Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub heater coils

For sale! These coil heaters are for sale.Wood fired burning hot tub coil heaters,Stainless steel coil heat xchanger for Dutch Tub, wood burning water heating coil thermosiphon device. It is a core component to DIY or Commercial-Build a wood burning hot tub,made from 100% stainless steel .

Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub coil heater coils
Stainless steel coil heat exchanger used as coil heater for wood burning fired hot tub


The best feature of this thermosiphon coil heater is that it is made  from special stainless steel ,which has best performance of heating transference efficiency and perfect fluency to water.It allows the water to circulate and become hotter and hotter by thermosiphon without pump,just by burning wood pieces and blocks.In adition,it is food-grade,long service life,especailly can work with salt or marine water.These coils are always used to heat water in a tank, barrel, tub, or swimming pool just by burning wood.And so,it is important part and accessory if you want to DIY build or commercially make a wooden fired hot tub,finally to let users can quickly set up a wood burning hot tub while they are camping at backyard or backcountry,where they don’t have electricity or gas.

Outstanding feature: No need electricity,gas or other power, heat tub water just by burning wood pieces, then enjoy a good outdoor bath…

Material: Carefully selected stainless steel with special heating performance, food grade, salty water resistant.Tube diameter can be 25mm, 32m,40mm,the default tube diameter is 25mm.

Place of origin: Made in China,Manufacturer Direct-Sale; sells globally.

We are proud to annouce that Smartclima is the earliest designer and developer for the coil heater used on wood fired hot tub.And also,we are the best professional and largest manufacturer for this product in world!

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A video on “SS Coil Heat-Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub heater coils”

This video was recorded by one of our customers from Australia who brought coil heat exchanger for hot tub from Smartclima.

Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub

Purchaseing models on “SS Coil Heat-Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub heater coils”


Type A Option 1A&1B:
Heater Coil  only (Type A Option 1A);
Heater Coil  +Supporter+ Fire holder (Type A Option 1B)

Hot tub heater coil option 1A coil only
Buying Option: Type A Option 1A
Hot tub heater coil option 1B coil kit
Buying Option: Type A Option 1B

Type A Option 1A is the coil heater only,non-includes any other parts. And Type A Option 1B includes coil heater,ground stand(coil support) and wood fire holder.The two options can meet most customers` requirement on DIY making their own tubs. Just use hose to connect your tub fittings and the coil`s inlet and outlet.No other procedures. Notice:when you drill hole on tub wall, assure the upper hole will be lower than water level in tub,which can help to improve heating effience and reduce heating time.

Type B Option 1A&AB:
Heater Coil  only + Control valve (Type B Option 1A) ;
Heater Coil 
+ Control valve +Supporter+ Fire holder (Type B Option 1B)

This is coil heater type B option 1A
Buying Option: Type B Option 1A


wood fired tub coil heater type B option 1B
Buying Option: Type B Option 1B

Type B Option 1A is the coil heater with stop valve and water inlet faucet inlined,from which the water can flow into the coil and your tub. And Type B Option 1B increase the fire burning holder and coil ground supporting.

Instruction: For type B coil kit comes with a brass control valve with in-water quick connector.  The brass valve is used to let you control the water temperature in tub:when feels water is too hot,just shut off the valve,and the water stop flowing immdiately to prevent water temperature from rising. The quick connector is used to let us connect water pipe to water source fauce.After irrigate the water to a suitable height( usually need to be over than the upper pipe port),just shut off the small valve.

Type A  Option 2A&2B:
Heater Coil + Detachable Flanges (
Type A Option 2A);
Heater Coil  +Detachable Flanges + Supporter+ Fire holder (Type A Option 2B)

wooden fired tub heater coil option 2A
Buying Option: Type A Option 2A

Type A Option 2A increase two flanges based on Type A Option 1A,they are detachable.Of course,if you don`t need,you can screw off them.

wooden fired hot tub heater coil option 2B
Buying Option: Type A Option 2B

Type A Option 2B increase two flanges and wood bracket and ground supporter based on Type A Option 1B.

