Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Thermodynamic Solar Panel

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thermodynamic panel workingItem: Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Short Description: An energy panel.The panel works with thermodynamic block to compose a thermodynamic solar water hot system.Running refrigerant R134a,or R410a,and other Refrigerant. Our thermodynamic panel fit all  thermodynamic blocks to consist of thermodynamic solar panel system,which is taken as the best ecomomical system to produce hot water.This solar collector panel can works in sunny,in cloudy,in wind,in rain,even in snow and save your 80% power cost,compared with traditional electric water heater.Thermodynamic solar technology has become a trend product in the field of future water heater.

Main features: 800x1700mm,800x2000mm,25mm thickness.Permit Refrigerant R134a,R410a.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Thermodynamic Solar Panel”

We are the pioneer of thermodynamic solar panel in world,and developed two generation panel as follows:

1st generation,2000x800mm-Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Thermodynamic Solar Panel-1st generation
Thermodynamic Solar Panel-1st generation

This panel was developed in 2008 when thermodynamic solar technology is just in the state of starting.Smartclima,as pioneer of thermodynamic solar panel developer,produced it in bulk.And about 2010,we developed 2nd solar collector panel as following:

2nd generation,1700x800mm -Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Thermodynamic Solar Panel-2nd generation
Thermodynamic Solar Panel-2nd generation

As you can see,2nd panel has more multi gas channels on the solar collector,compared with 1st thermodynamic solar panel.That means 2nd panel can absorb more energy from solar,from rain,from wind,from snow,etc.

Buying Guide to “Thermodynamic Solar Panel”
  • The Thermodynamic Solar Panel is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More sizes of Thermodynamic Solar Panel are not displayed on the web.If the size above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite size you need.
General Knowledge on “Thermodynamic Solar Panel”

What`s difference between 1st generation panel and 2nd generation panel?

As you can see,there distribute more gas channels on the 2nd panel,it let the refrigerant gas run long road in the panel,therefor 2nd generation Thermodynamic Solar Panel can let refrigerant inside absorb more heat energy from atmosphere around,solar,wind, rain,and snow.

Your standard version is 1700×800,but I need 2000×800,or 2000x1000mm, could you provide?

Yes,Smartclima can provide thermodynamic solar panel with size 1700X800mm, 2000X800mm, 2000X1000mm, 1700X500mm, 1700X900mm, 1700X990mm…we can produce 2000x800mm or 2000x1000mm or more long size,depending on your requirements.But our standard version is 1700x800mm, because we believe our version is more reasonable:

1),1700x800mm can resist to big wind and big snow,but we always received complaints on version 2000x800mm or 2000x1000mm` problem after big wind or big snow.So,bigger panel exist more dangerous of deformation when meets bad weather. Beside security during use, we also need to consider panel`s performance which is related to its dimension.We must find a balance point between security and performance.After our test, one panel 1700x800mm can meets most of thermodynamic block for heating under 200L water. Of course, you can connect two panels in series.After our test,we found that the performance with  connecting two panel(1700x800mm) in series is better than single panel(2000x1000mm).Two panel(1700x800mm) heating speed is quicker 20%(about) than one panel 2000x1000mm .Because poor-product-rate of 2000x1000mm is higher than standard 1700x800mm,so,price of two standard panels is similiar with price of 2000x1000mm.

(If you really need other size panel 1700X800mm, 2000X800mm, 2000X1000mm, 1700X500mm, 1700X900mm, 1700X99mm…,pls let us know,we can produce).

Thermodynamic solar Panel size

Features of Thermodynamic Solar Panel made by Smartclima.

Thermodynamic Solar Panel is consist of aluminium panelwith inner gas ways, special black powder is coated to absorb solar energy at most.

Size:1700x800mm,with 25mm thickness,and 10 installation holes.

The panel is in 1700mm length and 800mm width,with 25mm thickness as edge to reinfore the whole panel;Around the edge,there are 10 holes M8 for installation.It can serve long years(our test data is 20years).On the panel lays 3 channels as inlet and 28 channels as outlet.

Apply for R134a,R22,R410a and so on different refrigeration system,to absorb energy from atmosphere around,solar,wind, rain,and snow.

Thermodynamic Solar Panel is always used as solar absorber in the thermodynamic solar system,which can work day and night, hail, rain, wind or shine, whereas conventional solar panels only work during the day when the sun is shining. For this reason,Thermodynamic Solar Panel can work as a stand alone where as conventional solar panels require back-up power when in high demand.

How many thermodynamic panels should I apply for my thermodynamic block?

