Water flow switch JR-B678


Also named Pressure Control Flow Switch,Pressure Switch,Water Flow Sensor.It always works with water pump to control water pump state(work or stop) depends on its sensor for water flow or not.After open water equipment, the water will flow in water pipe, the flowing water impulse door sensors inside along the shaft to rotate the flow direction of water flow, magnetic device inside rotate with the shaft together, to a certain position, trigger the sensing element, the switch then is turned on, (if you connect it with the water pump),then the water pump starts to work. When the water is turned off, the pump then stop working.The switchs are widely used in the field of solar thermo system,water project,and industry field.

Materials: Plastic shell
Models: JR-B678, male connector 3/4″ to 3/4″;

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and Details for “Water flow switch JR-B678 ”

Maximum switching current: 0.5 A (Ampere) Starting water pressure: ≤ 0.1 Mpa (MPa);
Maximum load current: 1.0 A (Ampere) Minimum water pressure: 1.2 Mpa (MPa);
Maximum contact resistance: 100 mΩ Maximum water pressure: 1.6 Mpa (megapascals);
Maximum load power: 10 W (Watts) Working environment temperature: -10—100℃ (Celsius);
Maximum switching voltage: 100 VDC (DC voltage) Applicable ambient temperature: -4 0 — 150 ℃ (degree Celsius);
Minimum breakdown voltage: 220 VDC (DC voltage) Service life: 10e8 times (switching cycles) (5VDC 10mA);
Start water flow: ≤ 2 L/min (liter minute) Response time: 0.2 S (second);
Working water flow range: 2- 30 L ∕ min (liters ∕ min) Release time: 0.2 S (seconds);

Application :
The switchs are widely used in the field of solar thermo system,water project,and industry field.With this water flow switch,you can let  Solar Hot Water Circulation Pump work only when the water in pipe flows. Once water flow stops,the pump will stop running,too.

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