Type B  Option 2A&2B:
Heater Coil + Control valve +
Detachable Flanges (Type B Option 2A);
Heater Coil  +Control valve + Detachable Flanges + Supporter+ Fire holder (Type B Option 2B)

wood burning tub coil heater type B option 2A
Buying Option: Type B Option 2A


DIY wood burning hot tub`s parts coil heater type B option 2B
Buying Option: Type B Option 2B

For Type B Option 2A and Option 2B, just increase brass stop valve with water inlet faucet,with which you can control valve the temperature in your tub (when too hot,just stop off).

Type A Option 3: Coil Kit,Comes with accessories(See below description):

Stainless steel hot tub coil kit option 3
Buying Option: Type A Option 3


Stainless steel heat exchanger coil for wooden fired hot tub option 3
Buying Option: Type A Option 3
The option 3 kit includes:
  • SS coil,used for heat the water in tub;
  • Detachable stainless steel flange,to install the coil onto the tub with fasteners;
  • Smoke Guard,prevent smoke blow to the person who are soaking in tub;
  • Wind Guard,prevent fire heat blow to the air.This guard is helpful to keep heat and improve coil working effience;
  • Wood Basket/holder,to hold burning wood under the coil,hold fire;
  • Water flowing stopper.When the heater coil is working,maybe you will feel the water in the tub is hotter and hotter,and then you want to prevent the water into the coil from heating.Then,you can use this accessory-water flowing stopper,very easy to use and stop the water flow into the coil immediately.A very useful item.
  • Ground stand.(If no special requirment,will delivery height 250mm).

Type B Option 3: Coil Kit,Comes with accessories(See below description):

DIY wood burning fired hot tub part coil heater type B option 3
Buying Option: Type B Option 3

Type A Option X: Heater coil + Flexible extending hose + Attached flange valve,(options:  fire holder; ground stand)

Option X comes with tank/tub/barrel connector kit as following,and use high-temperature-standing rubber hose to connect heater coil and tub. This design is widely used when DIY your wood burning hot tub. The connecting kit has ball valve,when the water in tub is over heat,you can close off this valve,easy to use.

wood burning coil heater with connector
Buying Option: Type A Option X


fired heating coil for hot tub with connecting tube
Buying Option: Type A Option X

tub tank or barrel connector

The connector has two size 25mm and 32mm, to connect coil with different pipe diameter:25mm and 32mm.

Type B Option X: Heater coil + Control valve + Flexible extending hose + Attached flange,(options:  fire holder; ground stand)

DIY hot tub part coil heater with valve
Buying Option: Type B Option X


Add-on kit–Roasting/Baking/Cooking grille ( It is optional part,if you also need it,please let us know).

The coil heater should be not only for heating your tub,it should do more works.And so, Smartclima explore more functions.Check below images,the add-on kit—Roasting/Baking/Cooking grille can let your heater have Roasting/Baking/Cooking function immediately.Especially,when you need to put in wood into coil,just onely need to move the grille away,no need to take it off again and again,very  easy to operate. The kit is made from food grade stainless steel,not rust.

Add-on kit-- Roast grille for hot tub coil the roast grille can be rotating away not only for heat tub but also can bake cook

Optional part — DC Pump,  help you to pump water from river,sea,and other water source into your tub.

When you are going to use your hot tub in backcountry,maybe you will meet the trouble of carrying water by hand,which is a big project for one people to fill full the tub. And so,maybe you`ll consider to have a pump to solve this problem. Smartclima already consider for you, you can choose following pump to help you save laboury:

water pump for hot tub to pump water from river into the tube when you are in backcountry
You can use your own battery(12V, 24V, 48V,60V or 72V), or use the battery in your E-bike or car to drive the pump.

water pump for hot tub to pump water from river into the tube when you are in backcountry

DC pump selections
DC pump selections

 Product details for “Wood burning hot tub coil”

Coil details:

SS Tube size:Tube diamater 25mm * 1.5mm wall thickness
Size of coil part: Dia.35 * 30 height (cm)
Tube end:Threaded.
Circles:8 circles.
Supporter height: 25cm(if you require other height,please let us know when place order).
Notice:The below pictures are just for reference
Package:1 unit / package.




stainless steel polished-pipe

hot tub tread with cover protector

Water flowing stopper for heater coil

Benefits of a fire hot tub heater coil:

1. The heater spiral coil is made of seamless stainless steel (304) tube and can withstand high pressure.

2. Cleanliness and health.As the material is food grade stainless steel 304,

3.Long service life.As the heater coil is made from quality stainless steel tube, it is anti-corrosion, and thus, it is the best choice for the outdoor environment.

