The problem of Air conditioner bracket overage “service”

Yesterday, I arrived at the shengli Street in a residential area, in a residential building staircases, hanging 30 outside air conditioning machines, these machines are at the bottom A/C bracket. Author notes, some air conditioning outside brackets have different degrees of aging, stents have rusted, see how it used to be.

Subsequently, the author visited 4 older neighbourhoods in succession, many aging air conditioner bracket corrosion conditions exist in residential buildings.     These brackets at the top, to passers-by for security breaches, and some low floor stand, could see the rust on the surface of Standard Chartered, was getting a little nervous by the men.     In addition to air conditioning hack, some residents in the racks are installed on the external wall of the stairs, there are rusted.     Passers-by bracket will drop the author interview at any time found, the vast majority of residents thought that the air conditioner is well once and for all of the installation of air-conditioning, not considering air conditioning bracket to be aging, always felt that as long as the air conditioning doesn’t work, the stent should not be a problem. Public home air conditioning installations for almost 4 years. He told me that since the air conditioner once it is installed, haven’t noticed hanging outside the House, air conditioning stent. “Never thought air conditioning bracket will have a bad day, you say, really are worried about the wrong kind of I have to check.     “Mr Cheung said. “I dare not go close to the wall for fear of old air conditioning upstairs racks or shelves falling. “Public song lady told me that themselves outside the walls of the danyuanlou households in residential air conditioning outside. Last summer, when she was stopped by and felt something fell on his neck, took a look, turned out to be air conditioner rust residue of stent, which has haunted her. “Air conditioning bracket weathered outdoors, the losses quickly if hit people hold down, may be in trouble. “And the song Lady, in an interview, many people, air conditioning stent safety concerns. “The thing that hangs in the air like little time bombs that once exploded, the consequences would be unthinkable.     “A member of the public said.     General steel frame is safe to use 6 years yesterday, the author learned from the municipal industrial and commercial sector, currently, there is no unified national quality standards for the air conditioner bracket, then the air conditioner bracket service period is long, its replacement and who is responsible? Author then contacted a certain brand of air conditioning Distributor. According to the sales personnel, currently available on the most common air conditioning brackets made of ordinary steel and stainless steel, the former safety period of about 6 years or so, which is safe to use for a period of 10 years. “After consumers buy air conditioning, general contact after-sales personnel on-site installation by us, in the ‘ guarantees ‘ within as soon as air conditioning bracket problems, consumers can contact the after sales repair and replacement.     “The salesman said. According to the relevant laws and regulations, buildings, structures or any other facilities and shelving, hanging off, falling damage is caused to others, owners, administrators or users cannot prove that he is not at fault, he shall assume the tort liability; the owner, Manager or by using the compensation, there are other responsible persons shall be entitled to recourse against other liable persons.     In this regard, the author consulted the Zhuo Shi law firm Wang Yuyi, Shandong. Wang Yuyi believes that air conditioning outside or cradle fall accident, the responsibility determination of the existence of a variety of situations. If delivery of the new building, by developers to install air conditioner bracket, then the responsibility lies with the developers, but developers have a right of recourse against installation unit; new buildings or old buildings, the mounting bracket by the residents themselves, then the responsibility lies with the people themselves, too, residents also have the right to recourse against installation unit. Wang Yuyi reminded members of the public, it is important to strengthen the maintenance of air conditioner bracket, use longer air conditioning brackets, replacement in a timely manner to avoid safety accident

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