Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool

Supply vulkan compatible lokring assembly tool kit,Metal pipe manual repairing tool for HVAC air conditioner or refrigerator project. It`s set of tools for hand assembling lokring connections up to 1-1/8″,Must-have tools for HVAC engineers who cannot get hotworks permits to work.Exported by China manufacturer.


  • Specially designed and developed for the metal pipe connection by lokring assembly.
    Specialist lever mechanism for you to assemble pipeline with minimum effort.
    Simple to change assembly jaws in order to connect different pipe diameters.
    Jaws with 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″,7/8″,1″ and 1-1/8″.
    No leakage after finish work.
  • Made In China
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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The Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool is a state-of-the-art tool used for creating metal-to-metal connections without the need for welding or brazing. This tool uses a unique cold forming process that creates a strong, leak-proof seal that is perfect for use in a variety of applications including refrigeration, air conditioning, and plumbing. Its compact size and ease of use make it ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The Vulkan Lokring Tool comes with a selection of Lokring fittings and can be used with a variety of metal tubing materials including copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Models and Details for “Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool”

Model A lokring assembly tool:(For bigger sizes of tube connection with non-welding, commonly used for air conditioning installation or repairing project)

Model A-1  and Model A-2 always apply to tube which diameter form 6.35mm (1/4″) to 28.6mm (1-1/8″), the wall thickness of pipe ≤1.5mm.

They are commonly used on the project of air conditioner installing or repairing.

Has 8 pairs of jaws with size 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″,7/8″,1″ and 1-1/8″ to connect different diameters pipe or tube.

In order to solve the corner problem that not easy to operate,Smartclima can supply two models as following: one hand curved and two hands curved to solve the corner problem.

model A-1 Lokring Assembly Tool with single handle curved

model A-2 Lokring Assembly Tool with double handles curved

Assembly jaws lokring tool Model A-1 & Model A-2:

The tools above (Model A-1 and Model A-2) require jaws to work together. The jaws for lokring tool has the following sizes:1/4″(6.35mm), 3/8″(9.52mm), 1/2″(12.7mm), 5/8″(15.8mm),3/4″(19.05mm),7/8″(22.2mm),1″(25.4mm),1-1/8″(28.5mm) for you to choose.

If you don`t have special requirement,you can require the following options which can meet your most of demands:

Option 1 with 5 kits jaws: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″,3/4″;
Option 2 with 6 kits jaws: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″,3/4″ and one kit for freezer(fridge) use;
Option 3 with 8 kits jaws: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″,3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″;

jaws for lokring assembly tools in HVAC project

Model B lokring assembly tool (For small sizes of tube connection with non-welding, commonly used for refrigerator,freezer and fridge installation or repairing)

Model B is specially developed for refrigerator&freezer repairing where you often meet the prolem of small operation space.

Total long 27cm only,can work in narrow space;

Suit for tube diameter ≤8mm or 5/16mm, and wall thickness ≤1mm ,can work for small diameter copper pipe,aluminum pipe or other material pipes.

Especially used for refrigerator&freezer maintenance.Compact size,easy to carry and can work in confined or narrow space. For maintenance of R600a system,no risk of burning or explosion.

Must-have tools to connect copper dry filter and copper capillary tube.

High efficiency for connection,all done in few seconds.

model B Lokring Assembly Tool for refrigerator and fridge repairing

* Model B doesn`t require any jaw.It itself can work for freezer repairing project.

Packages for Lokring Assembly tool For HVAC Refrigeration “Vulkan” Compatible

Vulkan Lokring Assembly Tool Kit


Consumable material–Lokring fitting and Sealant (Vulkan Lokring Assembly Tool is compatible)

As you know,if want to crimp tubes together,besides lokring assembly tool,another important consumable material is lokring nut fittings (or we name it “lokring connector”) and sealing liquid.You can choose these materials from the following links:

Copper-steel Lokring Fittings For Metal Tube Connecting same as vulkan lokring fitting
Copper-steel Lokring Fittings
Aluminium Lorking Tube Connecter Fitting
Aluminium Lorking Fitting
Aluminum Lokring Fittings For Refrigerator And Freezer Repairing vulkan lorking fittings
Aluminum Lokring Fittings For Refrigerator And Freezer Special Use
Lorking Stopper End Cap To Seal Refrigeration Pipe
Lorking Stopper End Cap (For Sealing Refrigeration Pipe End)
Lokring Connector Sealant Sealing liquid
Lokring Sealant


How to operate connect pipes by Lokring Assembly Tool

It`s very easy to connect pipes by lokring assembly tools.We take Model A-1 tool as example to show you how to use this tool.