4.It is not heavy, easy to transport, and a good choice for a camping experience.

5. For manufacturing, we can process it into any shape and size of your design. Customized dimensions are accepted.

6.Nice looking. The surface is polished and meets food grade standards.

7.A smooth inner surface and a small pressure drop allow water to circulate in the coil;

8.Excellent temperature resistance, can prevent frost cracking evaporator in low temperatures, and can work safely at minus 270 °C to 400 °C.

9.with stainless steel flanges to attach to the hot tub;

10. With all the accessories for you to build a complete hot tub.

11.Give you a good outdoor bathing experience. Enjoy your spare time.


[1] Stainless steel has strong material strength. The tensile strength is better than other materials.

[2] Stainless steel heat exchangers have many advantages, such as strong pressure, stability material properties, high heat transfer efficiency, won’t contaminate the medium and no refrigerant leakage.

[3] Stainless steel has excellent temperature resistance and can prevent frost crack evaporator in low temperatures, operating safely from -270 °C to 400 °C.

[4] Stainless steel has good mechanical properties and good hot work ability for stamping and bending, and no heating treatment hardening.

[5]It can be attached to a fiberglass soaking hot tub, a portable waterproof cloth tub, an old-fashioned tin tub, a wood tub, or any other bath tub.

[6] principle: The basic coil was housed in a heater where firing and fire inside the coil produced heat and exchanged heat with the water recycling inside the tube. It can be used in a straight-sided bath tub.

Application :
These coils are often used as heat exchanger for DIY construct wood fired outdoor hot tub,putting at your backyard,backgarden or for backcountry camping,enjoy your fired soaking bath!

Wood Fired Thermosyphon Heater,hot tub heat exchanger,burning a fire with wood outdoor in coil,as the best important part designed especially for  dutch tub,Pool Heater ,and wood fired outdoor hot tub,burning a fire in the coil to heat cool water,used as heat exchanger,utilizing thermodynamic nature circulation cycle principle to heat the water in the tub,circulate the water through the coil(water comes in at the bottom of coil,heats up,and thus absorb heat energy from hot coil tube,and then flows out at the top back into the tub),thus also named Hot tube heater coil.

Made from polished stainless steel with high heat exchanging effience and perfect heat transfer efficiency performance,stability material properties.Has excellent temperature resistance , can prevent Frost Crack evaporator in the low temperature ,will safely working at minus 270 Deg C to 400 Deg C.Maximum Working Pressure:4.5Mpa,can heat more than 200gallon water.

wood fired coil heater

How to order “Fire heated hot tub coil”?

  • The stainless steel coil heat exchanger for dutch tub is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Pls indicate us the quantity you need,so that we can calculate the shipping charges;After you confirm the price,we`ll send the invoice via Paypal for you to pay.We also accept payment method of Western Union or Bank wire;
  • Please contact us to email: [email protected]
  • To today,we already sold out more than 1500pcs Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub,and get 100% positive feedback! 

F.A.Q concerning for coil heater

What is Wood Burning Coil Heater For Hot Tub?

The fired hot tub with heating coil works depending on the principle of natural hot circulation.The coil of burning wood pieces heats the water,the hot water goes up and is forced to the tub through the spiral coil. At the same time,the coil's bottom entrance draws in cold water from the tub,because the cold water always sinks.During this cycle,the water in the tub becomes more and more hot without electricity power or gas to drive.

Can I DIY construct my own hot tub using this wood burning coil heater?

Yes,of course. You just need to prepare for a bath tub and a driller, and the coil kit including all other accessories will do rest works for you. If you want to have a complete set of tub+coil or portable type to use anytime anyplace,just leave message to us,we can help.

