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Voltage converter,AC220V to DC12V50A 600W

Item: Voltage converter,AC220V to DC12V50A 600W

Product Name: Voltage converter
Product Type: X278
Using: Power voltage switching and converting
Output: AC 220V
Output: DC12V 50A

Place of origin: China factory sell directly , Sell to worldwide.

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● Low cost, high reliability
● Built-in filter, low ripple
● with short circuit, overload
● Small size, light weight
● included inrush current suppression circuit
● Easy to use, versatile
● High efficiency, low temperature
● 105 ℃ output capacitor, long life
● meet worldwide voltage use

Input voltage: AC220V 47 ~ 63HZ
Temperature Drift: ± 1.5%
Current: 50A
Output Protection: The main outputs are short circuit, overload protection, adjustable output voltage has a certain range
Efficiency:> 75%
Insulation voltage: 50MΩmin (500VDC)
Output voltage accuracy: ± 5% -10% (the main circuit can be adjusted)
Insulation voltage: 1500VAC (1 minute input to output, input to the shell)
Load regulation: ± 1%
Ambient temperature: -25 ~ 55 ℃
Power regulation: ± 1%
Relative humidity: ambient temperature <85%, non-condensing.
Ripple Noise: mvP-P <1% of the output voltage

Voltage converter,AC220V to DC12V50A 600W

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