Thermostatic expansion valve

Thermostatic expansion valve for regulating the supply of liquid refrigerant in the evaporator, and offers a wide variety of filling of refrigerant and its various operating conditions, can satisfy the refrigeration equipment, chillers, dehumidifiers, as well as evaporation temperature range of refrigeration and air conditioning requirements.

Interchangeable magnetic cartridge, easy to inventory, easy volume matching and maintenance
Temperature cross-charging technology, overheat evaporating temperature range-wide properties
Provide valves with MOP function to prevent excessive evaporation pressures cause damage to the compressor motor
Superheat control performance and stability and long service life

General specification for
Application of refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, etc
Medium temperature: —40℃~+70℃ or —60℃~+70℃ 
Relative humidity: 0~100%RH
Maximum working pressure: 3.5Mpa

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