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Thermodynamic Block

Thermodynamic  Block

Thermodynamic BlockEnergy Saving Item:Thermodynamic Block,Heat Block,working with thermodynamic solar panel

Short Description:Thermodynamic solar panel hot water system is a latest technology as a new future water heating device.It hybridizes the advantages of air source energy and solar energy to heat water.Therefore,it can work in any weather,in sun,cloudy,rainy, windy,even in snow.Because of its high COP and short payback time,it is developed to be a future eco-friendly water heating system.This heat block is the most important in thermodynamic solar panel hot water system,to raise refrigerant temperature to the target temperature.Touch panel controlling drive refrigerant from panel to compress,then the heated refrigerant is driven into the solar copper coil inside of water cylinder.The block couldn`t work indepently.It must work with thermodynamic panel together.Low noise and long service-life.

Installation type:Split type,Wall hanging

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.Is available to sell in retail or in bulk quantity by container.

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Thermodynamic block(heat block) is mainly part in thermodynamic panel system.It is controlled by computer panel to drive refrigerant from panel to compress,then the heated refrigerant is driven into the solar copper coil inside of water cylinder.The block couldn`t work indepently.It must work with thermodynamic panel together.

Parameters and models on thermodynamic block made by Smartclima:





~220V 50HZ

~220V 50HZ

Rated Water Output Temperature



Rated  Heat Capacity Output (W)



Rated Power Input(W)



Rated Current Input(A)



Noise   ( (dB) A)

≤ 45

≤ 45

Heat Block size(mm):



Panel Size(mm) & Panel Qty.

1700×800, 1 panel

1700×800, 2 panels

Water Tank Capacity(L)




TSP02-100, for 2-3 persons

TSP02-150, for 3-4 persons

TSP02-200; for 4-6 persons

TSP03-300, for 7-8 persons

TSP03-500, for 8-10 persons

Applicable Environment Temp.



Thermodynamic block Running operation(Touch Panel)

1.Switch the unit :
Press “Power” button to decide “On / Off” mode, the heating indicator will be on, the tank temperature is showed at the left and the current tank temperature is showed at the middle and also,time,week and day or night are showed at the above.

2.Set time:
Press ” SET” for 5 seconds and you can choose ” calibration of hour “, “calibration of minute ” ,” calibration of week “, ” hour set for time to start ” ,”minute set for time to start ” ,” hour set for time to shut down “,”minute set for time to shut down “.

Press ” UP ” “DOWN” to calibrate or to set time to start/shut down.

Press ” SET” for 5 seconds in time calibration mode and then press “SET” again in time setting mode.

Press “ON/OFF” once to open the function of time to start and press “UP” “DOWN” to adjust time; To cancel the this function: press ” SET” for 5 seconds and then press ” SET” again to time to start, press “ON/OFF” once and the function can be canceled.

  To set the time / to shut down is the same with time to start.

3.Set temperature:

Press “SET” to set temperature mode and press “UP” “DOWN” to set water tank temperature. Press ” SET” once to cancel the temperature set.

4.Instruction for key operation:

  ON/OFF key : to start or shut down the unit ; time to start or time to shut down the unit.

  SET key : to set water tank temperature ; press this key for 5 seconds to set time, week and timing.

  UP/DOWN :In operation, press “UP” “DOWN” to adjust the setted temperature.In calibration of time / timing ,press “UP” “DOWN” to adjust the setted time.

For more details on thermodynamic block and system connection,pls send email to us.

CE is approved for our heat block(thermodynamic block).

thermodynamic block with panel


“1″ Liquid pipe to connect to thermodynamic panel inlet;

“2″ Vapour pipe to connect to thermodynamic panel outlet;

“3″ Vapour pipe to connect to  coil inlet of water cylinder;

“4″ Liquid pipe to connect to  coil outlet of water cylinder;



Temperature sensor head with sensor wire is from Heat block,it is pre-installed in the heat block.What you need to do is just to insert the sensor head into the temperature sensor hole on cylinder,and then the heat block can feel the water temperature in the cylinder.

thermodynamic block installation-1 thermodynamic block installation-2

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  1. hi, could you let me know how much is the thermodynamic block and if we can have some kind of discount based in the number of units we want to order?
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  2. Dear Sir

    Our company would be interested in reselling thermodynamic systems in Romania. Please contact us by mail with a price quote for this category


  3. Dear Sir.
    Our company is interested in your products TSP02 & TSP03, prices if we buy one units of both models. Additionally we need to know the brand and model of refrigeration compressor that you apply in those units.

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