How long should I wait to heat up my wood fired hot tub?

The heating time of the tub is affected by the volume of water in your tub,and also is affected the temperatures of the water and the surrounded air.With our test,using tub with 0.80CBM or 200 gallons. water,it takes about 1.5 hours to heat up from 18°C (64°F) to 40°C (104°F maximum suggested temperature), or about 2 hours if the original temperature is around 13°C (55°F).Of course,if you can do some insulation work arround your tub,heating time can be reduced.In addition,a very important factor is that the upper outlet must be lower about 5cm than the water level in tub,which can speed up heating water.

Can I use copper pipe to make this coil heater?

Yes,but no necessary.At the begin minutes,copper is fast to heat up, but after 5 minuts,stainless steel can reach the same heating performance and speed as copper pipe does.And also,you know,copper will take much more cost than that made from stainless steel tube.Another possible problem is that the copper tube will melt and become deformed after long-time burning,but stainless steel tube wouldn`t.

What is best feature of this coil heater?

After do much reseaching work and many tests,finally to choose this special stainless steel tube to fabricate with perfect parameters and best performance of heating transference efficiency.In adition,it is food-grade,long service life,especailly can work with salt or marine water.Different with electrical heater or gas burning heater, this heating coil doesn`t require any other power,just need some solid wood blocks.

At what temperature can the coil work? it may be used in temperatures as low as 0℃?

The coil heater is made from special stainless steel,and so,no problem to use it under 0℃. But if used in very cold days which will have ice,we suggest you to drain out inner water after bathing which can help prolong its service life.

How many persons can soak in tub with this coil?

It depends on your tub volume.If your tub is big enough,then it can work for 4 adults or 6 children.Of course,the bigger your tub,the longer time to wait.

Do you have DC pump,with which I can pump water from river into my tub?

Yes,we have it.You can check our below article,with this pump,you can pump water from any water source into your tub,save labour and quick speed. You can use your own battery(12V,24V, 48V, 60V,72V or battery in your E-bike or car to drive the pump).By this way,no worry filling water into tub when you are using the kit at backcounty.

What is the best way to manage the water's temperature?

To maintain the proper temperature, one way is to stop adding wood pieces to the fire after it reaches your desired level of heat.There is plenty of time to respond if the water temperature begins to become overheat.
The other way is that,if you require,we will also can equip a stop valve for the heating coil kit (See above Option X). Once it reaches your desired temperature, you can switch off the valve. Then the flow of water will stop immediately, thus stops the temperature in the tub from rising.

General Knowledge on “Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub heater coils”

principle Wood-Fired-Hot-Tub-workingThe fire hot Coil Heat Exchanger works depending on the principle of natural hot circulation.  Natural hot circulation refers to: in a closed system,depending on density difference between hot and cold water,to form circulating liquid to drive an energy transmission. In the dutch tub coils,the cold water flows in from the bottom tail pipe,and goes up in form of spiral state,during this process,absorbing fire heat to let the water inside gradually become hot,and finally flows into the tub.During this cycle,the water in the tub becomes more and more hot…For DIY your own outdoor hot tub,please refer to this article.

The wood fired Hot Tub,used as hot tub heat exchanger, was just to utilize the Coil Heat Exchanger works depending on the principe of natural circulation to warm water to have a bath.

Without electricity or gas, some persons can enjoy bathing together in a Wood-Fired Hot Tub in free and relax yourself at most.

This simplicity still appeals to many people. But also the rituals around it, like gathering the wood, burning the wood, regulating the stove and the heat, mixing the water up front. And then enjoy the rising steam and noises from the heater…….

In that respect a Wood fired Hot Tub is a total different product compared with the Jacuzzi from today which is working on electricity.

What is a Wood fired Hot Tub? A Hot Tub generally consists of the following components:

A heater / stove (made of stainless steel) being a sort of metal container below the water in which you can burn the wood. This heater has 2 openings that are above the water, 1 for air and landing with a wooden lid with wooden handle, and 1 for smoke exhaust. All our stoves are made of 2-3 mm stainless steel.

