Voltage Optimiser to save electric energy


Voltage Optimiser

Item: Voltage Optimiser to save electric energy

Short Description: Voltage Optimiser is a smart device to help electric device save electric energy up to 20-30% by optimising circuit.Improve the power factor, stabilize voltages, reduce currents.50/60Hz, 90~250V,200AMP.Single phase

  • Save up to 20-30% off Electricity Bills – Immediately!!!
  • No Change to Lifestyle Required
  • Extends life of Appliances and Lighting
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint by up to 20%
  • Easily Installed by our Qualified Electricians
  • Works alongside Solar PV or Standalone

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features and Principle for “Voltage Optimiser”

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Voltage Optimiser is a device to reduce and manage the voltage into your home,ensuring electrical appliances use less cost and less electricity to run.It is easily fitted by one of our qualified electricians alongside your existing fusebox and requires zero maintenance.

It’s simply a matter of fit, forget and save instantly!!!What is it?
Voltage optimisation is a well established and proven technology that matches electricity supply to the needs of your electrical equipment.Always,electricity is supplied at around 220-240Volts and electrical equipment manufacturers produce products that work anywhere between 207Volts and 253Volts. Although household appliances will cope with a higher voltage supply, the extra power that is not needed (over-supply) dissipates as heat and vibration within appliances, which can substantially reduce their lifespan.Voltage optimisers reduce the voltage level to your property by a transformer. The unit is installed between the energy supplier’s mains feed and the domestic supply circuit. This gives you cheaper electricity, cuts carbon emissions and helps prolong the life of appliances.
How Does It Work ?
The voltage coming into your home can typically be around 245V and up to 253V.
But critically the optimum and most efficient supply voltage for these appliances is 220V.
When the voltage exceeds 220V waste is generated, in both heat and vibration, significantly reducing the life span of equipment and burns unnecessary electricity.
The  Energy Saver Voltage Optimiser reduces the voltage to 220V and maintains it.
Saving you Energy and Money as a result !!
The Benefits
  • Save up to 20-30% off Electricity Bills – Immediately!!!
  • No Change to Lifestyle Required
  • Extends life of Appliances and Lighting
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint by up to 20%
  • Easily Installed by our Qualified Electricians
  • Works alongside Solar PV or Standalone

How much can you save?

Our voltage optimiser can save you up to 20-30% on your electricity bills. This equates to around a £180 saving for an average household.*

The unit is completely maintenance free, so for the one off price of unit + installation you could start saving straight away!

Installation can be carried out by a qualified electrician and should only take around one hour to install, allowing you to enjoy immediate savings!

*savings are based on current average electricity prices and estimates of typical usage​

Buying guide on “Voltage Optimiser ”
  • The Voltage Optimiser is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: .

1. Prior to opening the meter base or breaker panel MAKE CERTAIN THE MAIN
2. If there is not space at the meter base, or you prefer, the UBT-1200 can be
installed at the load center (breaker panel).
3. Many homes have multiple breaker panels and the UBT-1200 can be installed on
any breaker panel in the home, providing there is space for the dedicated two pole
20 amp breaker.
4. The UBT-1200 is designed to condition “ALL” power consumed by inductive
loads (electric motors) in the home regardless of installation location.
5. If there are no spaces available at the meter base or breaker panel, a sub panel can
be installed for the additional two pole 20 amp breaker.
6. The UBT-1200 “MUST” be installed on a dedicated two pole 20 amp breaker.
7. The POWER-SAVE 1200 unit is enclosed in a NEMA 3 box allowing it to be
installed indoors or outdoors, but it “CAN NOT” be installed under water.
1. Prior to opening the meter base or breaker panel MAKE CERTAIN THE MAIN
2. The power should remain “OFF” until the entire installation is complete.
3. Install a two pole 20 amp breaker and secure the two red leads (or one Red and
one Blue) (wires) of the UBT-1200 unit, one on each side of the breaker. Leave
breaker in “OFF” position until power is restored.
4. Secure the green wire from the unit to the ground bar in the panel.
5. Remove “tabs” (knockouts) from cover allowing access to breaker after cover is
6. Reinstall the panel cover securely.
7. Turn power (main breaker) back on. Flip the two pole 20 amp breaker to “ON”
and check that the indicator light is on. This will indicate that the unit is on.
8. If the light is “not” on turn off the main power, and check to make certain good
contacts are made with the two red wires (or one Red and one Blue) and the
breaker, and the green wire and the ground bar. Install cover, turn power back on,
and check light again.
9. If light remains off call your dealer .
10. If your unit is humming this is a sign that you are receiving high voltage that
exceeds 110/220 volts, but will not damage the unit.
WARRANTY: The UBT-1200 has a five year warranty from date of installation. If you
have a back-up generator, call support prior to installation, as some generators are not
compatible with the UBT-1200

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  • Marios Kestas

    hi everybody!!
    i am the owner of a small mechanical installation company especially for domestic ac units.
    i am ineterest for products for save energy. also i am interest for quontities and prices for them.
    thanks o lot.

    kind regards


  • James Mc Anespy

    On page:
    Message: We are an energy efficiency company and would like information about the voltage optimizer for the home you are offering. We would be purchasing thirty units to be delivered to Belfast Northern Ireland.. We would like to know if these units are certified for use in Europe and how much they will cost. We will require one unite for test purposes. How much will it cost to the same destination.

    Kind regards


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      Dear Mr.James

      Our company CELEC ENTERPRISES – India is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of UL/CE Listed Energy Savers / Smart capacitor Banks in India & exporting to USA/UK/Australia and other CIS countries. Please visit at and reply us at

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