Water Cooling Block 122x41x12

Water Cooling Block

Type A


Type B



Aluminium water exchanger, Optimized for high performance at low cost
Internal Microchannel design, the fins thickness is 0.5mm
Brazing process to make sure the leakage rate is small than 5×10-6 mbar.l/s
Natural color anodized to reduce the thermal resistance, Different color can be provided
Can be used with TEC(Thermal Electric Cooling) and heat sink, it is a water and air cooling system
Can be used in CPU,VGA water cooling,Hard disk water cooling,Industrial servo driver,Laser head and control box water cooling.

Technical Specifications

Mouth DD.:9.5mm

Water Cooling Block 122x41x12
122(D) x 41(W) x 12(H) MM
80 G
Chip Gap
1 MM
Chip Thickness
Making Process
Vacuum brazing
Surface Treatment
Blue anodized


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