Stainless Steel Profile Extrusion Fabrication

Stainless Steel Profile Extrusion Fabrication

Service: Stainless Steel Profile Extrusion Fabrication

Short Description:Extrude stainless steel to be many kinds of profiles,from small size to big profile.Can process and extrude stainless steel Grade 304,Grade 316L,Grade 430,and so on.As extremely hard metal,Stainess less has its own special extrusion method using huge compressive force to form complicated profile.After forming profiles,can do polishing and other surface process technology.

Material:  Stainless Steel Grade 304,Grade 316L,Grade 430,and so on.

Shape & Size: Customized according to drawing;

Place of Origin: China,Service to World;

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The following photos show you a SMALL PART samples of Metal Extrusion Fabrication which we did ago.



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Buying Guide to “Stainless Steel Profile Extrusion Fabrication”
  • Accept drawing to custom stainless steel profile;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Contact to discuss details;
General Knowledge on “Extrusion Fabrication”

Stainless Steel Extrusion steps:
(1) shall be in the form of a trapezoid warming is increasing hourly temperature 100 ℃, the final temperature of 380 ℃ -420 ℃.
(2) should choose the right rod, mold, if it is a special industry profiles should be performed in accordance with the provisions of the former heated to 480 ℃ -520 ℃, which is heated to 460 ℃ -500 ℃, and then the mold is also To insulation 2-4 hours.
(3) Start the extruder motor, so that the extruder is started. Just extruded, since the pressure slowly, and the medium-speed extrusion speed, may be suitably adjusted according to the surface quality of the profile.
(4) during the operation, to make the appropriate record.
In addition, during the operation, there are several things to note:
(1) When pressed, the case of the plug molding, etc., then the time is not more than 5 seconds.
(2) pay attention to safety when loading mode, should also pay attention to safety when the material.
(3) the temperature of the oil should be checked regularly, as well as bars and mold temperature should be checked.


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Stainless Steel extrude Profile

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