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Universal Air Conditioner Control System QD-U10A Manufacturer-supplier China

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10A

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Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10A

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10A

QD-U10A Universal Air conditioner control system

·High quality,full function.It is suitable for both split and cabinet conditioner.In control and display panel,you can see all state and control all function.And

the manipulation is so simple as that the child and old man can control the conditioner without any difficulty.

* Full function
* Five Working Mode
*  3 fan speed,High, Medium and Low speed control
* Autorestart function,
* Accurate automatic air controling
* Double sensor head design
* The panel with Manual control function
* LED digital display
* Air Direction controling function
* Function of anti-cold air during the heating
* Auxiliary heating function
* Outdoor fan controlled independently
* Timer switch on/off function
* Sleeping function
* When heating, Automatic defrosting function
* Compressor 3 minutes delaying protection
* Forced start function in the state of turning off
* Color sensor socket, connect more easily

2 Inquires to Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10A

  1. es comprado dos controles universal a/c control system modelo ,,QD-10A ESTAN CONECTADOS de acuerdo con las instrucciones de el manual agradesere su alluda el incombeniente que tengo es que solo me funciona en dry mode

    GRACIAS por la alluda que pueda brindarme NOTA .,están instalados por un técnico certificado

  2. At what price and how can I buy this system “Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10A”?
    Thanks in advance!

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