A chimney connected to the air pipe of the stove. This is a long metal pipe with a cap that serves as a spark arrestor.

A protective panel around the stove protecting you from burning on a hot stove.

Benches all around, so you can sit and relax. On request benches are removable for cleaning purposes.

Drink holders depending on the model attached to the cap of the stove, sometimes attached to the exterior. You can keep your drink or snack at a place holder.

A ladder, to be able to take place in the wooden bathtub.

A lockable wooden lid, Wood-Fired Hot Tub at the end when you can not use it. This prevents such leaves may fall, or insects get in the water.dutchtub-works

A stop so you can dirty water drains and evt. aanluitmogelijkheid one can achieve in the stormwater or sewer for dirty water.

Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub is the rings around the Tobbe Tobbe which you can sue. Suppose that Tobbe has shrunk slightly in dry weather, you can tighten the straps slightly. On the stove side you can usually tighten the straps. This is a great product!

Helpful articles or resource on “Wood fired hot tub”

Enjoy outdoor hot bath

Want to enjoy an outdoor hot bath with a wood fire coil heater (as picture shows)? For many people, this is a romantic, luxurious and inaccessible lifestyle. However, this will become possible if you DIY a hot tub like this and it is not difficult. So in the following article, we will share more comprehensive steps for DIY a wood burning hot tub. Hope it is helpful to everyone.

First, prepare the following materials and tools:
A bathtub. You can get a bathtub from various channels, you even can also use an old bathtub to retrofit it, or you can use wood pieces to build a bathtub yourself.

Some copper pipes or stainless steel tubes and water tank connectors.The diameter of copper tube should be bigger than 19mm in order to have a good heating speed.

Prepare a drill for drilling holes on the bathtub.Alternatively, you can add an optional drain plug to the side of the bathtub near the bottom so that you can easily drain water as needed.

The following steps you can follow:
1. Choose where to build the bathtub.From the simplest perspective, you must decide where to build the bathtub. If unsure, look for an area that will not affect the house or its light at all, preferably near to water.

2. Prepare the ground.Once you decide where to build your bathtub, you need to level the ground and remove things like spikes that could damage the bathtub. Then place the bathtub on that flat ground.

3.Make a heating coil or diy heat exchanger for hot tub . You can use copper tube to bend to be coil to heat the water in the bathtub. Or you can buy a good Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub  directly from Smartclima, it has a more reasonable design,peaceful flowing and heats up faster,it looks more beautiful.

4. Drill holes on the tub or tank.Use a drill to make holes on the wall of bathtub or water tank. The size of the hole should match the size of connection kit. The position of the hole should be determined according to the position of the inlet and outlet pipe of the heater coil.But notice to let the water outlet keeps under the water level in tub,which can speed up the heating time.

5. Add accessories. Put the water tank connection fitting through the hole and sealed it with a silicone sealant. Then connect the heating coil and bathtub connector with a high temperature resistant water pipe.The ends of your own heating coils may be slightly bent, so trim them before inserting them into the accessory. Put some bricks under the coil heater so that the height of the coil is consistent with the height of the bathtub hole.

Done. Then fill the bathtub with water and burn wood in the coil. Note that the height of the water in tube should be higher than the opening hole in the bathtub, this can greatly shorten the heating time.

Improvement ideas:

It is recommended to use plastic bathtubs or wooden bathtubs, as this will help to save wood.
Creating a stove-like enclosure around the coil will make the system more fuel efficient and help draw the smoke out of the barrel.
If the cost allows, it is recommended to increase the number of coils, which will speed up the heating.
It is recommended to use larger diameter copper and stainless steel pipes to increase the heating rate.


Stainless steel coil heater for wood burning fired hot tub and dutch tub,Direct-sale by manufacturer
Stainless Steel Coil Heat Exchanger for dutch tub,Wood fired hot tub heater coils 1

Sell coil heater for you DIY wood burning fired hot tub, Direct-sale by the earliest designer and largest manufacturer for wood fired heating hot tub coils in world.

