Water Cooling Block 82x41x15

Water Cooling Block 82x41x15

Water Cooling Block 82x41x15


Aluminium water exchanger, Optimized for high performance at low cost
Internal Microchannel design, the fins thickness is 0.5mm
Brazing process to make sure the leakage rate is small than 5×10-6 mbar.l/s
Natural color anodized to reduce the thermal resistance, Different color can be provided
Can be used with TEC(Thermal Electric Cooling) and heat sink, it is a water and air cooling system
Can be used in CPU,VGA water cooling,Hard disk water cooling,Industrial servo driver,Laser head and control box water cooling.

Mouth OD.: 10.6mm

Technical Specifications:
Water Cooling Block 82x41x15
82(D) x 41(W) x 15(H) MM
80 G
Chip Gap
1 MM
Chip Thickness
Making Process
Vacuum brazing
Surface Treatment
Blue anodized

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