Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger,Marine Coaxial Condenser

Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger,Marine Coaxial Condenser

Item: Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger,Marine Coaxial Condenser

Short Description: Titanium double-pipe Coaxial Heat Exchanger,tube in tube Titanium heat exchanger,is always used for heat pump water heater, air/water source heat pump and etc.Made from Titanium corrugated tube,Grade304 or Grade316 stainless steel tube; Anti-corrosion for long years; Used in marine,can stand high pressure.Can be oval shape or round shape,and can be coated with insulation material if you need.

Materials: Inner Titanium corrugated tube,outer Grade304 or Grade316 stainless steel tube; Anti-corrosion for long years; Best choice for used in marine.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Advantage :

√ Made of Inner Titanium corrugated tube,outer Grade304 or Grade316 stainless steel tube; Anti-corrosion for long years; Used in marine,can stand high pressure.
√ Can processed into any shape and size by your design,customized dimension is accepted.
√ Nice looking,the surface is polished and reached food grade standards.
√ Smooth inner surface and the water can circulate in the coil,small pressure-drop;
√ Customizable size if you required.

Feature :

  • Inner Titanium corrugated tube,outer Grade304 or Grade316 stainless steel tube; Anti-corrosion for long years; Used in marine.
  • Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has a high heat transfer efficiency
    Continuous heat exchange tube threaded pipe, pipe flow channel cross section mutations causing fluid, even in the case of a very low flow rate is also always in a highly turbulent state, it is difficult to form a laminar flow and convective heat thermal resistance effectively overcome tube inside and outside heat transfer enhancement, and thus a high heat transfer coefficient, usually traditional light tube heat exchanger 2 to 3 times.
  • Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has the ability of anti-fouling:
    So that particles in the fluid is difficult due to the high turbulence of the fluid within the flow channel, deposition of fouling, even with a small amount of scale formation on the wall, since the medium in the pipe internal and external turbulent flow, erosion strongly anti-fouling ability. Further, the threaded tube exists strain generated due to the stress of the temperature difference between the inner tube and the outer tube, so that the curvature of the tube of the thread has elastic characteristics the occurrence of microscopic changes, so that the threaded tube heat exchanger has the ability of antifouling and descaling.
  • Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has the ability of stress compensation
    Threaded tube because of their structural shape and characteristics of the thin wall, the inner tube and the outer tube temperature stress larger, having elastic characteristics of curvature of the threaded tube microscopic changes occurred to compensate for the elimination of thermal stress, and effectively prevent the traditional the pipe heat exchanger heat transfer tubes easily crack such phenomena.
  • Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger has compact structure, small and light
    The threaded pipe heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient is very high, the required heat transfer area, and threaded pipe wall thickness is thin, threaded tube heat exchanger structure is compact, small and light.

Application :
This product is widely used for freezing industries,such as plating,oxidation,chemical industry,metallurgy,light industry,shipbuilding,heating, pharmaceutical,foodstuff ect, also for leather chiller, injection molding machine chiller, print chiller,PV shoe machine chiller and so on.

Models of Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger for reference:

Model HP KW Long(mm) Wide(mm) High(mm) Refrigerant Water Weight
inlet/outlet inlet/outlet (kg)
SCTI-010CTi-U 1 3.8 340 250 180 12.7/19mm G1″ 6
SCTI-015CTi-U 1.5 5.7 340 250 250 12.7/19mm G1″ 9
SCTI-020CTi-U 2 7.6 440 257 200 12.7/19mm G1″ 18
SCTI-030CTi-U 3 11 440 270 320 12.7/19mm G1″ 20
SCTI-040CTi-U 4 15 451 267 369 12.7/19mm G1″ 28
SCTI-050CTi-U 5 19 440 270 447 16/25mm G1″ 30
SCTI-060CTi-U 6 23.5 661 229 498 16/25mm G1″ 38

*Usually,1HP,1.5HP,2HP is round type,3HP,4HP,5HP,6HP is oval type, can be made according to your requirement.

(We can customize Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger according to your requirements)

Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger Stainless steel Titanium-Coaxial-Heat-Exchanger Coaxial-Titanium-Heat-ExchangerTitanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger

Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger: with two different size the standard pipe connected concentric circles casing outside called the shell (304 seamless pipe / titanium tube light), the internal called the tube inside ( titanium threaded pipe).Two different media can be in the shell and tube countercurrent flow (or in the same direction) in order to achieve the effect of the heat exchanger.

