Solenoid Valve MDF Series


Solenoid Valve MDF Series 2

Solenoid Valve MDF Series

MDF series solenoid valves are divided into direct-acting and pilot-operated types, which are mainly used for refrigerant control in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems.


  • Low coil power consumption and high reliability
  • Strong valve opening capability and large maximum working pressure difference
  • Coil adopts double sealed structure, waterproof, good safety performance

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  • Low coil power consumption and high reliability
  • Strong valve opening capability and large maximum working pressure difference
  • Coil adopts double sealed structure, waterproof, good safety performance

General specifications

  • Applicable refrigerant: RR22, R134a, R407C, R404A, R410A, R507C, etc.
  • Applicable medium temperature: -30 ° C ~ + 105 ° C
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -30 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
  • Relative humidity: below 95% RH
  • Certification: UL & CUL, TUV, CQC, LVD or PED Directive
  • Installation position: liquid pipe, suction and exhaust port; coil facing up; flow direction is arrow

Technical Parameters

Body technical parameters

WeldedThreadedAction typeMode of actionFlow [m³ / h]Working pressure [Mpa]Maximum operating pressure difference [Mpa]Minimum operating pressure difference [Mpa]
MDF-A03-2HMDF-A03-2LNormally closedDirect acting0,164,53,10
MDF-A03-3HMDF-A03-3LNormally closedDirect acting0,234,53,10
MDF-A03-6HMDF-A03-6LNormally closedDiaphragm piloted 0,84,53,10,01
MDF-A03-10HMDF-A03-10LNormally closedDiaphragm piloted 1,94,53,10,01
MDF-A03-15HMDF-A03-15LNormally closedDiaphragm piloted2,34,53,10,01
MDF-A03-20HNormally closedDiaphragm piloted54,53,10,01
MDF-A03-22HNormally closedDiaphragm piloted5,94,53,10,01
MDF-B03-25HNormally closedPiston piloted104,53,10,02
MDF-B03-32HNormally closedPiston piloted154,53,10,02
MDF-B03-40HNormally closedPiston piloted 254,53,10,02

Coil technical parameters

Product numberRated voltage [V]Power [W]Order numberFrequency [Hz]Voltage fluctuationInsulation classProtection classCoil type
MQ-A03024-000001 AC2410,5W (50Hz)
8,5W (60Hz)
+ 10%
junction box
MQ-A0311A-000001 AC110 ~ 12012W (50Hz)
10W (60Hz)
MQ-A0322G-000001 AC220 ~ 24012W (50Hz)
10W (60Hz)
MQ-D03024-000002DC2412W (50Hz)
10W (60Hz)
MDF-60004± 10%


Threaded body size

Product numberTakeover size Order numberkv [m3 / h]PED typeDimensions [mm]
MDF-A03-2L 0011/4MDF-080390,163.359305382
MDF-A03-3L 0011/4MDF-080400,233.359305382
MDF-A03-3L 0033/8MDF-080410,233.359305382
MDF-A03-6L 0013/8MDF-080420,83.369365388
MDF-A03-6L 0031/2MDF-080430,83.369365388
MDF-A03-10L 0031/2MDF-080441,93.392425396
MDF-A03-10L 0015/8MDF-080451,93.392425396
MDF-A03-15L 0015/8MDF-080462,33.31045253100
MDF-A03-15L 0037/8MDF-080472,33.31045253100

Welded body size

Product numberTakeover sizeKv [m3 / h]Order numberPED typeDimensions [mm]
MDF-A03-6H0031/2 –0,8MDF-080053.3111365588
MDF-A03-10H0035/8 161,9MDF-080073.3127425595
MDF-A03-15H0037/8 twenty two2,3MDF-080093.31765255100
MDF-A03-20H0017/8 twenty two5MDF-080103.31915255117
MDF-A03-20H0031-1 / 8 –5MDF-080113.31915255117
MDF-A03-22H0017/8 twenty two5,9MDF-080123.31916055117
MDF-A03-22H0031-3 / 8 355,9MDF-08013I1916055117
MDF-B01-25H0011-1 / 810MDF-080143.32565453116
MDF-B01-25H1-3 / 83510MDF-08015I2565453116
MDF-B01-32H0011-3 / 8 3516MDF-08016I2817653140
MDF-B01-32H1-5 / 8 –15MDF-08017I2817653140
MDF-B01-40H0011-5 / 8 –25MDF-08018I2817653140
MDF-B01-40H2-1 / 8 5425MDF-08019I2817653140
MDF-A03-2H003 6 0,16MDF-080203.3102305582
MDF-A03-3H005 60,23MDF-080213.3102305582
MDF-A03-3H007 100,23MDF-080223.3102305582
MDF-A03-6H005 100,8MDF-080233.3111365588
MDF-A03-6H007 120,8MDF-080243.3111365588
MDF-A03-10H005 121,9MDF-080253.3127425595
MDF-A03-20H007 285MDF-080303.31915255117
MDF-A03-22H 285,9MDF-080313.31916055117
MDF-B01-25H 2810MDF-080333.32565453116
MDF-B01-40H 4225MDF-08037I2817653140

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