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Spiral Clamp

Spiral Clamp With Rubber

Made of carbon steel zinc plated. Rubber is EPDM or natural rubber.

Features of Spiral Clamp With Rubber:

* material: steel with galvanized and High-quality EPDM-insert for sound insulation protection (halogen and silicone-free)
* Two piece pipe clamp with welded nut on washer M8/10,Continuous connection thread M8/M10
* with quick locking system,High strength due to reinforcement beads
* High-quality galvanizing, thus also suitable for visual range
* lining resistant to ageing
* Fast and practise-oriented mounting due to wide opening angle and quick-release fastener
* noise insulation tested according to DIN 4109
* noise insulating lining, EPDM rubber, black
*Form-fitting sound rubber insulation with an extended edge wrap-around acts as an obstruction against the unwarranted pushing out of the pipes from the clamped fitting
* Heavy duty pipe clamp with EPDM rubber, zinc-plated with high-quality;
* Band: 20*1.5mm for size till 66mm, 25*2.0mm for size till 108mm, 25*2.5mm for size till 219mm, coupling nut:M8 or M10,
* Side screw:M6*20 hex head screw;

– Heat-resistant from -50° C to +110° C
– Building material class: B2 according to DIN 4102
– Max. load 600 N (in case of centrical tension)

  • Can be opened and closed with only one hand
  • Assembly aid due to snapping rotatable closure
  • Better adapation to the tolerances due to 2 locking screws
  • Pipe can be inserted easily due to big opening angle

Application of Spiral Clamp With Rubber:


Specification of Spiral Clamp With Rubber:


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Home>>Ventilation Material>Air Duct Accessory>>Spiral Clamp With Rubber

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