Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit


Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit

Item: Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit

Materials:Stainless Steel grade 304 or 316


Accept Customize: No


Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Features &Advantages : made from Stainless Steel grade 304 or 316

Dimension and Parameter:M6,M8,M10,M12,etc. See below:

Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit 2















Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit 3













Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit 4


Stainless steel bolt nut washer kit 5

Question 1

1. Why is stainless steel also magnetic?

304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel. Austenite is partially or
slightly converted to martensite during cold working , and martensite is magnetic, so 304 stainless steel is non-magnetic or micro-magnetic. Specifically, Baidu can query why 304 stainless steel contains magnetism.

Question 2

2. How to identify authentic 304 stainless steel products?

1 Support 304 stainless steel special test potion test, if it does not change to authentic 304 stainless steel.
2 Support chemical composition analysis and spectral analysis.
3 Support smoke test to simulate the actual use environment.

Question 3

3. What kinds of stainless steel are the most commonly used?

1.201 stainless steel, suitable for use in a dry environment, it is easy to rust with water.
2304 stainless steel, outdoor or humid environment, resistant to corrosion and acid.
3316 stainless steel, with molybdenum, is more resistant to corrosion and pitting, especially suitable for seawater and chemical media.

Since 2003, the world’s stainless steel raw materials have risen. There is a kind of “low-nickel” cheap economic stainless steel (nickel Ni1.5-4.5%) austenitic stainless steel in the domestic market. The price is about 15% lower than that of 304 stainless steel. %, anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability is relatively low, Boao hardware products are all austenitic 304 or 316 stainless steel products.
Chemical composition, %, max
304-A20.1120.050.0315-208-194Medium work hardening rate, suitable for general cold processing and stretching, good cold workability, commonly used for hexagonal screws, nuts and washers
316-A40.08120.0450.0316-18.52-310-151Molybdenum added, corrosion resistance is stronger than 304, especially suitable for seawater and chemical media, more corrosion resistance and pitting resistance.

1) If the nickel content is less than 8%, the minimum content of manganese must be 5%.
2) When the nickel content is more than 8%, the minimum content of copper is not limited.
3) If the chromium content is less than 17%, then nickel The minimum content is 12%.
4) For austenitic stainless steels with a maximum carbon content of 0.03%, the nitrogen content can reach up to 0.22.
5) For larger diameter products, in order to achieve the specified mechanical properties, in the manufacturer’s instructions, there may be Higher carbon content, but should not exceed 0.12% for martensitic steel

Mechanical behavior
categoryGroupPerformance levelScrew diameterTensile strength mpa/mm 2The specified non-specific elongation should be mpa/mm 2Elongation after break mpa/mm 2
AusteniteA2, A450≤ 395002100.6d
70≤ 247004500.4d
80≤ 248006000.3d
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