Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A

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Sell Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A,it is always used to control air conditioner system and heat pump system,working two modes:cooling and heating,with three temperature sensors,LCD backlight display panel,auto restart function…English language version,without logo.

Place of Origin:

  • Direct-sale by China Manufacturer.
  • Sell to worldwide, Ship by air plane or by sea boat;

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Models and Details for “Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A”

Advantage :

√ Multi function all in one.
√ Smart and advanced.
√ Universal for different brand air conditioner.
√ With cooling and heating function.

Feature :

  • the LED backlight display panel, large screen, large, luxurious style.
  • power indicator light is built-in the power button, easy to identify the system state.
  •  five operating modes: automatic, cooling, dehumidification, ventilation, heating.
  • Four Winds options: high winds, stroke, low wind, automatic air.
  •  three sensor head design: coil protection, precise temperature control, automatic defrost efficient.
  • two kinds of air direction control: automatic, manual.
  • power-off memory, power-on start automatically.
  • the auxiliary heating function.
  • anti-cold wind function when heating .
  • timer switch function.
  • the sleep function.
  • the outdoor fan control function alone.
  •  compressor 3 minutes delayed protection
  • forced start function when turned off.

Application :
This product is widely used for air conditioner system and heat pump system,to control the system working automatically.








New package for “Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A” after 2021.

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A 2

accessory list for universal AC control system QD-U12A

QD-U12A universal A/C control system user’s Manual

Note: When the compressor is shut off, it needs 3 minutes to restart.

Basic Function for button on panel-Very easy to use

Power: Turn on or off the air conditioner
△▽Temperature: press △ once, temperature increase 1°c.Press ▽once, temperature decrease 1°C ;
Swing: control wind direction swing or fix
Fan: control air flow works in high, middle, low and auto ;
Mode: control work mode in auto, cool, dry, fan and heat。

Other Remark

Fan motor: when fan works, indoor fan motor cause fan. It stops, don’t cause any fan.

Defrost: While air-conditioner is in defrosting state, set temperature shows “OFS”.

Timer function: When set-up timer, the display panel will show “on” or “off ” on the upper right corner, and it will show the time of the timer.

Backlight function: this display panel has blue backlight, user can see clearly in long-distance When air-conditioner is turned on, you can control the backlight shine or not by light key. When air-conditioner is turned off, backlight does not shine.

Power function: When air-conditioner is turned on, power key will emit weak green light to instruct. And when air-conditioner is shut off, power key does not shine. This feature is to prevent the backlight highlight the impact of sleep quality or the effect of watching television. It is very good for user. Even if the backlight turn off, but also to know whether the air-conditioning is switched on or not.

There is a mandatory start key in main PCB, and it works only in shutdown estate. Forced to start air-conditioner, there is not protective Time-delay for compressor. So please install and use it by certificated technician. When forced to start, LCD shows ” bay “, if room temperature is lower than 25°C, valve will get power, if not, do not get power.

When forced to start, Room temp. zone shows current room temperature, Set temp. zone shows indoor machine’ s coil pipe temperature. Timer zone shows outdoor machine’ s coil pipe temperature. If connect sensors by mistake, it will show “fit”, if don’ t connect or sensor is broken, it shows “EE”.

Connection of sensor :
RMT1 (room temperature sensor) –red;  Put this sensor in the air or fan entrance, and do not touch with anything. If don’t connect RMT1 or error will affect the air-conditioner work.
RMT2 (indoor coil pipe sensor) — white
1. Put sensor in indoor coil pipe entrance, and touch with coil pipe, it can protect indoor machine.
2. When don’t connect RMT3, RMT2 has intelligent defrosting function.
RMT3 (outdoor coil pipe sensor) black (extra)
1. Put sensor in the outdoor coil pipe,it can defrost accurately.
2. When don’ t connect RMT3, control will auto defrost according to the testing temperature of RMT2 .

Function of the anion: connecting the anion generators, if the original air conditioner does not own this function, do not connect it and the function will be invalid.

Auxiliary heating: connecting the auxiliary electric-heating tube, if the original air conditioner does not own this function, do not connect it and the function will be invalid.

Stepping Motor: connecting the step motor, if the original air conditioner does not own this function, do not connect it and the function will be invalid.

Power-fail restart: the system own the memory function when power-fail, and when the power up the air conditioner will back to the state before power-fail.

How to set QD-U12A User manual

instruction of display panel for QD-12A

Instruction of AC remote control for QD-U12A

How to wire QD-U12A

1. Avoid strong light before IR receiver.
2. It is complex to install outdoor sensor, please contact with our company and buy one more sensor, then it can be used.
3. The common pins of swing socket are 12V output. The common pin of step motor should be inserted into one
of the common pins of swing socket. If the direction of step motor is wrong, insert the common pin of step motor to other common pin of swing socket.

RMT 3 is an optional part :
1, It’s the most effective way for defrosting that installation with RMT 3 instead of the outdoor pipe sensor of your air conditioner.
2, RMT3 is not necessary if the installation is difficult for you. The system will defrost automatically with RMT 2 (the indoor sensor).

Remark: Please do not plug RMT3 into the socket if you cannot sure how to install RMT3 to the outdoor pipe. Otherwise, it will impair the intelligent defrosting.

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  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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  • Ronaldo Abad

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    i have alibaba account do you have


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    Do you have any for inverted 18000 btu system

  • Kareem

    I’m interested in ordering three Universal Air conditioner control system QD U12A, how long would it take to ship to the United States?

  • Johan

    Can i use ion connection for a fan coil actuator or what’s it used for
    And why is the control cable from pc board so short make it 2m or 3m long

  • Jim Fanning

    Do you make a 12v version of the board (QD-U12A) to use with 12v power supply and 12v compressor?

  • Ali Khan

    We need QD-U12A control system where qty is 5.

    Pls share your best offer in this regard.

    MAJ Trading U.A.E.

  • Shameem Raza

    Price per pice

  • Roy Turnbull

    My QD-U12A is installed in my roof under black slate. In the subtropics the temperature can get up to 45C in Summer.
    If my ceiling temperature (Probe in duct temperature with no air flow) is above 36C, I can not start my air conditioner.
    If the temperature in the home is 30C and I switch on the air conditioner, it comes on and cools the home. When the temperature drops in the home to say 24C but in the ceiling the temperature is say 40C, then I can not switch off the compressor. The only way I can switch it off is to cut the power at the distribution board. When I switch on the power, I can not start the air conditioning compressor until my ceiling temperature falls below 36C in the night.
    What is the reason for this? is there a solution?

    • ReviewX shop icon



      QD-U12A controller is an indoor PCB board. You should not have installed the QD-U12A controller in the roof. The best solution to your problem is to relocate the controller indoors, preferably inside the A/C indoor unit; or you can install it in an enclosure next to the A/C indoor unit. You will see a much better performance.

  • Shane

    Will the QD-U12A Universal Air Conditioner Control System 
    Work on a Mitsubishi heavy industrial? Split
    Thanks Shane

  • The Villain

    How much if i buy 50pcs?


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