1.5 to G1.5G1.5″(DN40)G1.5″(DN40)2200WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G2 to G2G2″(DN50)G2″(DN50)2200WAC220V,50Hz/60Hz
G1/2 to G1/2G1/2″G1/2″DC type, for DC0-110V
G3/4 to G3/4G3/4″G3/4″DC type, for DC0-110V
G1 to G1G1″(DN25)G1″(DN25)DC type, for DC0-110V
G1.2 to G1.2G1.2″(DN32)G1.2″(DN32)DC type, for DC0-110V
G1.5 to G1.5G1.5″(DN40)G1.5″(DN40)DC type, for DC0-110V
G2 to G2G2″(DN50)G2″(DN50)DC type, for DC0-110V
* Note that the water flow switch starting need the folloing requirements:
1, the inlet pressure is greater than 0.2 Bar (Kg);
2, the water flow speed is greater than 1.5 L / min;
If does not reach above parameters,it can`t start .* Power refers to the rated output power of the corresponding pump. The power marked by the pump generally refers to the input power of the pump, and the output power can be calculated according to 80% of the input power. For example, a 120W water flow switch can actually control pumps with a power of 150W or less. 1.2″ and above water flow switches, electronic components, controllable tubes have a large margin, the maximum current is allowed to be within 30A.
The general domestic one-way water pump can be safely operated within 2.2KW. The 380V needs to be connected to the contactor.
G1 to G1(DN25)G1″(DN25)G1″(DN25)1100WAC110V,50Hz/60Hz
G1 to G1(DN25)G1″(DN25)G1″(DN25)2200WAC110V,50Hz/60Hz
For parameters of types of AC110V,pls contact us for more details.



* The switch goes with cord and plug.

Buying guide to “Water flow switch”

  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]

General Knowledge on “Water flow switch ”

Flow switch is a water control for electric water heaters, solar water heaters, air conditioners and other water systems, out of the water control, water heating control, pump control switch, solenoid valve on-off control or water power, water power-control process, when after a certain flow of water is converted to an electrical signal switch type sensors.

Flow switch with high sensitivity, durability and other advantages.
1, the amount (flow rate, which is the liquid flow pressure) to detect whether the liquid flow line and flow of whether the requirements at the same time by switching power contact output (s) off of a signal state.
2, the device by detecting the presence of a signal or by controlling the current from this switch (flow switch electrical contacts pass, off state) to determine the working conditions of the pipeline system, given the appropriate control or operating mode or measure;
3. For example, the central air conditioning water circulation systems, and fire sprinkler system, fire extinguishing system, certain types of liquid circulation cooling system piping, are commonly used in the flow switch for detecting the flow of liquid.
4, the liquid flow in the pipeline for real-time monitoring, to provide digital output, and uses six LED time display fluid flow state, to achieve the following monitoring functions: media flow, reduce / increase the flow rate; media presence / absence; media flow / static; internal monitoring fluid flow conduit size, drying to monitor or prevent pump idle. It is widely used in petrochemical, power, metallurgy, steel, paper, food and mouth products processing, water treatment, battery factory and other industries.

The pipeline booster pump flow switch uses a water flow type magnetic control device to perform on-off control of the sensing element, thereby achieving the function of starting and stopping the water pump.

Working principle:
Open the water equipment, the water flow in the pipeline, the water flow impulse sensing door rotates in the flow direction of the rotating axial water flow, the magnetic control device rotates together with the rotating shaft, when it reaches a certain position, the sensing element is triggered, the switch is turned on, the household pipeline is pressurized Pump start When the water flow is interrupted with the water equipment shut down, the induction door rotates the shaft and the magnetic control device under the action of the return spring. When the position is reached to a certain position, the induction failure switch is broken, and the household pipeline booster pump stops.

1. Stable. Separate the sensing chamber, magnetic control chamber and electronic component chamber in the design to avoid the adsorption of iron-containing substances in the pipeline by the magnetic material, so as to avoid the switch failure.
2, high temperature resistance. Produced with high temperature resistant materials, the products can be used in both hot and cold water conditions.
3. Low water pressure starts. The return spring is made of high-quality stainless steel to achieve a low water pressure to open the pump.
4, safety: the use of electronic components as a control device, so that the product is not sparked during use, fully enclosed.

Technical indicators:
Use medium: tap water and similar liquids with similar physical and chemical properties.
Medium pressure: ≤0.6Mpa
Medium temperature: ≤100°C

Water flow switch use precautions:

1. Pay attention to the water flow direction of the pump and the water flow switch during installation. The arrow on the water flow switch points to indicate the direction of the water flow switch.

2. When there is impurity in the tap water pipeline, the water flow switch will be malfunctioned. Therefore, it is recommended that the newly installed pipeline should be fully drained before the water pump and the water flow switch to flush out the impurities in the pipeline. It is recommended to install in the pipeline. Filter, but the filter should be cleaned frequently to avoid water flow blockage and reduced flow failure causing the switch to fail.

3. When the tap water flow is insufficient or unstable, the time switch of the water flow switch will cause the pump to stop and turn, and the phenomenon will disappear when the tap water flow is restored.

4. The base of the water flow switch is made of copper. Do not touch with corrosive substances.

5. Do not extend the foreign object into the water flow switch line to avoid malfunction.

6. Do not open the internal connector in the water flow switch nut to avoid leakage.

7. When the water flow switch fails, non-professionals should not disassemble it to avoid water leakage, which may endanger the human body from harming the environment.

Typical Application:

typical-application for water flow switch in solar water systemflow-switch-and-water-pump

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    G3/4 to G3/4 G3/4″ G3/4″ 300W AC220V,50Hz/60Hz Can stand high temperature 80-90℃

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