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Thermodynamic Solar System

Thermodynamic Solar System
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Thermodynamic-Solar-SystemEnergy Saving Item:Thermodynamic Solar System

Thermodynamic solar panel hot water system is a latest technology as a new future water heating device.It hybridizes the advantages of air source energy and solar energy to heat water.Therefore,it can work in any weather,in sun,cloudy,rainy,windy,even in snow.Because of its high COP and short payback time,it is developed to be a future eco-friendly water heating system.

It is a magic system,but,is simple.Based of the whole system,the most important part is thermodynamic solar panel/thermodynamic panel.The installation is very easy,what you do is just connect them with copper pipe,and then start on.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

Order or Inquiry on “Thermodynamic Solar System
Components and System

>>Thermodynamic Solar Panel,for absorb solar energy and air energy from any weather situation

Thermodynamic solar panel is the key part in thermodynamic solar panel hot water system.It is made from rollbond aluminium panel,can stand high pressure to flow R134a,R401,R407,etc.It can absorb heat energy from enviroment,from solar,wind,night,rain,even snow… …We developed two models of thermodynamic panel for your choice.Please go into the web for more details.

Thermodynamic panel,thermodynanic solar panel
Thermodynamic panel,thermodynanic solar panel

>>Home Use: Thermodynamic Heat Block

Thermodynamic heat block works for water tank which already has coil pipe inside. The heat block heat up the refrigerant,and flow in the coil pipe.When the hot refrigerant is flowing inside of coil pipe,it move the heat energy into the water,and then flow into the heat block again… …

thermodynamic block with panel

>>Home Use: Thermodynamic Smart Block

Thermodynamic Smart Box is developed based on thermodynamic heat block.It is built in water pump&heat exchanger inside of the block.Controlled by computer panel to drive refrigerant from panel to compress,then the heated refrigerant is driven into the heat exchanger inside of magic box.The block couldn`t work indepently.It must work with thermodynamic panel together.It is for water cylinder without coil inside,or for the water cylinder with coil inside but already was taken for other use.Also,it can work for heating swimming pool… …

thermodynamic smart block with panel

>>Home Use Thermodynamic Panel System

Home use thermodynamic panel system is composed by thermodynamic panel,thermodynamic heat block or thermodynamic smart block,water tank,and connecting copper pipe.It can work in Solar,in night,in rainy,even in Snow.The installation is very easy,and save energy… …

Thermodynamic Box panel hot water system

>>Commerical Use or Industrial Use: Commerical Thermodynamic Solar Panel Hot Water System

A large heat block with thermodynamic solar panel absorbing energy from enviroment,to heat large volume water.Double ways to absorb heat energy from  solar,cloudy,night, rain,even from snow.Save energy 80%.Commerical purpose,and they are usally work for the large hot water project for school, hospital, hotel,goverment,etc.

commerical thermoynamic panel system working

>>(Option) Water cylinder and Connecting pipe

water-cylinder connecting-pipe

With thermodynamic solar panel,thermodynamic magic box/heat block,water cylinder and connecting pipes,you can assemble a complete of thermodynamic solar system as flowing:

>>Retrofit electrical water heater to thermodynamic panel water heater

If you like,you can retrofit your existed electrical water heater or solar water heater to be thermodynamic solar panel water heater… …

Retrofit electrical water heater

>>Applicable Occasion with thermodynamic panel system

For water cylinder

Thermodynamic solar Panel System is the best advanced and efficient system to produce hot water in the present world. It represent the trend of solar water heater in future.For consumptions per 1 degree electricity energy ,it can produce 4 to 7 degrees electricity quantity of heat from the low-temperature heat source.Energy saving effect is very significant Compared  with traditional solar water heater, or air source to water, thermodynamic Solar System is more efficient and the effect is more apparent . Combined with the advantages of solar energy and air energy ,it is more energy saving than that both above. When sun shine,the system produce energy mainly from solar.If there is no sun, it also can provide hot water by compressor unit, so it overcomes the defects of the solar energy water heater without sunshine, and the problems of air source with poor effect at low temperature environment.For price and sample condition,pls refer to the page.

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24 Inquires to Thermodynamic Solar System

  1. Dear Sirs

    We are very interested in your thermodinamic solar panels. Please send us more details, prices, MOQ, time of delivery, etc.

    We wants to sell a kit of these Solar thermodinamic panels for heating houses about 100 m2 specially in the south of Chile, because people there mainlu ese wood for heating, but at present the wood would be restricted due contamination.

  2. Hello,

    I own a local health company in the Pittsburgh area, Pittsburgh Alkaline Water. I’m exploring options for energy saving devices that are eco-friendly to my customer base. I recently learned of thermodynamic panels and thought they were interesting.

    I wanted to get a bit more info from you on these panels and their installation. I also wanted to know if you give compensation for referrals who purchase units from your company, and if so what that is.

  3. For thermodynamic panel products,do you have agents within the UK if not what would be your terms and conditions.
    J Read

  4. I really want to buy an Electric Hot Water Boiler for Central Heating,it`s better to have thermodynamic solar panel,utilizing solar energy and air source energy together.

    ■HOUSE SPECIFICATIONS:380 Sq meter,1140 cubic meter.