Different thermodynamic block has different input power.In general,for thermodynamic block with input from 320W 500W, apply 1 panel; with input from 500W 800W, apply 2 panel;with input from 800W to 1100W,apply 4 panel;with input from 1100W to 1300W,apply 6 panel;with input from 1300W to 1600W,apply 8 panel;with input from 1600W to 1900W,apply 10 panel;with input from 1900W to 2400W,apply 12 panel;with input from 2400W to 3000W,apply 14 panel;with input from 3000W to 3400W,apply 16 panel;with input from 3400W to 3700W,apply 18 panel;with input from 3700W to 4000W,apply 22 panel;with input from 4000W to 4200W,apply 24 panel;with input from 4200W to 5000W,apply 30 panel;with input from 5000W to 5800W,apply 32 panel;with input from 5800W to 7500W,apply 40 panel…(Above data is only for reference.For accurate numbers depend on your thermodynamic block performance).

Brief Intrduction for thermodynamic solar energy(The principle of Thermodynamic Solar Panel system):

Thermodynamic solar energy is an innovative technology that allows for generating potable hot water and/or heating systems with included reductions of energy consumption of up to 70% when compared with other energy sources.
When generating thermodynamic solar energy – in contrast to conventional solar energy – not only does solar radiation come into play, but so does air temperature and rain temperature. This technology is possible thanks to the theory developed by the French physicist Carnot in the mid-1800`s, in what came to be known as Carnot`s principle. This principle establishes that the performance of steam engines do not reach maximum potential at higher temperatures but rather when temperature variations are introduced across their hot and cold components.You can search the knowledge for thermodynamic solar panel knowledge on wiki.

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Working Principle

Thermodynamic Solar Panel working
Thermodynamic Solar Panel working principle

Thermodynamic Solar Panel+Thermodynamic block+Water cylinder+Connecting pipe=Thermodynamic solar panel water heater system

Thermodynamic Solar Panel System Working Principle
Thermodynamic Solar Panel System Working Principle

Application of the principle to thermodynamic panel technology.

Inside the Thermodynamic Solar Panel,a cooling fluid(Usually is R134a or R22,or R410a) circulates that has temperatures between -5℃ and -15℃. Exposed Thermodynamic Solar Panel is responsible for the capture of solar thermal radiation during daylight hours, absorbing the higher ambient daytime temperature, and doing the same with the rain or air temperature, depending on the circumstances. This cooling fluid has the ability to aerate itself using the temperature variations that are the result of heat capture and is then sent to a thermodynamic block wherein a compressor elevates its temperature to 110℃-120℃ with the use of pressure. The last step is to transfer this heat to a water circuit, a process that is carried out via a heat exchanger that is located within the block itself.

The Thermodynamic Solar Panel thus function without the need for direct intervention of the sun and allow for generating potable hot water, heating, and the temperature control of pools, with savings of up to 70% on energy use. Thermodynamic solar panels moreover allow for completely abandoning the use of fossil fuels such as gasoline, natural gas, propane, and butane, and provide for active yield 365 days per year, independently of weather conditions. The thermodynamic solar panels are very light (8 kg about), and so are easy to install in facades or roofs without requiring technical studies or further works.

Although we`re talking about an innovative technology, thermodynamically based energy sources have been used for more than 30 years in countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and are currently the best choice to the use of less efficient conventional energy sources. Moreover, they also emit much less CO2 than other currently existing technologies.Above all,Thermodynamic Solar Panel and heat pump compressor are key part.

2000x800mm-panel 1700x800mm-panel

Thermodynamic solar panel

Thermodynamic-panel packing

The loading packing,wooden case with euro-pallet,packed 26pcs per pallet, and 600pcs per 20″ container.
Please contact us freely to get more information. Our email address is  so[email protected]  .We`reply your email within 24hr.

43 Inquires to Thermodynamic Solar Panel

  1. My company has 5 years of experience in saving energy in Belarus. Now we are paying the most attention to solar energy. We have already established vacuum tubes solar collectors of Chinese production at 4 facilities: a supermarket, a hospital, and 2 children’s orphanage. Soon we will participate in the tender for the supply hot water of a large hotel in the city of Minsk. There are orders for several cottages.
    I have long heard of thermodynamic panels, but only now I evaluate their effectiveness and prospects.
    For the preparation of a business plan, please send me the following information:
    1. Technical characteristics of the panels and HP (compressor unit)
    2. The optimal composition of the system (set). For example: how much m² of the panels is necessary for 10Kw thermic power of HP
    3. Recommendations for the assembly
    4. Charts COP for summer and winter day and night
    5. Prices of components and systems

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,I have seen your advertisement in your website regarding Thermodynamic Solar panels collectors and I would like to ask if you have any paper works able to show your panels ability to varies pressures when we use it in conjunction with refrigeration heat pump. Another question as you stated in website you just mentioned R134a and R410a as refrigerant did you tried using R407c?Awaiting your reply and I hope to hearing from you soon.

