Stainless Steel Coil In Shell Heat Exchanger


Custom stainless steel coil in shell heat exchanger,coil and shell are all stainless steel.Impact coil bent and fixed on the shell, reaching maxium heat exchanging effience.Made from stainless steel grade 304 or 316,anti-corrision with long service life.It is widely adopted in the HVAC refrigeration systm.

Size/Dimension:(Accept customized dimension if you required).Defaulted size: Inner 12x1mm tube;with 3/4″ tube connector and 3/4″ water inlet and outlet;Shell size dia.170mm x length 500mm.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Customized type–“Stainless Steel Coil In Shell Heat Exchanger”

Advantage :

√ Made of seamless stainless steel 316L tube,can stand high pressure.
√ Shell is made of stainless steel 316 panel,can stand high pressure.
√ Can processed into any shape and size by your design,customized dimension is accepted.
√ Reached food grade standards.
√ Smooth inner surface and the water can circulate in the coil,small pressure-drop;
√ Good performance of anti corrision;

Feature :

  • Stainless steel have strong material strength ,the tensile strength is better than other materials ,
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger have many advantages ,such as strong pressure ,stability material properties ,high heat transfer efficiency ,wouldn’t contaminate medium and without refrigerant leakage .
  • Stainless steel has excellent temperature resistance , can prevent Frost Crack evaporator in the low temperature ,will safely working at minus 270 Deg C to 400 Deg C.
  • Stainless steel has good mechanical properties and good hot work ability for stamping and bending ,no heating treatment hardening.

Application :
This product is widely used for freezing industries,such as plating,oxidation,chemical industry,metallurgy,light industry,shipbuilding,heating, pharmaceutical,foodstuff ect, also for leather chiller, injection molding machine chiller, print chiller,PV shoe machine chiller and so on.

Dimension and Parameter:
Accept customized dimension.

SS-coil-in-shell-heat-exchanger coil-in-shell-heat-exchanger Stainless-steel-heat-exchanger heat-pump-heat-exchanger

Heat exchange
Capacity (HP)
Inner tube specification(mm)Tubing length(mm)Tube
Outer bucket
Diameter x Length
Water connector
1HP12x1mm6m3/8″170mm x 300mm 1″
2HP12x1mm9m3/8″170mm x 300mm1″
3HP12x1mm15m3/8″170mm x 400mm1″
4HP12x1mm17m3/8″170mm x 400mm1″
5HP12x1mm20m3/8″170mm x 500mm1″
6HP12x1mm23m3/8″170mm x 500mm1″


Type A, B, C–“Stainless Steel Coil In Shell Heat Exchanger”

Type A coil in shell heat exchanger

Type B coil in shell heat exchanger

Type C cooling heat exchanger

  • The products are available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:

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  • Michael Gaffney

    Stainless Steel Coil In Shell Heat Exchanger

    6HP 12x1mm 23m 3/8″ 170mm x 500mm 1″

    How much for 2 pcs and shipping

  • Vitaly

    I would like to receive an offer: 316L stainless steel coil heat exchanger.

    1) I need a Length 1000 mm. Outer bucket вiameter of 170mm x 1000 mm.
    2) Stainless Steel Double Coil Heat Exchanger 316L.

    3) Delivery to Estonia. Tallinn.
    What will be the price of the product + delivery?

    Best regards
    Vitaly Shupenia

  • Mars Hubbs

    Can I get a price for two of these heat exchangers, the 6HP capacity models. I would need these shipped to Columbia Missouri United States.

  • Nicola Accardo

    Good morning,

    I am interested into coil heat exchanger in shell. In my application, I have to cool down a gas and condense a part of water. For that purpose I want to use a simple coil like “impact coil exchanger”. As the gas is at 300C I need the 316L alloy. However, I need to know some dimensions. So could you please, send me dimensions of yours coil heat exchangers?


  • myeong soo park

    I would like to know the price of your company’s Stainless steel in Shell tube heat exchanger.

  • Craig Zych

    How much does this unit cost?

    Also what would it cost to for a slightly larger one that is around 200mm X 500mm

  • Eduardo Uranga

    Could you send a quote and complete specifications for the Stainless Steel grade 316L Coil Heat Exchanger



  • John Elmore

    The picture of the heat exchanger looks just like what we are looking for We manufacture truck mounted carpet cleaning machines and use the exhaust gases to heat the water this is a double helix stainless tube.

    Could you [please forward more info on your heat exchnger just like the picture.

    many thanks

    John Elomore

  • Alex

    How much is this heat exchanger in us dollars?

  • Tom

    I may be interested in your STAINLESS SHELL COIL IN SHELL HEAT EXCHANGER (316L) MEASURING 170MM x 500MM

    I’d like to get one piece to see the quality and if it is to expectations, I’d like to distribute to the Heating & Cooling customers.
    Please advise what freight charges to New York,New York, USA, zip code 10016. Also your price for this sample piece and general price in quantity. Usually one piece sample requires requires no import duty in USA—-can you check on this at your side??


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