    • Width: 19 m
    • Length: 20 m
    • Height: 3 m

    ■ The specifications of the Boiler:
    1. Material: Stainless Steel
    2. Thickness: 10 mm
    3. Volume: 350-400 Liter of Water.
    4. Insulation: 6 mm
    5. Heat Exchangers: 4 Screw Heaters ( stainless Steel)or the best Heat Elements You advise.
    6. Jacket: Stainless Steel.

    * I have 3 phase 380 Volts 50Hz ( 380 V. Line Voltage,220 Phase Voltage)
    * Temperature I want to get:25℃ inside my house.

    Would you please advise of the following:
    1. The KW power I have to use.
    2. The KW Energy
    3. The Kcl/H
    4. How to Calculate the KW Power and KW Energy.
    5. Any useful advice
    6. The best manufacturers of such a Boiler.


  6. Dear,

    Can you give me a price for a thermodynamic solar systeem.
    I will use it for my floor heating.
    I think I dont need a water thank.
    My floor is 75 mtr2.
    My home adress is in the Netherlands.

    Best regards,
    K Hoogerheijde

  7. Hello,
    I would like use the thermodynamic system for home heating (radiators and underfloor heating) with output heating power around 20kW mabe little more… What do you recommend me? Thank you, George.

  8. please send more information on retrofit kits for existing hot water storage tanks .
    I will be in Shanghai for the refrigeration trade show in April, will your company be there ?

  9. Good afternoon,

    After looking at your Solar Thermal Panel and ancillaries I would appreciate if you would email me details of your system to provide Domestic Hot Water and assist with central heating in a 4 bedroom house. Winter temperature in this region varies from -4 to 8 degree centigrade. Please include competitive price, landed cost to Ireland. This is initial enquiry and hopefully can lead to more purchases.

    Please also include full installation details.

    Thanks and regards,
    Seamus Golden

  10. Dear Sir.
    Now we need to buy some thermodynamics equipments.
    tank of
    5 units tanks of 260 lts. + thermodinamyc block + panel
    3 units tanks of 500 lts. + thermodinamyc block + panels

    all in 220v 50 Hz

    Thanks and best regards

  11. I have been directed to HYRAXSOLAR.COM for newest UK designed Thermodynamic Panels, and have been informed I may need 6 for central heating, and a 2kw PV system for provide the 1.8kw needed to run the 6 panels. If you visit Hyrax Solar they have some stunning kit… I really want one of their water tanks but they tell me the existing tank could do the job! Wow this is long term heating which will remove my reliance on expensive oil central heating!! Their hot water exits at 60 degrees and underfloor/radiators run at 40 degrees…..

  12. I am interested to find this Thermodynamic Panel technology as I have been looking for a sustainable way of heating my large old farm house in North Wales winters. This was looking like a wood pellet biomass boiler but the hassle of fuelling it seemed most unappealing, and it also has a carbon footprint. I wanted a Passive system, fuel free, 365 days a year, and these Thermodynamic Panels seem to fit the bill. As long as I can generate Solar PV electric to power the compressor/heat exchange system this technology can be run for free, and seems to promise ambient radiator and underfloor heating, and 55 degree hot water, 365 days of the year. The only problem I can foresee is that 55 degrees centigrade might not be quite hot enough for bath water, though the system has a booster apparently to bump it up to 65 degrees to avoid the problem of Legionnaires in the water tank. I am looking forward to further research and arranging installation of two panels for essentially free ambient heating and hot water 24 hours a day throughout the winters!! That will be a truly “Sustainable Development”.

  13. I would like to know prices CIF Buenos Aires and terms of payment for thermodynamic-solar-panel System.

  14. Dear Sir
    We need one integrated thermodynamic system to 3.500 lts of hot water at 70°C.
    This system must supply approx 1.500 lts at 70°C of hot water at 7 am and similar quantity at evening at 18 pm.
    One alternative is whit 3.500 lts special and thermic tank
    Other alternative is less this tank.

    best regards

    Archiclima Ltda

  15. I’m a mechanical engineer interested to know the cost for the purchase of the thermodynamic block model TSP02 with water tank 100 liters.
    I would also like to acknowledge the transportation cost and delivery time.Thank you

  16. Dear mr/ms,
    We want to get in contact with the responsible person for contracting to discused the possibility’s about a dealership for the thermodynamic heatpump. Can we get some more information about this matter like pricing, distribution, technical specs, and also some more details about the pellet heaters cant by interesting for us. I hope i get finally a repley from one of the employés of smart clima.

    I hope i get asap a repley,

    Kind regard

    • Price sheet for thermodynamic solar panel system and pallet heater has been sent to your email address…

  17. interested in a thermodynamic system that can operate down to -30c. System must be CSA certified for use in Canada

    • Thanks for your inquiry.Yes,we can supply the system you need,but we don`t have CSA certificate…

  18. Once again our client an hotel in Panama, it is interested to install an Thermodynamics to heat water for an 50 rooms hotel.

    How can we approach this project. Could you help us to quote something

  19. We are company of environmental in South Korea. we are interesting of thermodynamic-solar-panel system. we need information about this product and if you have a brochure please send me upper e-mail address.
    i will wait your reply
    Thank you

    Anjack Shin

  20. We are an Group who are looking to deal this Product thermodynamic-solar-panel System.
    We need information about this product an FOB prices to export to Chile; Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil.-
    Thanks lot
    Luis Rossi

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