    • Dear Elamin,Thanks for your message.We don`t have paper sheet to show varies pressures…But many heat pump factories buy panel from us to use in their heat pump systems and they said that it is no prolem to works on most of refrigerant,including R134a,R410a,R407C,etc…Our panels are tested by pressure 10Bar,they are no problem to cope with this pressure…Thanks and best regards

  3. Hi,smartclima,good day! We are an energy enterprise in Turkey to supply green&renewable energy solution service to local customers here.As now,thermodynamic technology is more and more popular,therefore we want the business in Thermodynamic solar panels with you and we`d like to know if you can quote us the panel,the heat block and the water tank together.Thanks!

  4. I was searching for some information about solar thermodynamic panels for a work in my university.
    I really found your page interesting and it helped me with my work, although I do have some questions about this pannels.

    Firstly, I would like to know at which certain ambient temperature does the pannel stop working, as I found in some pages that the minimum temperature was -5 degrees centigrates and in other pages -15 degrees.

    Secondly, I would like to know which is the function of the magnesium anode.

    Thirdly, we are four in our family, i have read that a family of 4 person uses 130 liters monthly. What kind of collector would I have to choose? 150 liter collector or 250 liter collector?

    Finally I have read that there are two kind of gases in the panels, R134A and R407 which are the differences between them?

    I would be really gratefull if you could answer me this questions.

    • the refrigerant inside is R410a,our system can stand -20 degress.

      magnesium anode is to protect water wank from scaling, to prolong its service life.

      150 liter tank is enough for 4 people.Can use our model TSP02,with one thermodynamic panel.

  5. Dear Sir, Madam

    I am a Dutch science journalist, interested in your thermodynamic solar panel system.

    Do you have a representation in Europe, preferably Netherlands or Germany, or a dealer, whom I could contact for information.

    with gratitude and best wishes

    Joost de Haas

  6. Dear Sr.
    We are interested in your thermodinamic panels. Please send your best price and minimus units and shipping cost to Spain.
    we have too our disign and we would like to know if it is possible to brand it.

  7. Dear Sir.
    Our company is interested in your thermodynamic hot water system, with the thermodynamic block integrated in the tank, and aerial panel for refrigerant expansion. Additionally we need to know the brand and model of refrigeration compressor that you apply in those units. Our interest is to install that hot water system in residential or home apply

    Thanks and best regards

  8. Could you advise on prices of thermodynamic hot water system with 200-250 litres water tank.
    Please advise on the cost of transport to Kent (UK).
    Can you also send an detail specification of the equipment.

    Thank you in advance

  9. We are interested in TSP02, and one of our engineers havoue been recently in contact with you.
    We have some questions:
    1. Are there some similar equipments installed in Argentina?
    2. Is it possible to know the spared costs of the 3 elements?
    3. Which is their tariff number?

  10. Thermodynamic complete 3bed Total area 92 square metes/8
    radiators + hot water.
    Please send separate quote for panels, thermodynamic block.

    Thank You in anticipation.

  11. Dear Sirs

    Our company Cuenca-Ecuador, is dedicated to centralized facilities for hot water in buildings, systems currently in our country is taking the change in the energy mix to electricity to industrial, commercial and domestic use, so we are interested thermodynamic systems with panels for hot water.
    If possible we could facilitate curves, power vs. ambient temperatures, recovery time vs. ambient temperatures and performance for the 1700 x 800 panel and a QUOTE with prices FOB for a complete kit with 36 panels 1700 x 800 and other components including storage tanks to heat 8160 liters of water / day at 55 ° C, this is for a residential building with 34 apartments in total, for an ambient temperature between 5°C – 18°C.

    Stay tuned for your kind and prompt reply

  12. We are installer of thermoldynamic heating in Italy and are intrusted in
    Your panel. Can you send me a data sheet , cost of your panel and other
    Products, also shipping costs to’ Italy, thanks.
    Kind regards.

    • Hi,the email you provided is wrong,when we replied you,the email system mentioned:Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently…….

  13. Can we have a panel to test?we are building thermodynamic solar system,we need this panel as energy absorbing panel.

  14. Dear Sir / Madam, Could you please send me prices and specification on the thermodynamic panel and solar block and complete systems. We are property developers based in Cyprus (port of Limassol) and also interested in supplying your product to the local market. Thanking you in anticipation.

