Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket

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Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket is composed by Unistrut Channels.Unistrut Channels are weldedd onto a thickness steel plate as back.Usually,specification of unistrut channel is 41x41mm,also can be 41x21mm,41x52mm,41x62mm,41x72mm etc.thickness is 1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm and 3mm. Level arm lenegth is 400mm,450mm,500mm,550mm,600mm,and 650mm,etc. And the erected arm length is 14mm,16mm,19mm,21mm,25mm and 30mm,etc.Hole distance on level arm is 50mm,and width of hole is 14mm. Hole dimension on erect arm is 15mm. Customizes size and length are permitted. Surface treatment on Unistrut Channel is painting powder or hot dipped galvanized. Unistrut Spring Nut , M10 Bolt ,And Wall screws will be included if you need.


Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket

Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket

Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket

Made from Unistrut Channels by welding.

Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket

Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket can be matched with  Unistrut Channels,spring nut,bolt and wall screws.

welding robot
Panasonic automatic welding robot to weld the bracket,line welding nice looking and strong;

Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket

Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket,Size and model can be customized

Advantage of Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket by Steel Channel

1. To make construction easier and more convenient, saving time and labor cost

2. Manufacture special size and shape steel products according to customers’ requirement

3. Different kinds of fittings can make up many different combinations

4. Well mechanical capacity

5. Attractive in appearance and scientific design

6. Good quality and reasonable price


Specification of Unistrut Cantilevered Bracket:

 T-bracketECA 27/18×200 mm 1,25 zinc-pl.27/181.25200
ECA 27/18×300 mm 1,25 zinc-pl.27/181.25300
ECA 27/18×500 mm 1,25 zinc-pl.27/181.25500
ECA 27/18×600 mm 1,25 zinc-pl.27/181.25600
ECA 28/30×200 mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75200
ECA 28/30×300mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75300
ECA 28/30×440 mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75440
ECA 28/30×500 mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75500
ECA 28/30×600 mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75600
ECA 28/30×750 mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75750
ECA 28/30×900 mm 1,75 zinc-pl.28/301.75900
ECA 38/40×200 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402200
ECA 38/40×300 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402300
ECA 38/40×400 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402400
ECA 38/40×500 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402500
ECA 38/40×600 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402600
ECA 38/40×700 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402700
ECA 38/40×750 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402750
ECA 38/40×800 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402800
ECA 38/40×900 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402900
ECA 38/40×950 mm 2,00 zinc-pl.38/402950
ECAM 41/41×300 mm 2,5 zinc-pl.41/412.5300
ECAM 41/41×450 mm 2,5 zinc-pl.41/412.5450
ECAM 41/41×500 mm 2,5 zinc-pl.41/412.5500
ECAM 41/41×600 mm 2,5 zinc-pl.41/412.5600
ECAM 41/41×750 mm 2,5 zinc-pl.41/412.5750
EFR27/18×2000 mm 1.25 galvanized sheet27/181.252000
EFR27/18×3000 mm 1.25 galvanized sheet27/181.253000
EFR28/30×2000 mm 1.75 galvanized sheet28/301.752000
EFR28/30×3000 mm 1.75 galvanized sheet28/301.753000
EFR38/40×2000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet38/4022000
EFR38/40×3000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet38/4023000
EFRM  21/41 2000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet41/2122000
EFRM 21/41 3000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet41/2123000
EFRM 41/41 2000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet41/4122000
EFRM 41/41 3000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet41/4123000
EFRM  41/41 6000 mm 2.0 galvanized sheet41/4126000

* Size and model can be customized

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