Thermodynamic Panel water heater features

Thermodynamic Panel water heater system

ISO poly solar energy Central hot water system of the State

Thermodynamic solar Panel water heater absorbs the Sun’s radiant energy, can be customized according to customer needs, you can also configure auxiliary electric heating system,so it is highly flexible and is able to meet the different users, ensuring all day to provide hot water.

Areas of application:

Can be widely used for hotels, sports stadiums, schools, businesses, institutions, hospitals, public baths and other units such as the domestic hot water supply system, and applies to the indoor swimming pool water heating, used as hot-water aquaculture.

Technical characteristics:

Thermodynamic Panel water heater with higher thermal efficiency, energy saving and more obvious, and has the following characteristics:

1. not only to make efficient use of solar energy, but also can absorb environmental energy such as wind, rain, and compensate for the inefficient conventional solar collector when the weather changes, in practice very little can be done without auxiliary energy consumption or auxiliary energy consumption;

2. each Thermodynamic solar Panel collection efficiency as high as 135%, traditional solar collectors collector area is 1.5 times the same collector plate number of cases will receive more energy;

3. has 18 national patents, a sheet-metal pressing directly into, solid and reliable, no leaks;

4. the patented flow heat more quickly and no heat dissipation to the outside world, thermal effect 100%;

5. Solar Collector plate is the most secure of different poly State collector plate, hail, dust collector plate breakage caused by weather factors such as not, and glass tube solar burst may occur safety maintenance problems such as blow tube. System security problems caused by summer heat exposure does not, equate down status collector plate with ambient temperature, can be naturally occurring heat exchange;

6. panel is light weight, saving installation costs for engineering applications, and the burden of construction load-bearing size.


Persimmon electric solar energy Central hot water system with automatic Thermodynamic solar technology, and developed “intelligent controller of solar effects of poly-State water project system” savings in staff cost of childcare, and simple to use Control Panel, system 15 guarantee of stability. Persimmon electrical and technical reserves technical force is abundant, Thermodynamic Panel water heater design for the implementation of the State experienced.


Have at places such as government units in East China to establish a series of demonstration projects, access to markets and users alike, to solve the geographical application of solar thermal in winter also showed perfect heating effect and application prospects.

Promotion and cooperation: technical service agent.

Part of the works installation:

ISO poly solar energy Central hot water system of the State

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