  15. Dear Sir / Madam, Could you please send me prices and specification on the solar block and complete systems. We are property developers based in Cyprus and also interested in supplying your product to the local market. Thanking you in anticipation.
    Kind regards,
    Stasis Kyriacou

  16. We are looking for a evaporator panel of aproximate size 1,8m by 0,90m, but we could adapt to similar sizes. To be used in renewable energies, so color should be black.
    We will need 1 or 2 simple unit sent to Barcelona, Spain. Our main office is located in ANDORRA. Please quote Price of samples sent by DHL, Ups or similar transport. Main orders would be by sea freight.

  17. We are a company with home office in ANDORRA and branches in Spain, Morroco and Australia. We would like Price lists of your thermodynamic panels and blocks, separately. We will need 1 or 2 panels for testing.

  18. My company sells systems with thermodynamic solar panel, in Italy. I would like to have the prices of your products, for heating and for domestic hot water. I am interested to import your products.

  19. Could you advise on prices of thermodynamic hot water system with 200 litres water tank.
    Please advise on the cost of transport to London (UK).
    Can you also send an detail specification of the equipment.
    Has the system got secondary back up like electric immersion heater or other.

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


    Sebastian Stasiak

  20. Can you send me prices and specs on the solar block and complete systems.My business is located in the republic of ireland. Thank you

  21. Hello my friends,

    Please send my yours last list prices for complete sets of yours Thermodynamic Solar Panel Systems (100l, 150l, 200l, 250l and 300l ): Panels + Termodynamic Block + Boyler.
    Please tell me the shipping price to Constanta port, Black Sea, Romania for 20 inch container and the shipping price for 3-5 Thermodynamic Solar Panel Systems sets. Please tell me how many sets go in a 20 inch container.

    Thank you and best regards

  22. please supply.
    a. product list
    b.price list
    c.minimum quantities
    d. supply “lead” time
    e. availability of “spares packs”
    Kind regards A G Tooke

  23. Is there anyone has experience of thermodynamic solar panel water hot system?If it really do what they claim to do, then,it would replace boilers or stoves or warm fan to produce hot water and warm a household space with a low running cost?

  24. We are searching Thermodynamic Solar Panel water hot system in order to start salein Argentina market.We found your system TSP02&tsp03 and want to contact you for the business together.We are professional to supply the products and service of green energy and eco-friendly retrofit,we need to be competitive price in order to win Argentina market.Pls contact us.

  25. Hi,smartclima,good day! We are an energy enterprise in Italy to supply green&renewable energy solution service to local customers here.As now,thermodynamic technology is more and more popular,therefore we want the business in Thermodynamic solar panels with you and we`d like to know if you can quote us the panel,the heat block and the water tank together.


    • The documents and price sheet for thremodynamic solar panel hot water system has been sent into your mailbox.Pls check it.

  26. Here in Mallorca I would like to use the panel to generate warm air to heat my apartment. Can I use a solar panel to drive the compressor?

    • Hi,James. Yes,you can use our thermodynamic solar panel water hot system to generate heat.Then,you must need heat exchanger with fan-driven to blow heat into your room for the purpose of warming air.Our thermodynamic block is driven by a compressor which has power rate 370W(for Model TSP02) and 800w(For model TSP03).If you like,you can use solar PV panel to drive it to work.Thermodynamic solar panel water hot system mainly help you to save energy cost to produce heat.Any question,pls don`t hesitate to contact us to our email [email protected] . Thank you.

  27. I am searching thermodynamic solar panel systems for my new building as green energy sample building.Important purpose is to supply hot water but I have got further ideas:
    The thermodynamic panel system seems only to produce 1000-2000W, it is not enough to heat a whole building in a long winter time. But these heat is enough to maintain a building frost-free when heat one room in the cold winter to reach a good temperature level.
    My heat radiator can produce heat 1000W or so. If these heat can be produced by thermodynamic solar panel system,which system is powered mainly from installed Photovoltaics panels then I don’t need any other fossil fuel.
    Is my idea practical?

  28. Just let me know if it`s possible to buy thermodynamic panel ONLY from Smartclima? Because we here,in france,has our own factory to produce thermodynamic block.We need panel ONLY.

    • Yes,of course.At Smartclima,you not only can buy thermodynamic panel system(whole),but also can buy seperately.That means you can buy thermodynamic solar panel ONLY,or heat/thermodynamic block ONLY.Thanks for your interest.

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