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Square Bubble Level Vial

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The shell of  Square Bubble Level Vial is transparent plexiglass. and the Liquid oil is good liquidity.

There are available in many sizes, as described in the following table.

Square Bubble Level Vial1 Square Bubble Level Vial2 Square Bubble Level Vial3

Square Bubble Level VialL(mm)L1(mm)L2(mm)L3(mm)L4(mm)

A range of low cost high quality Square Bubble Level Vials. if you don’t see the size you are looking for,contact us because we have an extended range not all of which is shown on this page. 

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One Inquiry to Square Bubble Level Vial

  1. I’m interested in your 29x10mm Square Bubble Level Vial; however, I’m looking for bubble levels filled with blue fluid rather than the industry standard florescent-yellow. Is this something you offer and/or can make custom? I’d be looking to order 800 pieces annually, or 1200 annually if you can make custom so that the height/width are less than 3/8″ (length doesn’t matter). If this sounds reasonable, please send a quote. Thanks and have a great New Year!

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