The Advantages and Defect in Fan-coil air conditioning system

Fan-coil air conditioning system in air water is a main type of air conditioning system, to meet the high-rise building (hotels, office buildings, Department stores, hospitals, apartment buildings, etc) surrounding space sensible heat load fluctuations of needs and a wide range of applications. But everything has two sides, linyi air mesh concrete explanation in this respect.
wind machine disc tube of main advantages is: (1) layout flexible, the room can alone regulation temperature, room can’t when can off unit, not effects other room of using; (2) saves run costs, run costs and Dan Feng road system compared to about low 20–30%, than induced players low seen, and integrated investment costs General same, even slightly low, (3) can bear 80% of indoor load, and full air system comparison, saves space; (4 ) Unit stereotyped, standardized, easy to select an installation. The disadvantages are: (1) dispersed sets of unit, maintenance inconvenient; (2) transitional season cannot use the new wind, (3) small restricted air distribution units, suitable depth in 6m’s room, normally taken in conjunction with fresh air system.

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  1. a.
    -an approach to alter the air temperature from th diffusers.
    b-an approach to differ the fan speed at the air handler.
    c-an approach to vary the air volume to satisfy space temperature.
    d-all of the above.


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