Thermodynamic Panel System


Thermodynamic Panel SystemThermodynamic Panel SystemThermodynamic Panel System to produce hot water in lowest cost(Home use type)

Short Decription:Thermodynamic Panel hot water system is a latest technology as a new future water heating device.It hybridizes the advantages of air source energy and solar energy to heat water.Therefore,it can work in any weather,in sun,cloudy,rainy,windy,even in snow.Because of its high COP and short payback time,it is developed to be a future eco-friendly water heating system.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Thermodynamic Panel System-Models working with coil pipe built-in water tank 

Thermodynamic Panel System,based on rich experience on solar energy and HVAC knowledge,by investing thermodynamic panel and thermodynamic block,Smartclima successfully developed an energy saving system independently: Thermodynamic Panel System,a hybrid system which can work in Sunny,in Cloudy,In Rainly,in Snowy,to generate hot water with an economical way.It is taken as the future hot water system in worldwide.

Thermodynamic Panel System

Thermodynamic Box panel hot water system

Thermodynamic Panel System

Models of  Thermodynamic Panel System:

(thermodynamic panel system)




~220V 50HZ

~220V 50HZ

Rated Water Output Temperature



Rated  Heat Capacity Output (W)



Rated Power Input(W)



Rated Current Input(A)



Noise   ( (dB) A)



Panel Size(mm) & Panel Qty.

1700×800, 1 panel

1700×800, 2 panels

Water Tank Capacity(L)




TSP02-100, for 2-3 persons

TSP02-150, for 3-4 persons

TSP02-200; for 4-6 persons

TSP03-300, for 7-8 persons

TSP03-500, for 8-10 persons

Applicable Environment Temp.



(For more types,pls send inquiry to us).

Thermodynamic Panel System-Models working without coil pipe built-in water tank 

A new heat block-thermodynamic smart box.The feature of this model is that built in water pump&heat exchanger inside of the block.It is developed based on thermodynamic block(thermodynamic heat pump).The touch panel/controlling panel is controling the whole system, to drive refrigerant from panel to compressor,then the heated refrigerant is driven into the heat exchanger inside of smart box.It is for water cylinder without coil inside,or for the water cylinder with coil inside but already was taken for other use.Also,it can work for heating swimming pool.

thermodynamic smart-box-panel-system

Thermodynamic Smart Box panel hot water system


Thermodynamic Smart Box made by Smartclima has  types as following:

Power220V 50HZ220V 50HZ
Rated Water Output Temperature55℃55℃
Rated  Heat Capacity Output (W)1670W3880W
Rated Power Input(W)370W800W
Rated Current Input(A)1.73.7
Noise   ( (dB) A)≤ 45≤ 45
Panel Size(mm) & Panel Qty.1700×800, 1 panel1700×800, 2 panel
Water Tank Capacity(L)100L,150L,200L300L,500L
for 2-3 persons
for 7-8 persons
for 3-4 persons
for 8-10 persons
for 4-6 persons
Applicable Environment Temp.-15℃/45℃-15℃/45℃
General knowledge on “Home Use Thermodynamic Panel System” 

The technology of thermodynamic Panel System is the best advanced and efficient  to produce hot water in the present world. It represent the trend of solar water heater in future.The system is mainly composed by four part:thermodynamic solar panel,thermodynamic block(or magic box),water cylinder,and copper connecting pipe.Refrigerant R410a is prefilled in the factory.What the user need to do is just connect every part just as manuel shows.Installation is very simple.

For consumptions per 1 degree electricity energy ,it can produce 4 to 7 degrees electricity quantity of heat from the low-temperature heat source.Energy saving effect is very significant Compared  with traditional solar water heater, or air source to water, thermodynamic Panel System is more efficient and the effect is more apparent . Combined with the advantages of solar energy and air energy ,it is more energy saving than that both above. When solar shine,the system produce energy mainly from solar.If there is no sun, it also can provide hot water by compressor unit, so it overcomes the defects of the solar energy water heater without sunshine, and the problems of air source with poor effect at low temperature environment.

Main features of smartclima`s Thermodynamic Panel System :
# heats water to 55℃ all the year round
# works in sun,rain,cloud and at nightime
# can be mounted vertically on walls
# outstanding thermal efficiency
# robust aluminium panels (weight 8 kg)
# suitable for domestic and commerical
# significantly reduces carbon omissions

Installation manuel for Thermodynamic Panel System:


Thermodynamic Panel System
Thermodynamic Panel System


Thermodynamic Panel System,a hybrid system which can work in Sunny,in Cloudy,In Rainly,in Snowy,to generate hot water with an economical way.It is taken as the future hot water system in worldwide.

F.A.Q on Thermodynamic Panel System

Do the panels rust?
The panels are aluminium anodised, so corrosion is not an issue.

Can the panels be painted?
Yes but ideally in dark colours.You can paint it easily and economically after long time if necessary.

How do you fix the panels?
The panels can be fixed by the six mounting holes.

Can thermodynamic solar panel hot water system be used for heating purpose? 
Answer: Yes, the persimmon appliances according to your heating area to configure the appropriate number of panels on the ground laying copper tube, you can use for complete indoor heating.   No water heating does not scale with low energy consumption.

The running cost of thermodynamic solar panel hot water system?  
Answer: the average annual water heating systems less than 1 kWh of electricity a day, anhydrous 100 square meter thermal insulation construction of heating power consumption of less than 12 degrees.

Why thermodynamic solar panel hot water system can run in low cost?
Answer: different thermodynamic solar panel hot water system circulating host input power 320W, outputs 1140W of power, an ambient temperature of 7 ℃ efficiency ratio was 4.5.   System does not have electric heating.

