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Vulkan lokring is specially designed for HVACR project work,to connect copper pipe or aluminium pipe,using as installation and Service Tools in refrigerating.Worked with lokring assembly tool and fittings to connect pipes with non-welding method. The lokring kit can remove risk of fire welding and save cost of employing professional welding workers


  • Vulkan Lokring provides a way for solderless connecting metal pipes in refrigeration project;
  • Equips with jaws of 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″,7/8″,1″ and 1-1/8″ to work on pipes with different diameter;
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Why use “Vulkan Lokring”?

Because the high temperature will be generated during the torch welding ,and the high temperature is easy to burn the plastic parts and other electrical parts in air conditioner or freezer system, and especially,aluminum tube will be slowly oxidized after a period of time because of the high temperature from the welding torch, it results in recurrence of trachoma leaks. It not only wastes time to repair,but also is not easy to weld again.

How to solve the problem mentioned above?A good news is that there is a welding-free (non-welding) tool named lokring with which, the high temperature from torch fire welding could be avoid, and vacuum and fluorine can be added immediately after crimping completely, no need to wait.

With this professional tool kit, welding/soldering is not required when repair the refrigerator or replace the refrigerated evaporator or deal with problems such as internal leakage of the machine’s refrigerated back,also includes to repair the air conditioner pipe system,which way can avoid damages other parts because of the inappropriate using welding torch or the high temperature from torch welding. Just use this lokring/crimping pliers with lokring fittings to directly press the copper, aluminum or iron connectors, which is suitable for all brands of refrigerator or air conditioners repairs. The repair speed with this welding-free tools is at least 2 times faster than that with traditional torch welding,also is more safe because no producing high temperature. After all, it is most important to improve working efficiency and safety quality. Lokring tools adopts the technology of leak-free sealing by cold extrusion,it not only let working effiency improves much,but also having more excellent sealing quality than that by traditional torch soldering welding,is becoming the new technology in the field of HVAC project.

[Advantage List of Vulkan Lokring]:

  • Free welding,high reliability, lower leakage rate than the traditional fire solderinging and any other welding ways.
  • No impurity and pollutant produced. Due to cold processing, no carbide produced.
  • No need professional welder, simple training can be operated, simple construction.
  • [Functions & Application] Designed for connecting copper pipes, aluminium pipes, steel pipes by using the technology of cold extrusion,free of welding,a mush-have tool for repairing in HVAC field.

Lokring tool, model of FRK8 , a special tool to process the pipe OD ≤8mm or 5/16″ (Good choice for freezer/refrigerator repairing)

FRK8 lokring tooldetails of FRK8 lokring tool

Model of lockring FRK8 :
1), Application: it is designed especially to process tube OD≤Ф8mm or 5/16″;  Wall Thickness ≤1.0mm;
2), Advantage: Compact size to let you operate it freely in freezer small space, no need to install crimping head,easy to carry and can work in confine space.

Lokring tool, model of 25BW, the tool with full sizes to process the pipe diameter ≤28mm or 1-1/8″ (Good choice for air conditioner and freezer repair)

lockring tool 25WB

model A-1 Lokring Assembly Tool with single handle curved model A-2 Lokring Assembly Tool with double handles curved

Vulkan Lokring 1

Model of lockring 25WB :
1), Application: it is designed especially to process tube OD≤Ф19mm or 3/4″;  Wall Thickness ≤1.5mm;
2), Advantage: Easy to operate with full sizes.

Loking fitting parts–lokring connector

Brass-steel complex lokring fittings(equal diameter):

lokring inch connectors

Application:For Air Conditioner Installation and Repairing, brass-steel Complex Rings,having 8 sizes:1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″.

Brass-steel complex lokring fitting reducer(Variable-diameter):

Copper-steel Lokring Fittings For Metal Tube Connecting same as vulkan lokring fitting


Application:For Air Conditioner Installation and Repairing, brass-steel Complex Rings,having 8 sizes:1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″.

Aluminum Lokring Fittings For Refrigerator And Freezer Repairing Special Purpose:

aluminium ring connector

Application:For refrigerator Freezer Installation and Repairing, Aluminium-aluminium Composite Rings,having the following sizes: 5/8″-5/8″;  3/4″-3/4″;  1/2″-5/8″;  5/8″-3/4″;  6-6MM; 8-8MM; 8-6MM; 7-7MM;8-6.35MM; 7.5-7.5MM; 7.5-6MM; 6.35-6.35MM; 6.35-6MM; 8-7.5MM; 7-6MM; 6-1.8MM; 6-4MM; 4-1.8MM; 8-7;7.5-6.35;

All ring connectors above can be used to connect the following tubes:

The tool kit introduced in the web can process the following tubes` connection:

The tool kit introduced in the web can process the following tubes` connectionvulkan-lokring-connector


Sealant for  vulkan lokring 

Sealant for lokring technolgy

Sealant: filled tiny scratch on the surface of metal tubes to ensure complete seal. It is unavoidable to occur axial scratches on the surface of metal tubes during extruding or drawing the cooper tubes, AL tubes, and TI alloy tubes. These could not be completely sealed by mechanical deformation. Sealant is use to fill those tiny scratches. Sealant is mainly used together with above complex rings and composite rings. Sealant will fill the scratch and solidify during installation of connectors, to form a perfect seal application. It has better elasticity and ductility after solidification. In the specific temperature range, it will form a soft membrane to make good seal effect. It is anaerobic liquid,containing methacrylate. It will strengthen with epoxide without of solvent evaporation.

