Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater



Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater,Future Water Hot System,Save Energy by 80%!

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater.Based on rich experience on solar energy and HVAC knowledge,by investing thermodynamic panel and thermodynamic block,Smartclima successfully developed an energy saving system independently: Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater,a hybrid system which can work in Sunny,in Cloudy,In Rainly,in Snowy.

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater from Smartclima is composed by the following parts: Thermodynamic panel; Heat Block(thermodynamic block);Water cylinder; Copper connecting pipe(Liquid pipe and gas pipe). According to your actual demand,you can require for any one above,or require all above. Usually,copper connecting pipe will be supplied by user himself,because different user has different distance between heat block,panel and water cylinder;

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Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater

Brand: Smartclima.

Description for Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater:
Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater is the best advanced and efficient system to produce hot water in the present world. It represent the trend of solar water heater in future.

For consumptions per 1 degree electricity energy ,it can produce 4 to 7 degrees
electricity quantity of heat from the low-temperature heat source.Energy saving effect is very significant
Compared  with traditional solar water heater, or air source to water, thermodynamic Solar System is more efficient and the effect is more apparent . Combined with the advantages of solar energy and air energy ,it is more energy saving than that both above. When sun shine,the system produce energy mainly from solar.If there is no sun, it also can provide hot water by compressor unit, so it overcomes the defects of the solar energy water heater without sunshine, and the problems of air source with poor effect at low temperature environment.





~220V 50HZ

~220V 50HZ

Rated Water Output Temperature



Rated  Heat Capacity Output (W)



Rated Power Input(W)



Rated Current Input(A)



Noise   ( (dB) A)



Panel Size(mm) & Panel Qty.

1700×800, 1 panel

1700×800, 2 panels

Water Tank Capacity(L)




TSP02-100, for 2-3 persons

TSP02-150, for 3-4 persons

TSP02-200; for 4-6 persons

TSP03-300, for 7-8 persons

TSP03-500, for 8-10 persons

Applicable Environment Temp.



(For more types,pls send inquiry to us).

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater


Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater

What’s different about Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater ?
conventional solar heating systems circulate water through glass panels to collect heat from the sun.these systems are inefficient at low temperatures and do not work at all during the hours of darkness.
the smartclima thermodynamic solar system is different; it is capable of taking energy from the atmosphere by using a special fluid instead of water.

The Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater that works in all weathers!
this system not only works with temperatures –
15℃ it also works in sun,rain,cloud and also in the hours of darkness.

How does the Thermodynamic Panel System work?
energy is absorbed from the atmosphere into special fluid circulating through the aluminium panels.when the fluid leaves the panels,it is compressed and becomes a hot gas.the hot gas then flows through a coil inside the water cylinder and heats the water.the gas then goes through a valve and reverts back into a fluid. the fluid then goes back into the panels and the process then continues.

using the special fluid instead of water is the secret of the systems success.

What guarantee does the Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater?
Usually,for Chinese local market,we provide a 15 years guarantee on the panel ,provide 5 year guarantee on the compressor.But for foreign market,we don`t provide guarantee,because it is too far from China.

Main features of smartclima`s Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater :
# heats water to 55℃ all the year round
# works in sun,rain,cloud and at nightime
# can be mounted vertically on walls
# outstanding thermal efficiency
# robust aluminium panels (weight 8 kg)
# suitable for domestic and commerical
# significantly reduces carbon omissions

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater for domestic hot water.

the “smartclima” thermodynamic system offers you the opportunity to benefit from the production of sanitary hot water up to 55℃ with a very high efficiency and low energy consumption.
Thermodynamic Panel System for heating your home.

(using underfloor heating or radiators)
the “smartclima” Thermodynamic Panel System is capable from extracting sufficient warmth to heat a building to a comfortable temperature even on the coldest of winter days.even the very best gas or oil boiler can only achieve maximum efficiency levels of 95% this system has a much higher efficiency,this translates into the use 0f clean,secure and free energy.
the “smartclima” Thermodynamic Panel System can alternate between heating the water in your swimming pool in spring,summer and autumn and heating your home during the this way it optimises your resources and those of nature,paying back your investment in a shorter space of time whilst contributing to a cleaner and better enviroment for the future.

Thermodynamic Panel System for your swimming pool.

(warm water no matter what the weather)
the “smartclima” thermodynamic solar system offers you the chance to use your swimming pool all the year round, with low energy consumption.choosing this solar energy system to heat your swimming pool will not give you a reduction in maintenance costs.

live life to the full 55℃ swim allthe year round.

thermodynamic for volume water heating.

efficiency and economy are the most principal things to consider when heating large volumes of water.the “smartclima” thermodynamic solar system,as well as being a system that guarantees low energy consumption,allows the water temperature to be raised to 55℃.
hospitals and municipal government buildings.


FAQ-Frequently asked questions on Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater.

Can the system centraly heat a house? 
Yes, it is the main applications of the system.
What direction should the panels be positioned?
Preferably should be directed to south but not so important.

How much does each panel weigh?
Approximately 8 kg.

What size is the panel
Each panel measures 80x170cm

How many panels are needed to provide hot water for a family of 5 persons?
For a family of 5 persons, the system normally used will be with 1 solar panel.

What temperature can be achieved for baths?
Approximately 55℃

Can it be adapted to existing central heating systems (radiators, convectors or under floor heating)?
Yes ideally convectors, radiant floor, ventilation convectors or radiators (big bore).
Do I need to have a special plumbing installation?
No, your current heating system’s plumbing will usually do.
Do the panels have to be installed on the roof?
No, they can also be installed on a terrace, balcony, on the ground, pretty much anywhere outside!
In the event of a leak, is the gas dangerous?
No, they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic gases.
Is it necessary to carry loads of temporary coolant?
Does the  Thermodynamic Panel System require much maintenance?
How far can the Panels be installed from the thermo accumulator?
The distance can not exceed 15m vertically and/or 30m horizontally.
What is the energy consumption?
It depends on the system in question, but all of our systems consume so little electrical power when compared to the thermal power supplied, for Example: in good sun,COP will reach 7! Usually,it can reach 5 or 6. In very bad weather,it reach 4.

Do the panels rust?
The panels are aluminium anodised, so corrosion is not an issue.

Can the panels be painted?
Yes but ideally in dark colours.You can paint it easily and economically after long time if necessary.

How do you fix the panels?
The panels can be fixed by the six mounting holes.

Thermodynamic heat block packing

Thermodynamic Solar Panel Water Heater for swimming pool

Ok,so,to now,you already learned our panel system-For domestic hot water. Maybe,someone will ask if the system can work for swimming pool? Honestly speaking,we haven`t done some test on heating swimming pool. But we have some idea on it as below:

Thermodynamic Panel System for swimming pool

Put PEX pipe or Copper pipe onto the bottom of swimming pool,and then connect our thermodynamic box.

The benefit/advantage of above design is that it doesn`t need electrical pump or titanium heating exchanger. Because it heat water in pool directly,so,maybe,the efficience of heat exchange will be more higher. Do you think so? Maybe ,you can do test on it. Good luck  🙂

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