Vacuum pump VH-215

Vacuum pump VH-215


Vacuum pump VH-215


Vacuum pump VH-215

Item No.VH215
Frequency50 Hz60 Hz
Flow Rate1.5 CFM1.8 CFM
42 l/min50 l/min
Ultimate Vacuum3×10-1Pa
25 microns
Power1/4 HP
Inlet Port1/4″Flare
Oil Capacity150 ml
Weight5.0 kg

3 Commentsto Vacuum pump VH-215

  1. Victor Hugo says:

    I forgot to tell: Our electric media is 60 Hz

  2. Victor Hugo says:

    Had not received any response or comment regarding your vacuum pump VH-215. I want to buy 2 of them: One is for showing around. The other one is for selling, so it will be tested in the field. I know I can show and sell in a dentists association I have contact with, since many years ago. Of course the dentist’s market is kind of obvious. I’ll appreciate if you give me Ideas about what other markets/applications I shall be looking for, in order to contact them My address is Ave. del Conscripto No. 7, Col. Manuel Avila Camacho, Mexico 11610, D.F.
    I want to know the bank data so I can transfer money to your bank account. Of course, what will be the pricing/money amount I shall transfer to you, including freight fee. I will like you to use FedEx, FedEx Economy, or UPS, please do not use DHL or EMS.
    I can accept suggestions on Currier, just be sure it has the lowest price, and a good and reliable service.
    I’ll be looking forward to you response.


  3. Victor Hugo says:

    I’n interesting in acquiring two of you VH-215

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