Water Cooling Mat

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Water Cooling Mat

Water Cooling Mat Water Cooling Mat

●Take 5W only per hour;

●Cooling in Summer;

●Using water cooling technology;

●Ruduce temperature 4-10℃;

●Help your air conditioner to save  energy by 50%;

●Green. Adopt water cooling,no any pollution;

●More safe and comfortable,to help you have a good and health sleep;

●Lower noise.It is lower noise than air conditioner.Far 1 meter from your ear,you are hardly to hear its noise.

●Eco-friendly.Take 1Kw only if working continous 200hours;

●Washable and Free to maintenance.

Magic Air Condition Mat is for a Cooler Nights Sleep. In the summer,healthy sleep requires that your body stay cool throughout the night. With Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat Cooling, you can rest comfortably at the right temperature. The mat is made with temperature regulating PVC,which is ideal for women who suffer from hot flashes and/or night sweats.

– Easy care: machine washable Most people are not getting the best possible night’s rest. Some common causes are night sweats, hot flashes, and thermal incompatibility between partners. Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat Cooling contains technology that actively regulates your body temperature throughout the night.

Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat-Cooling uses the latest air cooling technology,using the circulation flow of cryogenic liquid, to take away the heat between mattress or mats and body .After using Magic Air Condition Sleeping Mat, lowered temperature 4-10 degrees, and continuous cooling. The smart chip control the temperature of the human body to let people feel cool and comfortable;

Saving electricity.It takes 1kw only if the Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat-Cooling works continous 200 hours.It`s also very security because to use 12V DC.It is green because there is no compressor or Freon inside.

It is a real humidifier, to create the ideal indoor humidity, caring of the whole family’s health;

Intelligent temperature control,it is a good helper for people with summer cold sensitive populations span;
Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat-Cooling Features:
1),Safe and reliable: Using 12V ​​DC power ,which is lower than the international safety regulations 36V, so it is no harm to human body.
2), Energy saving: Power Max is only 6 watts, which means 1 kWh of electricity can be used 200 hours, so,it can save a lot of electricity.Because it does not use compressor with freon refrigeration, so,you can have a good sleep in the natural ventilation environment,so the skin is not dry, environmental health. If the air conditioning works in the room, you can increase the temperature 2-3 degrees, saving 50-70%, and be more comfortable to body.
3), Computer temperature controlling. Magic Air Condition Sleeping Mat has smart chip control functions, according to the human body during sleep, you can choose different cooling effect.
4), Air humidification: This product also has the role of air humidification in a dry summer, in order to increase the humidity of the room, improving human comfort.

Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat-Cooling adopts a microcomputer temperature control system design, the temperature can reachs betweeb 18 degrees -48 degrees.Using the wireless remote control, has function of cooling and heating.

Two size:
1),For single person:  1.6×0.7m;
2),For double person :1.6mx1.2m


Water Cooling Mat Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat-Cooling Water Cooling Mat Magic Air Condition Sleep Mat-Cooling Water Cooling Mat MAT1 MAT9 Magic Air Condition Mat-Cooling Water Cooling Mat MAT7

Magic Air Condition Mat-Cooling w1 Water Cooling Mat


HVAC Parts >> Eco-Friendly Products >>Water Cooling Mat

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  • Sam Amer

    Hi my name Sam and I do have new idea for out side door mat if you would to know more about it please contact me,
    thank you
    Sam Amer

  • Chris Whiteford

    Hi there, i have just found your cooling mat product and i am extremely interested. Having tried to build one myself i am curious how much your product retails for and how i could go about purchasing one of them.

    I realise this is probably a very low quantity for you to quote on but i would very much apprechiate it if you could.

    Many thanks

  • sethburger

    in water cooling mat,is it water? or refrigerant? how much is it if I buy 50units?


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