Sealant temperature

The sealant and other kinds of sealant have already been accepted by almost all industries. It can be applied to gas tubes, drinking water tubes and refrigerator tubes. Sealant can reduce electrochemical corrosion, such as cooper & aluminum, cooper & Ti, cooper & iron, etc. Sealant will form a protection membrane between two different metals to minimize the contact surface, which will slowdown the electrochemical corrosion process and ensure safe operation of pipes during their designed working life.

Usage: apply in even coating on the surface of the end of the pipe to be connected.

Selection of sealant: Temp -50°C ~ 150°C , Applied to common refrigeration system; Temp -50°C ~150°C , Applied to common refrigeration system; Temp -50°C ~ 220°C , Applied to solar energy tubes; Temp -50°C~150°C , Applied to common refrigeration system.


How to purchase “Vulkan Lokring”

  • The item is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us by Online inquiry (click here)
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General Knowledge on “Vulkan Lokring”

Vulkan Lokring toolsVulkan lokring is specially designed for HVACR project work,to connect copper pipe or aliminium pipe,using as installation and Service Tools in refrigerating field. It save your trouble to take welding tools and save your cost of employ prfessional welding workers by using only one vulkan lokring tool + glue + connector. Compare it with conventional tube connection methods for yourself, and you will see that lokringing  has the potential to become a classic. Where DIY experts have their rawl plugs or flex-cut materials, you and your customers could be lokringing in all sorts of situations.

They are very effective and 99% leak proof,and can improve 300% quicker than welding without potential issues and leaks. You just need to insert into each pipe, glue the outside of the pipe and use the tool to tighten both sides together, this makes a seal and the “weld” is done by the glue and tool. It ensures we use less 90 degree joints in the system to ensure better flow through,and can stand for gas and high pressure without leak. Vulkan lokring complex ring is key unit of tubes connection in refrigeration system.Easy to use,high efficient,safe,reliable and has been widely used in refrigerators, airconditioning installation and maintenance, seafood machine of installation and maintenance, dryer repair, refrigerator installation, locomotive airconditioning repair, installation of flat panel solar energy, installation of heat pump. vulkan lokring complex ring can completely replace the traditional flame welding,improve the efficiency , simplify work process,reduce the equipment that need to carry,and improve the quality of connection in refrigeration system installation/repair. Particularly in complex tubes connection with commercial airconditioning,the suhring complex ring can achieve the perfect standard work,high efficiency,high quality,nice engineering.

In the supermarket,about the maintenance of commercial facilities, the traditional flame welding can not match the suhring complex ring,because the complex ring is convenience,fast,and no-fire connection,,and do the connection work anytime,not until the supermarket closed,not affect the business,just need a simple tool,some suhrings, a bottle sealing liquid,finish the tubes connection of commercial facilities within 10 minutes. Note: The maximum thickness of tube wall is 2mm The maximum working pressure PN = 50bar The maximum burst pressure testing Pp = 4PN = 200bar The temperature range is -50 ° C ~ +150 ° C (or 220 ° C) The suhring complex ring can be used in round tube with any material. Application aera: Airconditioning installation: save time, improve efficiency, reduce leakage rate of welding, to avoid electrochemical corrosion 1,Seafood machine production/installation: lower costs, reduce the leakage rate of welding, to avoid electrochemical corrosion 2,Automotive airconditioning: lower costs, reduce weight, reduce leakage rate of welding 3,Motor-car airconditioning: lower costs, reduce weight, reduce leakage rate of welding 4,Refrigerator (freezer) Maintenance: To improve service quality, simplify operations, to avoid electrochemical corrosion 5,Commercial Display Cases maintenance : no need to wait,any time can to do, improve efficiency, and create benefit 6,Multi-line commercial airconditioning installation, maintenance: save time, lower costs, reduce the leakage rate of welding Other: Be used specialized tubes connetor in HVAC, domestic water, drinking water with aluminium,plastic、PPR tubes. vulkan-lokring-connector-2


  • Refrigerator manufacturing
  • Compressor replacement
  • Repairs to the charging tube (with or without schrader valve)
  • A/C Installation
  • Water heating project
  • Automotive Service
  • Repairs to leaking tubes:
    • Tube connectors
    • Tube reducing connectors
    • Capillary tube T-reducer for insertion into the suction pipe
    • Tube T-connector
    • Tube elbow connector
    • Couplers and reducing connectors
    • Y-branches
    • Header
    • Euro flare-fittings
    • Long radius elbows
    • Elbows and elbow reducers
    • T-connectors and T-reducing connectors

vulkan-lokring057 vulkan-lokring058 vulkan-lokring059 vulkan-lokring060 vulkan-lokring065 vulkan-lokring066 vulkan-lokring067 vulkan-lokring075

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