The Thermodynamic Panel System that works in all weathers!
this system not only works with temperatures -15℃ it also works in sun,rain,cloud and also in the hours of darkness.

YOU advertisment YOUR Unit work -15℃ degrees but other brand for same offer only 7℃ degrees Please describe why.
Because other brand system uses R134a,and our system uses R410a.As you know,R134a has a boiling point of -14.9 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas R410 boils at -61.9 degrees.Then you can understand why our unit work -15℃degrees but they for same offer only 7℃ degrees.

What temperature thermodynamic panel system can be achieved for bathing ?  
Answer: the national water temperature is higher than 40℃, thermodynamic solar panel hot water system can reach 55 degrees centigrade, as higher temperatures can be set manually.

What temperature thermodynamic solar panel hot water system can reach for indoor?  
Answer: the standard thermal insulation construction cases, standard equipment for the indoor temperature 17 ° c, if higher temperatures are required to inform the technician for your configuration changes.

How long does it take  to reach 55 ℃ hot water heating ?  
Answer: this depends on the specifications of the tank and capacity, in about 2 hours in the summer, winter 4-6 hours.

Can thermodynamic solar panel hot water system it take withstand Legionella?
Answer: Legionella bacteria survive in below 50 ° c environment, in 37 degrees Celsius water temperature ,it is most active.  But thermodynamic solar panel hot water system set temperature 55 ℃, often use breeding ground for Legionella.

Do we need built-in electric heating?
Answer: without electric heating for the domestic hot water system.For  Project of hot water,it can be configured according to the actual situation.

Thermodynamic panel is installed at any direction?
Answer: Yes, the system faces south to reach maximize energy efficiency, but without mandatory limits.   If possible try to avoid Northwest or Northeast.

What`s dimension of thermodynamic solar panel ?and how many panels do I need?
Answer: 100L water heater panels for 1700mm*800mm,150L and 200L need 1pc 1700mm*800mm.   Installation angle of between 10 °-90 °.

How many panels are needed to provide hot water for a family of 5 persons?
For a family of 5 persons, the system normally used will be with 1 solar panel.

What`s weight of thermodynamic solar panel ?    
Answer: weight ≤ 7KG, thickness 2MM, borders, 20MM.

The collector must be installed on the roof?
Answer: no limit. They can be installed in open spaces, balconies and walls.   Tilt angle 10 °-90 °, the best angle of 45 °-90 °.

If a leak occurs, gases are toxic?  
Answer: no, we use environmentally friendly refrigerants, and don’t harm the atmosphere do not cause harm to the human body.

Is it necessary to fill the refrigerant on a regular basis?  
Answer: no, the system is completely closed.

What distance between thermodynamic block and thermodynamic solar panel?  
Answer: typically optimal distance should be controlled to within 10 meters.

How long is the life of the thermodynamic solar panel ?
Answer: thermodynamic solar panel  is made of are made of corrosion-resistant metal, highly corrosion-resistant surface with special coatings.   After 1000 hours of salt spray test, life of more than 25 years.

How to fix thermodynamic solar panel ?
Answer: the collector frame has 6  holes, use the L type bracket to fix it on the wall or ground.   10 °-90 ° angle is permitted, but must ensure that each fixed point of the panel is on a flat surface.

How do I determine what size water heater I need?
Answer: the 100L is for family of 3people,it can meet the domestic hot water demand. 150L meets 3-5 people to use, 200L can meet 5-8 people to use.   You can choose according to your situation.

 Do I need regular maintenance?Is failure rate high?
Answer: no,you just need to check the situation of magnesium rods  every 6 months  (depends on the local water quality).   If the water hardness is high,we recommend the installation of a water purifier or filter.

Can it connect to different types of heating equipment?
Answer: Yes, you can choose thermodynamic solar panel no water heating system, which is a separated system.   You can also connect it to the traditional heating water radiator.

 Can it produce hot water on cloudy or snow days?
Answer: Yes, the panel not only absorbs solar energy and but also absorb heat from air flow. Regardless of the day or night, cloudy or rain or snow, it can work properly.   Water heater is not heating, it hosts conveying panels absorb heat through the coil of the heat to the radiator, after completion of heat through the host access panels for the next round of the cycle.

Can it work for swimming pool heating?  
Answer: Yes, it can shorten the period of return on investment.

What are the specifications of the water tank?
Answer: home system with 100L,150L and 200L to choose from.   Accept customized water tank.

Do I need to install special pipes?  
Answer: no, can be compatible with the existing waterways.

Is there any special procedure to verify setup`s quality?
Answer: check whether the refrigerant piping leaks by useing soap water.

Is there any after-sales guarantees?
Answer: the collector warranty 15years and water tank for 3 years.

What`s COP on Thermodynamic Panel System?
Answer: In winter with temperature -20℃ , COP is 3.5; in Typhoon season, COP of 5.5; Average COP value is 3.5-7 approximately

thermodynamic block installation-1 thermodynamic block installation-2

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    Cost of each solar panel and control unit

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    I find it hard to figure out from your diagrams on your website if you can link a thermodynamic cylinder to the underfloor heating as well as your hot water? What size of cylinder would you recommend to combine underfloor heating and hot water? How many panels?
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    I need the technical specifications for the different components making up the system, and total electrical load used by the solution.

    Thank you

  • Catherine

    We are building a new green building,and want to get hot water in winter from thermodynamic panel system.My building takes 150 square meters,and heating areas about 120square meters,there are 4 room.Could you recommend which model fit for my building?I learn much knowledge about thermodynamic solar technology,and am interested in this new energy saving water heater with energy panel.Please help. Thank you.

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      Also I assume you only intend to use through out the winter in favour of tradition thermal during the summer?

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