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Product Brand: Smartclima

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    Hi I need a purpose built larger heat exchange coil, with more turns and possible with a wider diameter and thicker gauge pipe. Has your company got the facility to make such variations to to the product. What is your maximum coil diameter size and what is the maximum coils of circle. Could you please let me know.


  32. I`m from Germany,and my coil heater arrived last month,and I used it with my own tub together to DIY built a wooden fired hot tub.Seems very nice and good looking. Thanks for Smartclima`s excellent coil,it is so good quality!

  33. Heater coil (Option 1) arrived yesterday and I’m really pleased with it. Communication from Johnhua was excellent throughout, air delivery to the UK was really fast considering it came all the way from China. No problems with customs or extra charges and tracked all the way to my door. Delivery guy thought I had ordered bagpipes.

    The reviews on this website really helped with my decision to buy so I felt I should share my experience. I’ll be installing this on an above ground swimming pool to supplement an electric heater, it’s 10.7m3 capacity so I’m not expecting anything close to hot tub temperature, but if I can get 4-5C increase over a few hours I will be delighted. Fingers crossed.

  34. I would like to inquire the price for option 1 coil and option 3 coil to send to The Netherlands in Europe.
    I am looking for a coil to heat 1000 liter Tub.
    very much obliged.

  35. Hello , l would like to get a cost to purchase a heater coil kit and have it shipped to Alberta, Canada .
    Thx , Clint

  36. Hello,
    I am interested in Your Buying Option 3 or eventually Buying Option 2.
    I want to heat a 1700 liter hot tub from 5 Celsius to 37 celsius in around 3 hours.

    Is it may be better to use 2 smaller heat exchanger parallel instead of one large.

    What will be the overall cost including shipping to Austria?

    best regards

  37. Hi,

    I have a 2.5m3 wooden hot tub, that i want to heat with a 22kw woodburner with backboiler, I would like to pump thru 22mm pipe to your coil immersed in the water, the water is 1000mm deep. what size of coil would you recommend and the price of the coil delivered to northern ireland

  38. Hello! Im interested in purchasing a coil for a stock tank diy hot tub set up. Are you still selling these?
    Do you have any suggestions for which set up to purchase? It looks like flanges and a bottom tray for the fire might be good to have.


    • Dear Irene. We have 3 options for you to choose. Option 1 coil only, option 2 coil and flange,and option 3 coil kit .When you choose option 3,please indicate us which height of support leg you need. For more details,our people will contact you by email. Thank you.

  39. Hi!

    I have pool with 2000 liter.
    What coil do you have for that one?
    And what length and diameter options do you have on the coil? Do you have 32mm? What material do you use? What is the weight?
    Please let me know of cost for coil and shipment cost and lead-time to Stockholm, Sweden?

    I also wonder how much is a ready to use “dutch”tub for 4 person and shipping to Stockholm, Sweden.
    Many thanks!

    • Hello,Lasse,
      Ok,will communicate by your private email.We are happy to help you to built hot tub system with our coil heater.

  40. Hello,

    I would like to know the price and delivery costs in sending a heater coil for options 1,2 and three to Poland.

    Kind regards,

    • yes,we have 32mm tube coil. For heating much water in hot ,we suggest to use 12circles with 32mm SS tube.

      Thank you.

  41. Hi,

    I’m interested in purchasing heating coil for my hot tub. What is the price range (including shipping) to Poland? What king of information do I need to supply to build a coil for me?


  42. I’m after a quote for 1 coil for heat exchanger to be made and shipped to Australia. I’m located in Victoria and would require door to door postage as part of the quote.the application is water heated from engine exhaust at maximum 2000psi for carpet cleaning machine. pump rated at 15 litres per minute.
    dimensions are slightly flexible, 4 layer coil, height between 320 & 350mm, 3/8 stainless tube with 100mm legs at same end to future fit compression fittings.
    approximate centre tube diameter of each coil. 49.5mm, 78.5mm, 107mm, 135.5mm. this should be approx. 30-35metres.
    The housing will be 1555 diam x 430mm long.

