Water Cooling Block For Hard disk

Water Cooling Block For Hard disk


Water Cooling Block For Hard disk

used for the heat dissipation of the 3.5 inch HardDisk
Adopts skiving technology,and it applies the design of tiny water resistance

Adopt skving technology, which take away the maximum heat from the heat source;
Ultra-low water resistance design and intensive parallel channel can absorb heat more effectively;
Advanced sealing technology avoid leak effectively and more reliable used;
Die-casting one time safer
Application: Best used with the appropriate water cooling kits.

Easy to install and operate:
1 Fix the black fixture with screw on the mainboard
2 Coat the CPU evenly with the thermal silicone grease
3 Install the fixture directly through the four screws rod, and fix the block with nuts on the mainboard
Installation notes: during the installation, please keep the force of four surface force uniform

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