How to operate connect pipes by Lokring Assembly Tool

  • Step 1, Choose the right size for lokring fitting according to the target pipes.;
  • Step 2, Trimming the surface of copper pipe,and make sure the surface of tube is flat.
  • Step 3, Insert the inner nest,connecting ring, connecting sleeve on the right place of copper pipes;
  • Step 4, Draw a mark line on the tube wall at the port of the connecting sleeve;
  • Step 5, Take the connecting sleeve as the reference line, and pull out the length of 1/3 – 1/2 from the pipe end;
  • Step 6, Dropping the sealing liquid on the copper pipe
  • Step 7, Push the connecting ring towards to the connecting sleeve;
  • Step 8, Hold the lockring tool in the middle of the connecting ring and the outer end of the connecting sleeve;
  • Step 9, Shake the handle and stop when the connecting ring moves to the shoulder position of the connecting.

How to purchase “Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool”

  • The tool is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email: or

Some HVAC project samples using for “Lokring Assembly Tool”

Lokring technology are widely used in the field of HVAC project,including installing,repairing and maintenance of air conditioner system,freezer&fridge,and other refrigeration and heating project.The following pictures show some sample projects which are adpoted with lokring technology:

Lokring using for central AC system, VRF, VRV Lokring using for condensing units Lokring using in copper branch 02 Lokring using in copper branch 02 Lokring using in freezer fridge refrigerator Lokring using in freezer fridge refrigerator Lokring using in copper dry filter

Application field of “Lokring Assembly Tool”

(The Vulkan Lokring Tool is a recolutionary tool that creates metal-to-metal connections without welding or brazing!)

Technology innovation in the HVAC industry is urgent. The traditional welding processing has numerous disadvantages, which seriously endanger the life and property of installation workers and customers. Do not wait for accidents to update processes, products and technologies. After all, accidents will inevitably be accompanied by fatal dangers.

Lokring connecting adopts cold connection technology,which overcome the defects of traditional welding method.Lokring technology offers a patented, permanent, axially swaged tube fittings for medical gas applications, and meets the requirements of NFPA 99.And therefore,lokring connectiong technology are successfully widely used on the following fields:

★Refrigerator production line: copper-aluminum pipe connection, copper-iron pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection
★Freezer production line: copper-aluminum pipe connection, copper-iron pipe connection, copper-copper pipe connection
★Air-conditioner production line: copper-copper Pipe connection, copper-aluminum pipe connection
★Air conditioner after-sales installation: copper-copper pipe connection, copper-aluminum pipe connection
★Refrigerator after-sales service: copper-aluminum pipe welding, copper-iron pipe welding, copper-copper pipe welding
★Seafood machine, chiller and water heater Production line: Copper-titanium tube connection
★ Seafood machine, chiller and water heater After-sales service: Copper-titanium tube connection, copper-copper tube welding
★ Solar water heating system installation: connect copper or aluminum tubes
★ Solar heat collection system installation: connect metal Pipelines and plastic pipelines
★Connection of home improvement plumbing and floor heating pipelines: connecting PP-R, PEX and other pipelines

Smartclima insist on technological innovation to provides customers with good products that meet environmental protection and safety requirements.Our product is compatible with Vulkan lokring fittings.
Our product not only obtains its own value, but also provides customers with the convenience of fire safety and the benefits of improving construction efficiency.
Our products are superior to traditional flame welding and threaded connections, and the reliability is incomparable between the both.
The lokring has a beautiful appearance, crack resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, and the service life is the same as that of the connected system.

General knowledge for “Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool”

Gone are the days of struggling with complex assembly tasks. With the introduction of Lokring technology, assembly has become a breeze. A revolutionary product,Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool,makes assembly easier than ever before.

## Making Assembly a Breeze with Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool!
Lokring Assembly is a revolutionary technology that has been designed to simplify the process of assembly. It is a specialized connector that provides secure, easy, quick installation and connection of components. Lokring eliminates the need for welding and provides a secure connection that can withstand vibration and other stresses. With Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool, assembly is fast and easy. You no longer have to worry about complex assembly tasks and can complete them quickly and efficiently.

Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool is also incredibly durable. It is made from high quality materials and can withstand the toughest conditions. It is also resistant to corrosion and resistant to temperature extremes. This makes Lokring technology used widely in the field of HVAC.

Lokring is also incredibly cost-effective. It is designed to be a one-time investment and is designed to last for years. This makes it ideal for long-term projects and ensures that you will not have to keep replacing components.

## Assembly Simplified: Try Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool Today!
If you are looking for a way to simplify assembly tasks, Vulkan Lokring is the perfect solution. With its simple and secure installation, you can quickly and easily complete your assembly tasks. It is also incredibly durable and cost-effective, making it perfect for both short and long-term projects.

To get started with Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool, you can purchase the products directly from our company. We offer a wide range of products, from connectors to installation tools, so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Assembly tasks don’t have to be a hassle. With Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool, you can make assembly a breeze. It is simple and secure, making it perfect for both short and long-term projects. Try Vulkan Compatible Lokring Assembly Tool today and see the difference it can make in your assembly tasks.

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