  43. Hi, could you please send me pricing on the coil heat exchanger for a Dutchtub and also with all the accessories.
    Kind Regards
    Simon Bradley

  44. Due to the current state of things over here all my fun little projects have been put on hold now.
    Sorry about messy you around like this, it actually came out pretty cheap to make the entire hot tub using your coil and good quality hard wood, which is annoying.

  45. Hello,I`m DIY building my outdoor hot tub in the back garden.Your coil seems very helpful.But I still need you to help me customize a heater coil which suit to my tub.Contact me,please

  46. I couldn’t express how much I like this coil. The tube is polished,looks very nice,and I feel the water inside can flow smoothly and “happily”. Ago,I had some troubles because of direct flames which burn my clothes when mixing up my potions. But now,with the indirect flame and wind and smoke shield, I can wear cloth leisurely,no worry other thing.

  47. Hi, what is the price (+ shipping to new zealand) for option 2 with the additional support for the heater coil.

  48. About 10days ago,I got two coils from Smartclima.Arrived very well,no any broken.The coil is polished,looks very nice.I am DIY building my own wood fired hot tub in back garden.The coil heats up the water in tub very hot and very quickly. I`m pleased with this purchasing experience.Thank you very much.

  49. Please advise quote price for
    Stainless steel Coil Heat exchanger for wood fired hot tub

    Also include delivery quote to Melbourne Australia

    Many thanks

    Jenny Chapman

  50. Last week,the coil kit was delivered to my house.Have set it up and it is working well.
    There seems to be a slow leak out at the bottom,I know it was caused by my clumsy installation.But no problem,I already fix that and seal it with silicon. Overall,it is a good item.
    I have friends asking me where I got it from,and I already introduced your website, so you might get more orders. ?

  51. I ordered one of these heat exchange units delivered to Seattle, US for a custom tub I am building. The price was competitive and delivery was timely. Thank you!

    • Glad to know you enjoyed a good purchasing experience.thanks for your comment.if you can share the customed hot tub here,will be very thankful.

  52. Hello,arrived the heater coil yesterday,same as described on the web.A little pity that there is a small scraping on the tube,I think it is caused during transport,but no problem for the using.Good product and great service,I`m satisfied with the purchasing experience.Thank you.

  53. The exchanger arrived a few weeks ago.
    Just wanted to say many thanks to you – it looks very good.
    I will send a picture of it when I build the hot tub.

  54. Rather than purchasing a pre-made firehot bathing tub, I want to DIY my own bath tub with your heating coil and solid wood.I think it is simple and cheap cost.Could you help me?

  55. hello,I`m building my hot tub.The project need coil of stainless steel tubing inside fire wood to heat the flowing water.I need it to include wood basket and SS grade 304 flange fittings which are cast into the tub. I looked into the dutch tub coil and also viewed your website,I found the two are very similiar.Could you quote us the price for above to UK?Thank you very much.

  56. Want to enjoy a hot bathing in cold winter evening and so Interested in purchase the coil kit to Construct a low cost hot tub with wood fire. Please advise price.

  57. Hi,I gout yout stainless steel heat exchangers coil samples.I`m pleased with them . Could your company make similar ones to a different size, to order ?
    I have joined the two I purchased from you and using them in an indirect heating system I have built to heat a swimming pool using a wood burner. I am thinking of perhaps marketing my prototype wood burner boiler and would need a purpose built larger heat exchange coil, with more turns and possible with a wider diameter. Has your company got the facility to make such variations to to the product I have purchsed from you?

  58. Hello, please send me total cost for Stainless steel coil heat exchanger with delivery to Czech Republic? Thank you.

  59. I live in the Germany and I want to build a wood fired hot tub.Already have wooden tub,and I want to purchase stainless steel coil heat exchanger from your company.Can you sell the coil with two 1″ flangers?Because I already installed corresponding flanges onto my tub tank.If that is ok,I want to buy more.Thank you.

  60. I’m interested in buying one of these heater coils please tell me the total cost including shipping to Australia.



  61. I an interested in the stainless steel heater coild cost and the cost of shipping to Texas, USA.

    Thank you,


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