Temperature operated water valve



Temperature operated water valve

Description: Temperature operated water valve

for press cooling systems, roller mills and industrial laser cooling waterways

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The temperature type water regulating valve is signaled by the temperature of the cooling water outlet. In general, the regulating valve is installed on the inlet pipe of the cooling water, and the temperature sensing package is inserted in the cooling water outlet pipe. When working, if the temperature felt by the temperature sensor is increased, the valve is opened; otherwise, it is lowered. If the temperature type water regulating valve is installed in the refrigerating device, it gradually opens as the condensing pressure increases until it is fully opened. In addition, the valve opening can be controlled when the temperature is lowered. It can be widely used in refrigeration, printing, food, clothing and chemical industries.

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When working, if the temperature felt by the temperature sensing bag rises, the medium pressure in the temperature sensing bag will increase accordingly, and the valve will be opened, otherwise the valve will be closed. The control temperature can be adjusted as required by turning the adjustment knob. When turning counterclockwise, the set temperature value is high; otherwise, it is lowered.


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