Star fangled nut,Tube inner locked nut


Sell Star fangled nut.Also names pipe claw nut,tube locked nut.Series of M4,M5,M6,M8,M10. When you want a steel pipe be connected with a screw,this inside nut will be your best choice.  It is always used inside of the steel pipe or tube to keep the nut installed,and thus you can put a screw into the nut.Made from Mn steel.Has many size.

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The Star Fangled Nut,also names Tube Inner Locked Nut,is a crucial component for securely attaching your fork to the headset, ensuring optimal stability and control during intense rides. Our  Star Fangled Nut provides extra reinforcement, preventing any unwanted movement or loosening of parts. Built to last and easy to install, these nuts are essential for any serious cyclist looking for enhanced performance and safety. Assemble your tube system with our top-notch Star Fangled Nut (Tube Inner Locked Nut) today!

Models and Details for “Star fangled nut,Tube inner locked nut”

Product name: Square or rectangle Plumbing Star shrapnel nut (connecting piece in the tube).It can be single star,double stars or three stars.

Function: Instead of the welding technology of the past, the locking screws can be directly inserted into the tube, which plays a good connection role.It also greatly reduces the cost and complexity of welding work.Aspects are also applicable.

Tensile test: The shrapnel is a high-elastic manganese steel sheet, which is not easy to break when disassembled at 180 degrees. The larger the specification, the greater the bearing strength.

Applicable industries: furniture tube, fitness equipment, display equipment, etc. All products related to the metal tube.

models of nuts

Two types: round type and rectangle type


installation sample of star fangled nut

rectangle Star fangled nut

oval aheadset star nut tube connecting nut for ellipse and flat pipe locking

Plum blossom shrapnel /star snap nut/steel lock nut.Our company’s existing product specifications and sizes are 14.5~48.5mm, and the outer diameter of non-standard parts  is riveted. The thread pattern of the inner hole of our company’s shrapnel nuts has metric threads with M6×1.0 thread distance, M8×1.25 thread distance, and M10×1.5 thread distance. British teeth have 1/4-20 teeth, 5/16-18 teeth, 3/8-16 teeth and so on.

【Diameter】 14.5-48.5mm

【Tolerance】 Outer diameter ±0.2mm

[Others] Smoothness 0.2    Concentricity 0.1

[Material] Spring steel 65Mn

[Surface treatment] oxidation blackening

[Customize] Drawing processing, sample processing

【Production equipment】 Molding machine Tapping machine Punching machine Automatic lathe

[Scope of application] The product is mainly suitable for hardware fastening accessories in furniture, shelf, bathroom, sports equipment and other industries.

Our facility and tool to manufacture “Star fangled nut,Tube inner locked nut”

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and an experienced team, we ensure precision and excellence in every step of the manufacturing process. Here are some of the top facilities and tools we utilize:

  1. CNC Machines: Our advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines enable precise cutting, shaping, and threading of the nut to achieve consistent dimensions and smooth finishes.
  2. Top Quality Materials: We source only premium-grade materials, such as stainless steel or durable alloys, ensuring the strength and longevity of our Star Fangled Nut.
  3. Heat Treatment Furnace: To enhance the nut’s hardness and durability, we adopt a heat treatment furnace that carefully controls the heating and cooling process, optimizing its mechanical properties.
  4. Threading Tools: Our specialized threading tools guarantee accurate and uniform threads on each Star Fangled Nut, allowing for a secure fit and easy installation.
  5. Quality Control Equipment: We utilize various quality control equipment, including gauges, micrometers, and optical measurement devices, to meticulously inspect and verify dimensions, tolerances, and overall product quality.

At our manufacturing facility, we prioritize quality, precision, and efficiency, resulting in exceptional Star Fangled Nuts that meet the highest industry standards.

 How to purchase “Star fangled nut,Tube inner locked nut”

  • The nuts are available for retail and wholesale;
  • Suggest to adopt the type +0.6mm more than your tube inner diameter.
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:

General Knowledge on “Star fangled nut,Tube inner locked nut”

Aheadset Star fangled nut,also names plum blossom shrapnel nut, is usually forced and inserted  into the metal threadless fork steering columns,metal pipe, tube or plumbing.It is used to set the preload adjustment on threadless headsets and thus enables the fork and headset parts to be slid into the head tube of the frame.They are made of two pieces of high-elastic manganese steel and rivet nuts through the riveting process. The connecting parts do not need to be welded. The product can greatly save costs and can firmly grasp your connecting steel pipe. Generally, the advantages of plum blossom shrapnel nuts are as follows:
Advantage 1: Double-layer manganese steel sheet, the surface has been specially treated, the oxidation resistance time has increased, and the problem of rust and shedding after a long time is no longer worried!
Advantage 2: The shrapnel is made of high-elastic manganese steel, which is not easy to break when folded in half at 180 degrees. The larger the specification, the greater the bearing capacity!
Advantage 3: It can be directly inserted into the pipe to tighten the screws, which plays a good connection role, greatly reducing the cost and the complexity of welding workmanship, convenient and practical!
Advantage 4: Optimize the production process, and the installation sequence of fasteners can be changed to ensure that the iron pipe will not have residual liquid left in the pipe due to electroplating!

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  • andy Pashouros

    I require M8 double-star nuts to fit 48mm OD tube with 2mm walls which gives a 44mm ID.

    I require 100pc to start with to see if they work.

    I require availability and cost, also shipping cost to Budapest Hungary


    p & d please on


    Z068 with an M5 thread approx diameter 17mm

  • Scott finlayson

    Hello Johnhua, We have sourced a pipe with an ID of 15.75mm. So if we add .6mm to that size we get 16.35 as a size of the star nut we need. From your chart of star nut sizes, there are no star nuts that would fit. Z067-1 is 15.2mm and Z068 is 17.2. Do you have a star nut that will work with our pipe dimension of 15.75?? If you do, would you please quote me on 1200 pieces? Thank you Sincerely Scott

  • Scott finlayson

    To Who it may concern, We are looking to buy 1200 star fangled nuts your part number Z068 with an M6 thread. Could you please provide us with a quote. Thank you Best Regards Scott

  • Jeff Sayegh

    Need bulk of bicycle star nuts for 25mm I.D. tube, need price for 1000 pieces

  • Darrick

    Star Fangled Nut:

    Square Tube
    OD: 2″, ID: 1.75″

    Square Tube
    OD: 1.75″ ID: 1.5″

    Square Tube
    OD: 1″ ID:0.875″

    1/4″ – 20 threads for bolt
    4,000 each size.

  • Swissforum. Frank Scheben


    we would like an offer for “Tub nut; Locked nut”. Modell Z068-2 18,3 mm M6

    The components are to be installed in pipes with the following dimensions:

    – Round Tube Outside Diameter 19mm
    – Round tube inner diameter 17mm !!! (see sketch „D”)
    – Internal thread M6 (see sketch „d“)
    – quantity 10.000 (how much is the minimum order quantity?)

    Regarding the material made from our side any preferences. The components are used exclusively for indoor use. You should be as favorable as possible !!!

    Best regards


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