Titanium Coil in shell Heat Exchanger

Titanium Coil in shell Heat Exchanger

Item: Titanium Coil in shell Heat Exchanger,Tube shell type Titanium Coil heat exchanger

Short Description: High quality titanium tube coil heat exchanger with PVC plastic shell tube, has performance of corrosion resistant,.It is generally used for seafood, freshwater and seawater cooling & heating (which can be included in the titanium evaporator titanium electric heating rods). Titanium evaporator specifications lists from 1/2HP to 60HP.

Materials:Tube coil is made from titanium,brass fittings,and outer shell is made from PVC.

Important Features: usually used in the air conditioner or heat exchanging system for seafood, freshwater and seawater cooling & heating,used as evaporator or condenser.

Size/Dimension:1HP,1.5HP,2HP,3HP,4HP,5HP,10HP,15HP,20HP,25HP…9000BTU,120BTU,15000BTU,18000BTU,… …

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Titanium Coil in shell Heat Exchanger”

Advantage :

  • Water side:
    • With high pressure resistance PVC shell tube for body and PVC plate for up and down cover
    • Green material: afe for environment
  • Refrigerant side:
    • With titanium tube bending into coil
    • Strong anti-corrosion
    • Widely used in the sea water and some chemical acid
    • Can solve the problem of the corrosion of the copper material
    • Its surface is not easy for oxidation
  • Features:1. Made by top titanium tube, with good resistance ability.2. Compact design, with high heat transfer efficiency.3. Working temperature: 0°C~50°C4. Can bear 1.5kgf/cm25. Range from 0.5hp~60hp6. Pass two times pressure testing and leakage testing.7. Can produce base on your design and requirement.
  • Usage:Titanium Coil Heat Exchanger are always used in pool system heating with heat pump.

titanium coil evaporator heat exchanger straight type 02 titanium coil evaporator heat exchanger straight type 01 titanium evaporator coil in shell elbow type 01 titanium evaporator coil in shell elbow type 02 titanium coil evaporator in plastic shell horizontal type 01 titanium coil evaporator in plastic shell horizontal type 02

The following type is usually to heat swimming pool with heat pump machines:

titanium coil heat exchanger for swimming pool 01 titanium coil heat exchanger for swimming pool 02 titanium coil in shell heat exchanger for swimming pool 03

Buying guide to “Titanium Coil in shell Heat Exchanger ”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]
General Knowledge on “Titanium tube”

Titanium-tubeTitanium tube is light weight, high strength, excellent mechanical properties. It is widely used in heat exchange equipment, such as a tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger tube, snake tube heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators and transportation pipelines.
Titanium is a new type of metal, and the performance of the carbon-containing titanium impurity content of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and so on, the most pure titanium iodide impurities is not more than 0.1%, but its low strength, high ductility. 99.5% for the performance of industrial pure titanium: density ρ = 4.5g / cm3, a melting point of 1725 ℃, thermal conductivity λ = 15.24W / (mK), tensile strength σb = 539MPa, elongation δ = 25%, necking rate ψ = 25%, the elastic modulus E = 1.078 × 105MPa, the hardness HB195. Detailed performance titanium tube as follows:
(1) high specific strength
The density of titanium is generally about 4.5g / cm3, only 60% of steel, titanium’s strength was close to the strength of ordinary steel, some high-strength titanium alloy structural strength than a lot of steel. Therefore, the ratio of titanium alloy strength (strength / density) is much larger than other metallic structural materials, see Table 7-1, can be made out of high unit strength, rigidity, lightweight parts and components. Currently aircraft engine components, skeleton, skin, so the use of titanium fasteners and landing gear.
(2) high thermal strength
Temperature hundreds of degrees higher than aluminum, at moderate temperatures can still maintain the desired strength, long-term work at a temperature of 450 ~ 500 ℃ of these two types of titanium in the range of 150 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ still very high strength, and aluminum at 150 ℃ decreased significantly when compared strength. Titanium’s operating temperature up to 500 ℃, aluminum is below 200 ℃.
(3) corrosion resistance
Titanium work in humid atmosphere and seawater, which is far superior corrosion resistance of stainless steel; for pitting, etching, stress corrosion resistance is particularly strong; alkali, chloride, chlorine organic materials, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and so it has excellent corrosion resistance. However, the corrosion resistance of titanium with a reduction of oxygen and chromium salts medium is poor. Commonly used in seafood brackish water cooling, heating heat exchanger (which can be included on titanium electric heating rods in titanium evaporator).
(4) good low temperature performance
Titanium alloys at low and ultra-low temperature, retain their mechanical properties. Low temperature performance, low interstitial elements of titanium, such as TA7, at -253 ℃ can maintain a certain degree of plasticity. Thus, titanium is also an important low temperature structural materials.
(5) The chemical activity of large
Chemical activity of titanium is large, a strong chemical reaction with atmospheric O, N, H, CO, CO2, water vapor, ammonia and the like. Carbon content greater than 0.2%, it will form a hard TiC in titanium alloys; the temperature is high, and the role of N will form TiN hard surface; above 600 ℃, high hardness of hardened layer of titanium absorbs oxygen is formed ; hydrogen content increased, brittle layer will form. Absorbing gas generated brittle surface layer depth of up to 0.1 ~ 0.15 mm, the degree of hardening of 20% to 30%. Titanium is also large chemical affinity, easy and sticking friction surface.
(6) thermal conductivity, small elastic modulus
Thermal conductivity of titanium λ = 15.24W / (mK) approximately 1/4 of nickel, iron 1/5, 1/14 of aluminum, while the thermal conductivity of various titanium decreased by 50% than the thermal conductivity of titanium. The elastic modulus of about 1/2 of titanium alloy steel, so the poor rigidity, deformation, not making slender rod and thin-walled parts, cutting the amount of the machined surface rebound large, about 2 to 3 stainless steel times, causing intense friction of tool flank, adhesion, adhesive wear.


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  1. Looking at your product. Could you please send me the over dimensions? Im going to use them on a geothermal pool heater. Thank you cost too

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