The titanium threaded pipe through a special process with enhanced heat transfer tube of the double-sided garter corrugated channel. Titanium threaded pipe has good corrosion resistance, high reliability, long life, and economic rationality. Increases titanium threaded pipe tube heat exchanger shell and tube heat exchanger temperature, pressure, flow, thermal load, general requirements, design and processing technology is mature, can be used for some kind of corrosive medium conditions. The most prominent advantage of the heat exchanger of the the titanium threaded pipe casing can force the fluid to flow through the tube bundle, so that the degree of fluid turbulence continued to be strengthened to achieve the purpose of heat transfer enhancement prescribed path many times wrong.

Buying guide to “Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger,Marine Coaxial Condenser”
  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]
How to choose Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger?

Usually,Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger is marked by HP,BTU or KW.  From below table,you can convert unit,and therefore,you can know which model of Coaxial heat exchanger you need.

BTU/hr to tons conversion table

Power (BTU/hr) Power (tons)
1 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-5 RT
10 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-4 RT
100 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-3 RT
1000 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-2 RT
10000 BTU/hr 8.33333×10-1 RT

Kilowatts to horsepower conversion table

Kilowatts (kW) Mechanic horsepower (hp(I)) Electric horsepower (hp(E)) Metric horsepower (hp(M))
0.001 kW 0.001341 hp 0.001340 hp 0.001360 hp
0.002 kW 0.002682 hp 0.002681 hp 0.002719 hp
0.003 kW 0.004023 hp 0.004021 hp 0.004079 hp
0.004 kW 0.005364 hp 0.005362 hp 0.005438 hp
0.005 kW 0.006705 hp 0.006702 hp 0.006798 hp
0.006 kW 0.008046 hp 0.008043 hp 0.008158 hp
0.007 kW 0.009387 hp 0.009383 hp 0.009517 hp
0.008 kW 0.010728 hp 0.010724 hp 0.010877 hp
0.009 kW 0.012069 hp 0.012064 hp 0.012237 hp
0.010 kW 0.013410 hp 0.013405 hp 0.013596 hp
0.020 kW 0.026820 hp 0.026810 hp 0.027192 hp
0.030 kW 0.040231 hp 0.040214 hp 0.040789 hp
0.040 kW 0.053641 hp 0.053619 hp 0.054385 hp
0.050 kW 0.067051 hp 0.067024 hp 0.067981 hp
0.060 kW 0.080461 hp 0.080429 hp 0.081577 hp
0.070 kW 0.093871 hp 0.093834 hp 0.095174 hp
0.080 kW 0.107282 hp 0.107239 hp 0.108770 hp
0.090 kW 0.120692 hp 0.120643 hp 0.122366 hp
0.100 kW  0.134022 hp  0.134048 hp  0.135962 hp
0.200 kW 0.268204 hp 0.268097 hp 0.271924 hp
0.300 kW 0.402307 hp 0.402145 hp 0.407886 hp
0.400 kW 0.536409 hp 0.536193 hp 0.543849 hp
0.500 kW 0.670511 hp 0.670241 hp 0.679811 hp
0.600 kW 0.804613 hp 0.804290 hp 0.815773 hp
0.700 kW 0.938715 hp 0.938338 hp 0.951735 hp
0.800 kW 1.072817 hp 1.072386 hp 1.087697 hp
0.900 kW 1.206920 hp 1.206434 hp 1.223659 hp
1.000 kW 1.341022 hp 1.340483 hp 1.359622 hp
2.000 kW 2.682044 hp 2.680965 hp 2.719243 hp
3.000 kW 4.023066 hp 4.021448 hp 4.078865 hp
4.000 kW 5.364088 hp 5.361930 hp 5.438486 hp
5.000 kW 6.705110 hp 6.702413 hp 6.798108 hp

Kilowatts to BTU/hr conversion table

Power (kW) Power (BTU/hr)
1 kW 3412.142 BTU/hr
10 kW 34121.420 BTU/hr
100 kW 341214.200 BTU/hr
1000 kW 3412142.000 BTU/hr
10000 kW 34121420.000 BTU/hr

Tons to kW conversion table

Power (ton) Power (kW)
0.01 RT 0.035168525 kw
0.1 RT 0.35168525 kw
1 RT 3.5168525 kw
10 RT 35.168525 kw
100 RT 351.68525 kw

It should be noted that the use of titanium tube heat exchanger question:
1, selected for specific situations. The titanium threaded pipe heat exchanger conditions, tube passes (titanium threaded pipe) and the shell (304 seamless steel pipe) pressure of about 30 to 40KG.

2, poor earthquake resistance of the titanium tube heat exchanger tube bundle, transportation and hoisting shall not be excessive collision.

3,Titanium Coaxial Heat Exchanger is running about 10 months should be shut down once easy to threaded pipe contraction recovery. The contraction of the threaded tube is also conducive to the peeling of the dirt.

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